God’s Eye Mountain


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God’s Eye Mountain

Referring to the land of Cao Bang, tourists often think of famous tourist destinations. Such as: Ban Gioc Waterfall, Lenin stream, Nguom Ngao cave,… but forget that in this land there is a famous tourist destination. The name God’s Eye Mountain is also extremely famous and attracts many tourists from all over the world.

God’s Eye Mountain is one of the favorite places of tourists when coming to Cao Bang. With its wild and majestic beauty, this is considered a unique and beautiful mountain in Vietnam. Let’s explore this strange mountain with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Thung Mountain 3

1. Where is God’s Eye Mountain?

God’s Eye Mountain (also known as Thung Mountain) is located in Quoc Toan commune, Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province, Vietnam. This place is a landmark located in the Thang Hen tourist complex of Non Nuoc Geopark in Cao Bang province. About 32 km northeast of Cao Bang city and about 311 km north of Hanoi capital.

2. How is God’s Eye Mountain unique?

This mountain is also known by another name “Perforation Mountain”, due to the appearance of the mountain, at the top there is a circular cave like the “eye” of the mountain with a diameter of more than 50m. It is a unique mountain in Vietnam.

God’s Eye Mountain is located in the heart of the valley between the Thang Hen lake complex of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark, where there is an extremely charming scene with immense grasslands and vast green lakes. According to the language of the local Tay people, God’s Eye Mountain has the local name “Phja Piót”, which translates to a mountain with a hole in it, an awl going through it as if to let the wind flow from one side to the other.

Coming to God’s Eye Mountain, you will see that this place is surrounded by wide, high valleys stretching with green grass, creating a majestic, vast scene between nature and sky.

3. When is the best time to visit God’s Eye Mountain?

The inherent natural beauty of God’s Eye Mountain has remained intact over many years with little influence from natural factors. Therefore, visitors can come here at any time of the year to enjoy all the beauty of this place.

Each season coming to God’s Eye Mountain will give you different experiences and feelings. However, around September – October is the ideal time to travel to God’s Eye Mountain. Because this is also the time when most tourists choose to explore Cao Bang, the climate at this time is extremely cool and pleasant.

Tourists visiting Ban Gioc Waterfall can admire the beauty of the clear blue water and also in the ripe rice season. Besides, the clear Lenin stream flows lazily and you can see schools of fish swimming freely.

IMG Thung Mountain 1

4. How to get to God’s Eye Mountain?

4.1 From Hanoi to Cao Bang city

God’s Eye Mountain is located in Cao Bang. In order to get to God’s Eye Mountain, we first need to go to Cao Bang from Hanoi. Visitors can easily catch a bus from My Dinh bus station to travel to Cao Bang city. Or if you are someone who loves to explore nature and is passionate about speed, you can choose a motorbike as your means of transportation from Hanoi.

4.2 From Cao Bang city to God’s Eye Mountain

After arriving in Cao Bang city, you continue to move up God’s Eye mountain, travel time is about 40 km. Visitors can travel by car on the intra-provincial route or rent a motorbike to get here.

However, many tourists will choose motorbikes to travel to God’s Eye Mountain because you not only have the initiative in your schedule but also have the opportunity to admire the majestic natural scenery on both sides of the road. Not only that, you can also ride your motorbike deep into the valley to see the beauty of God’s Eye Mountain.

4.3 Instructions for moving to God’s Eye Mountain

  • Morning: Tourists follow the directions from Cao Bang city, follow Highway 3, then turn onto Provincial Road 205, then go to Tra Linh district and then turn to Quang Vinh – Luu Ngoc commune for about 4 km. Then you will come to Thang Hen Lake. You will come across a sign saying: Thung Mountain about 1.6 km further. You can ride a motorbike straight onto the lawn, but if you travel by car it is relatively difficult because the road is quite small. Also you can stop your car outside and walk inside the tourist destination. On this tour, you can easily see the surrounding scenery while walking
  • Afternoon: Tourists still follow provincial road 205 to Thang Hen lake, then walk from Thang Hen lake straight through God’s Eye Mountain with a distance of about 2 km. This part of the road is quite difficult and quite slippery, not only that, the lake is also quite deep and quite dangerous and is mainly for tourists who like to explore and adventure.

5. Activities and experiences at God’s Eye Mountain

5.1 Admiring the wild and magical beauty of the landscape here

God’s Eye Mountain is located in an area where there are not many people living and is somewhat remote. Therefore, the nature here still retains its wild, clear features and has not been greatly affected by humans.

The scenery of God’s Eye Mountain will surprise you with the green carpet covering the mountains and hills. Surrounded by large and small mountains interwoven together, creating a majestic and impressive scene. At the foot of God’s Eye Mountain are grasslands with lush colors that are quite attractive. You can spot a few buffaloes roaming the grasslands, creating a lively scene.

God’s Eye Mountain is a place associated with Thang Hen Lake. This duo of landscapes will give you the opportunity to admire the vivid beauty of Cao Bang’s nature. The image of God’s Eye Mountain silhouetted on the peaceful surface of Thang Hen Lake creates the vivid beauty that nature bestows on Cao Bang.

5.2 Exploring the excitement that geology bestows on God’s Eye Mountain

Leading international experts in geology have recorded that God’s Eye Mountain is actually a circular cave with a diameter of 50m and located 50m above the surface of Thang Hen Lake.

This impressive scene was created due to interesting movements during the Neo-Tectonic period. This movement has created many limestone mountains interspersed with dozens of large and small lakes. From there, a vivid tourism picture of the God’s Eye Mountain Complex and Thang Hen Lake was also formed.

5.3 Organize camping around the area of God’s Eye Mountain and Thang Hen Lake

With its clear green scenery and vast grasslands stretching out, God’s Eye Mountain is a place often chosen by tourists who love to explore as a camping spot to admire the poetic natural scenery here.

In the majestic scenery of God’s Eye Mountain and the charming, gentle beauty of Thang Hen Lake, you can organize gentle barbecue parties and sing together with friends. This is one of the extremely interesting experiences at God’s Eye Mountain that you should not miss.

6. Specialties when traveling to God’s Eye Mountain

When traveling to God’s Eye Mountain in particular and Cao Bang in general. You will not only be able to admire the majestic and pristine natural scenery here. But also have the opportunity to enjoy dishes with bold cultural and traditional features. system of this land. Let’s take a look at some of the specialties below with Origin Vietnam:

IMG Roasted Duck With 7 Flavors Cao Bang

6.1. Gam River Fried Fish

Cao Bang also has a famous specialty, which is Gam River fried fish. This type of black lentil fish was originally considered by a La Vong fish cake shop owner to be the best for making fish cakes. Fish intestines are considered by gourmets to be the most delicious thing in the world. Fried fish, some up to several tens of kilograms, are difficult to catch because they live in underground caves in the river. Anglers often build camps to wait for fish. When they catch a fish, someone will come to buy it.

6.2. Coong Phu Cake

Coong Phu, also known as floating cake, is an indispensable cake during the winter solstice of the Tay and Nung people in Cao Bang. The cake is made from delicious sticky rice mixed with a little regular rice, the filling is crushed roasted peanuts, and can be mixed with sugar and sesame seeds. Coong Phu balls are usually pure white. Many people mix the powder with gac or soak rice with green leaves and pandan leaves to create new colors, different tastes and aromas.

6.3. Roasted Suckling Pig

After processing the suckling pig, use paper to dry the pig’s body (if washed with meat juice, it will be mushy, not firm, and lose all its delicious taste). Then stuff the pig’s belly with honey leaves and other spices, then sew it up, use a bamboo stick to pierce it from the snout to the tail, then roast it on a charcoal stove. While roasting, use honey and other spices to spread on the pig’s body. Leave it crispy and prevent cracking. Delicious roasted meat is just cooked, the skin is golden, crispy, and has an attractive aroma. The broth for dipping roasted pork is prepared according to a very specific recipe.

6.4. Banh Coc Mo Com

The name of the cake means “cow horn” because the cake has a pointed shape, looking like a cow’s horn. Cake made of sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaves or dong leaves, no filling. Banh coc mo com is also made similarly to regular banh coc mo com. But the only difference is that the process must be done before wrapping the rice. Because it is made from delicious green rice, the taste of Coc Mo Com is better than Coc Mo made only with sticky rice. The cake has a rich aroma, sweet taste, and is chewy. You can eat it to your heart’s content without feeling bored.

6.5. Nam Khau

Nam Khau – a dish of pork belly stewed in water, also known as “Khau Nhuc”. It is a traditional dish of the Tay and Nung Cao Bang people, commonly used during holidays, Tet, weddings… also elaborately and time-consuming to prepare, and must have all the necessary spices. Even if one spice is missing, it will not make a delicious, attractive Nam Khau dish. The secret to making a Nam Khau dish is to choose fresh, delicious ingredients, add appropriate spices and do it carefully in each step of processing, until it is cooked to the standard.

IMG Thung Mountain 4

7. Accommodation when traveling to God’s Eye Mountain

In order to make it convenient for tourists to move and use amenities when traveling to God’s Eye Mountain. You should choose hotels, motels and homestays in the center of Tra Linh town. Most accommodation facilities are concentrated here, moreover, the distance from the town to God’s Eye Mountain is not too far. You can refer to some accommodation facilities below:

7.1. Hotels

  • Thanh Binh Hotel. Residential Group 1, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang.
  • Rose Hotel. Residential Group 2, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang.

7.2. Guesthouses

  • Dong Luan Guesthouse. Residential Group 1, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang.
  • Thao Mai Guesthouse. Ban Hia, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang.
  • Ngoc Long Guesthouse. Residential Group 3, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang.
  • Dac Hieu Guesthouse. Residential Group 3, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang.
  • Lan Thao Guesthouse. Nam Tuan, Tra Linh Town, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang.

8. Some ther famous tourist attractions near Magic Eye Mountain

8.1 Ma Phuc Pass

Known as the most beautiful and winding pass in Cao Bang province. From Cao Bang city to get to God’s Eye Mountain, you must definitely pass this winding pass with a length of only 3.5 km and a height of 700 m with many winding roads. Ma Phuc Pass is also known as 7-storey pass because the pass is winding and winding with a 7-storey slope shape between limestone mountains. Ma Phuc Pass was honored to be awarded the title of unique geological heritage site of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Global Geopark and recognized by UNESCO.

8.2 Thang Hen Lake

This is a familiar place for those who travel to Cao Bang and Magic Mountain is also located in this Thang Hen lake tourist area. However, to move from God’s Eye Mountain to Thang Hen Lake. You also need to travel a relatively long distance of about 17 km to reach Thang Hen Lake.

Thang Hen Lake is located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level and this is also the largest lake in the Cao Bang area. With cool, clear blue water, most of the water sources here originate from caves. So the water here is green all year round, whether in flood season or dry season.

Not only that, when traveling to Thang Hen Lake, you can also experience sitting on dugout boats floating in the clear blue water of nature. Standing on these boats, you can also take extremely beautiful photos.

The poetic natural scenery at God’s Eye Mountain has brought Cao Bang tourism an impressive beauty and attracted many tourists to visit. If you are preparing for your trip to God’s Eye Mountain, immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional Vietnam tour operator. With a team of consultants, tour operators and experienced and dedicated local guides, we will accompany visitors on their tours in Vietnam to explore the travel beauty of Cao Bang with unforgettable experiences and retain memories.

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