Gio Pass - Ngan Son


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Gio Pass – Ngan Son

Gio Pass – Ngan Son is a route that many adventure enthusiasts love. Coming here, visitors not only have the opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery of clouds and sky. But also immerse themselves in the lush green nature of Bac Kan.

Immersing yourself in the fresh, cool atmosphere of the mountains and forests, visitors will surely have extremely unforgettable experiences. Let’s explore with Origin Vietnam the memorable beauty of Gio Pass- Ngan Son right here.

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1. Where is Gio Pass – Ngan Son?

Gio Pass is located on National Highway 3 connecting Bac Kan and Cao Bang province, between Na Phac and Van Tung towns, Ngan Son district, Bac Kan province, Vietnam. About 50 km northeast of Bac Kan city and about 220 km north of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Gio Pass – Ngan Son unique?

Gio Pass is about 800m above sea level, this is a place where there is often fog all year round. This is also a stopover on the way to visit Cao Bang. In addition, you can also buy many agricultural and forestry products of Bac Kan here.

Standing on the top of Gio Pass, you feel like you are standing in the middle of a giant and magnificent square. Looking down the pass is Highway 3 connecting the two provinces of Bac Kan and Cao Bang.

3. When is the best time to visit Gio Pass – Ngan Son?

All year round, Gio Pass is covered with dense fog. Therefore, summer is the best time for you to admire the scenery here, especially from May to July. At this time the weather here is quite cool, very convenient for you to walk. Visit and explore the majestic nature at Gio Pass.

In addition, you can also come here from August to October to enjoy Quang Thai tangerines – a famous specialty in Bac Kan. If you love highland festivals, spring will be the most ideal time to travel to Gio Pass combined with exploring the colorful Bac Kan.

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4. How to get to Gio Pass- Ngan Son?

4.1 From Hanoi to Bac Kan city

Bac Kan is about 165 km from Hanoi city. From Hanoi to Bac Kan, there are two routes:

  • The first route is along old National Highway 3 (about 3 hours travel time, accessible by car and motorbike).
  • The second route is to follow the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway then continue on National Highway 3, about 2 hours (can only go by car).

Passenger buses depart from My Dinh station (Hanoi). You can choose bus companies running the Hanoi – Bac Kan or Cao Bang route. These vehicles often pass through famous tourist destinations.

4.2 From Bac Kan city to Gio Pass

Starting from the center of Bac Kan city, visitors follow National Highway 3 to the Northeast for about 50 km. The road is relatively easy to follow, you should equip yourself with a navigation device to find your way or more simply, you can ask local people, they are always willing to help.

For tourists coming from remote provinces such as the Central or Southern regions of Vietnam, the most optimal way to travel is to book a flight to Hanoi. After landing at Noi Bai airport, tourists move to Bac Kan according to the instructions above.

5. Activities and experiences at Gio Pass – Ngan Son

5.1 Exploring the natural scenery at Gio Pass:

Coming to Deo Gio, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful, charming nature of Bac Kan and breathe the cool green air of flowers and trees. Right at the foot of the pass, you will encounter impressive waterfalls with white foam.

5.2 Walking around the winding road:

Under the magical mist, winding roads and double waterfalls associated with a touching love story have attracted many tourists to this simple, rustic land. What could be more interesting than driving while admiring the scenery, right?

5.3 Taking stunning photos:

Coming to such charming natural scenery, it would be a pity not to preserve beautiful photos. In spring, peach and plum blossoms bloom will be an ideal background for those who like “virtual living”.

IMG Gio Pass Ngan Son 3

6. Specialties when traveling to Gio Pass – Ngan Son

Traveling to Gio Pass, you must definitely spend time enjoying Bac Kan’s specialties such as: roasted local black pig, grilled hill-raised chicken, stream fish, wild shiitake mushrooms,… to see the uniqueness. , a novelty in highland cuisine.

In addition, this place also has some famous delicacies such as: bee pupae stir-fried with sour bamboo shoots, wild vegetables, smoked dried meat, braised pork with taro,… After visiting Gio Pass, visitors can move back home. Bac Kan central area to explore the above delicious dishes.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Gio Pass – Ngan Son

When traveling to Deo Gio, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

  • Thu Trang Guesthouse. Address: Ban Sung, Van Tung commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Hai Yen Guesthouse. Address: Area 2, Van Tung commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Trung Duc Guesthouse. Address: Area 1, Van Tung commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Anh Phu Guesthouse. Address: Area 1, Van Tung commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Nhung Soan Guesthouse. Address: Phu Mo village, Bang Van commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Thuy Linh Guesthouse. Address: Van Tung Commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.
  • Thuy Linh Guesthouse. Address: Van Tung Commune, Ngan Son, Bac Kan
  • Huan Dung Guesthouse. Address: Sub-zone 2, Na Phac Town, Ngan Son, Bac Kan.

8. Some other famous tourist destinations near Gio Pass – Ngan Son

Some combined locations that you can visit on your travel itinerary in Ba Be National Park.

8.1 Na Khoang Waterfall:

Located right at the foot of Gio Pass, Na Khoang waterfall is formed by Na Deng stream and the stream originating from Phia Sleng mountain. The white waterfall is divided into 4 sloping levels with a length of more than 600m, as beautiful as a silk strip in the middle of Bac Kan regenerated forest. In particular, surrounding Na Khoang waterfall there are extremely impressive clear blue natural lakes.

8.2 Ban Chang ecological lake:

Located 6 km south of Ngan Son district center is Ban Chang ecological lake with a cool and fresh climate surrounded by vast pine forests. Coming here, visitors can participate in many interesting activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, camping,…

8.3 Giang Pass Relics:

Located right on Highway 3 is the Deo Giang relic marking the resounding victories of the once difficult resistance war against the French. This place has entered the nation’s heroic history and has become a tourist destination that many young people are always curious about and wish to explore.

Above is the information about Gio Pass – Ngan Son that Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator in Hanoi, would like to share with you. Hopefully, the above experiences will help you have memorable tours in Vietnam on your journey to conquer Bac Kan.

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