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Duc Trong

Duc Trong is a peaceful highland with pristine eco-tourism areas, majestic waterfalls and famous trekking routes in Vietnam. Join Origin Vietnam to explore attractive tourist destinations in Duc Trong and have unforgettable experiences in the article below.

IMG Pongour Waterfall Da lat 1

1. Where is Duc Trong?

Duc Trong is a district of Lam Dong province, Vietnam. Located about 30km south of Da Lat city center and 279 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. With geographical location:

  • The North borders Da Lat city.
  • The South borders Di Linh district and Binh Thuan province.
  • In the East, it borders Don Duong district.
  • The West borders Lam Ha district.

2. How is Duc Trong unique?

Duc Trong is a district located in the middle of the Lam Dong plateau, in the southern mountainous region of the Central Highlands. The district’s altitude ranges from 600 to 1000 meters above sea level.

This place is located at the end of the Di Linh plateau, located right next to two important national highways: National Highway 20 and National Highway 27. In particular, this is also home to dozens of different ethnic groups with diverse customs and traditions, very suitable for developing tourism combined with learning about traditional culture.

Moreover, Duc Trong also possesses attractive natural landscapes. In addition to Pongour, Bao Dai and Gougah waterfalls, which are recognized as national landscapes. There are also Dai Ninh lake, Lien Khuong waterfall,…which are majestic pictures of nature, with great attraction to tourists. In addition, in recent years, spiritual tourism at Dai Ninh pagoda has also attracted many tourists to visit and experience.

IMG Ta Nang Phan Dung Forest 5

3. When is the best time to visit Duc Trong?

Duc Trong district belongs to the tropical monsoon climate zone, with low average temperatures, mild temperatures and frequent sunshine. The temperature amplitude between day and night is large. The weather in Duc Trong is divisive into two seasons: rainy season and dry season.

From November to April – dry season, when the weather is stable, it is easy to enjoy. During this period, there are many kind of flowers bloom in Duc Trong. You will admire the colorful fields of buckwheat flowers, mustard flowers, roses and cherry blossoms.

Besides, this is also the tea and coffee harvest season in Duc Trong. You can also participate in tea picking and coffee picking activities to experience the lives of local people.

Note incase rainy season: because the terrain includes winding roads and many slopes, during this period you should check the weather before moving to facilitate your exploration journey.

4. How to get to Duc Trong?

 4.1 Moving to Da Lat

To get to Duc Trong district, you can use a plane, car, bus or motorbike to go to Da Lat, then move to Duc Trong district.

4.2 Moving in Duc Trong

  • Taxi: If you are not fluent in finding directions or are traveling in a large group including children, going by taxi is not very expensive. This means of transportation is fast and convenient, especially suitable for large groups of people.
  • Motorbike: To be more proactive and convenient for traveling, you should rent a motorbike to explore all the beautiful check-in spots in Duc Trong. is a popular and flexible means of transportation for many customers

5. Top Sightseeings in Duc Trong

5.1 Pongour Waterfall

IMG Pongour Waterfall Da lat 10

Pongour Waterfall or Seven Storey Waterfall is also known as “Nam Thien De Nhat Waterfall” awarded by King Bao Dai. With the height is 50m and the water flows down through 7 flat stone layers, creating white carpets of foam. The white water flow, flying foam, blends with the music of the birds, creating a wonderful natural concert picture.

Especially, this waterfall is also associated with the legend of the heroic K’ho ethnic group. Walk along the wooden bridge over the waterfall, below is a vast lake surface. Near the waterfall there is also a large valley that visitors can freely admire.

5.2 Ta Nang – Phan Dung Forest

IMG Ta Nang Phan Dung Forest 2

For those who are passionate about long-distance trekking, the Ta Nang – Phan Dung forest road is always a dream that any trekker wishes to conquer once. In order to put your name on the list of conquerors of this route, you have to go through the forest, climb passes, and cross streams. However, the beauty of Ta Nang forest will dispel all your fatigue and worries, creating endless inspiration for a happier life.

Moreover, this is a place completely separate from the outside, with only grass, flowers and birds chirping. It is a great place to catch the sunrise and sunset, but at night in Ta Nang is the most beautiful time when the brilliant Milky Way appears in the sky, creating a magical and bewildering scene.

In particular, Ta Nang – Phan Dung Forest is a primeval forest with a rich and diverse ecosystem. Here, you will encounter many types of precious trees such as red pine, flat-leaf pine, three-needle pine, etc. In addition, this is home to many wild animals such as deer, squirrels, monkeys, etc. …

5.3. Bao Dai Waterfall

IMG Bao Dai Waterfall 1

The waterfall named after the last king of Vietnam, it is located on top of a high mountain and hidden in the deserted mountains of Ta Hine mountain. It is home to many ethnic minorities such as the Co-ho, Chill, and Churu people.

Because it is located far from the center and the road up the mountain is dangerous, there are very few tourists here. Those who come here are mainly indigenous people. The waterfall’s water flows down through the cliffs under the shimmering sunlight, creating a brilliant scene amid the green of flowers and leaves.

5.4 Dai Ninh Lake

IMG Dai Ninh Lake

Dai Ninh Lake is in Ninh Gia commune, Duc Trong district in the Dai Ninh hydroelectric lake project on Dong Nai river, about 50 km from Da Lat city towards Bao Loc, next to Highway 20.

This is a great destination and for those who love exploring nature. With an area of ​​4,000 hectares, this large lake is surrounded by high mountains, creating a majestic and enchanting natural picture.

In addition, coming here you can enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and participate in activities such as scenic boat trips or camping experiences. This is the ideal destination to enjoy suburban life.

5.5 Truc Lam Vien tourist area

Truc Lam Vien is also known as Tran Le Gia Trang. It is an ideal tourist area surrounded by charming landscapes and buildings imbued with traditional culture. Such as Vong Nguyet Lau, Thuy Ta, Cuu Pham waterfall, Thanh Luong lake,…

In additon, this place offers wonderful natural space, combined with unique traditional Vietnamese architecture. Coming here, you will be able to immerse yourself in nature, put aside all the chaos of life before the beauty like a watercolor painting and the peace of the scenery here.

5.6 Tan Binh pink reed grass hill

Tan Binh pink reed grass hill is a pristine new destination in Tan Binh village, Tan Thanh commune, Duc Trong district. This place is magical with bright pink reeds, adorning the beautiful picture of nature.

The pink reed grass field has corn fields on one side, and cool green grasslands on the other that very few people know about. Especially, pink reeds grow in clusters, intertwined, high above a person’s head and spread across the hills. This is a wild and charming destination, where you can enjoy the beauty of pink reeds and blue sky.

When arriving early in the morning, you will be able to freely take virtual photos with pink reed flowers swaying in the sun and wind – an impressive scene that you will certainly find difficult to forget.

5.7 K’Long village – Chicken village

Chicken Village is the main living place of the K’Ho people in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. K’Long Village has many wooden houses creating impressive beauty for tourists. The people here follow a matrilineal system, completely different from most ethnic groups in Vietnam.

In addition to admiring the natural scenery, if you come after the rice harvest season, you can also participate in the festival of the K’Ho people. People gather to drink wine, play gongs under the giant chicken statue, and pray for a happy year for couples to be together forever.

5.8 K’long Church

K’long Church is located in Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district. This is an ancient architectural work with bold characteristics of the Central Highlands ethnic people because of the shape of the stilt house and the wall of the church highlighting each line of motifs and decorative patterns.

6. Specialties when traveling to Duc Trong

If you come to Duc Trong and don’t know what to eat, please refer to some of the dishes below:

6.1 Lam rice:

Typical delicacy of the Central Highlands ethnic minority community, cooked in bamboo tubes with sticky rice, coconut water and salt. Served with sesame salt or grilled meat, the flavor is supple and delicious.

6.2 Grilled chicken:

A familiar dish of Vietnamese people, chicken in Duc Trong is marinated with rich spices and grilled over charcoal, bringing a delicious and attractive flavor. Therefore, grilled chicken served with Lam rice is a the perfect combination between the delicious flavor of grilled chicken and the suppleness of lam rice.

6.3 Vermicelli noodles

The vermicelli noodles here have a unique flavor, delicious noodles, clear sweet water and served with thinly sliced ​​raw vegetables. Adding a little shrimp paste, it will create an irresistible flavor.

6.4 Fish sauce hotpot:

The Southwestern specialty is popular in Duc Trong cooked with unique flavors, served with fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood. This is a famous specialty dish, bringing rich and delicious flavor.

6.5 Nem Nuong:

The spring rolls are grilled until golden brown and fragrant. Served with grilled spring rolls are vegetables, melon,… along with divine dipping sauce. In addition, the shop also has corn ramen. I can’t stop eating it without getting bored.

6.6 Stewed duck noodles

The duck is fried and eaten crispy and fatty, dipped in satay sauce. Especially, the broth is stewed from traditional herbs with fresh squeezed noodles, bringing a delicious flavor that makes anyone who eats it once addicted. If you come to Duc Trong, you should try this steamed duck dish once.

6.7 Grilled rice paper

Not only in Da Lat but also in Duc Trong district, grilled rice paper is also popular with many people. A suggested place for tourists is grilled rice paper on Le Hong Phong street, a well-known place and very clean.

6.8 Soy milk, chicken drumsticks

The rich soy milk blends with the sweetness of the chicken drumstick cake. This is a favorite dish of many young people in Duc Trong.

IMG Ta Nang Phan Dung Forest

7. Accommodation when traveling to Duc Trong

Below are some hotel suggestions for your reference:

  • Xuan Mai Villa Hotel. Address: 62A Ly Thuong Kiet, Lien Nghia, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.
  • Hoang Anh Hotel. Address: Lot 90, 6 Tran Quang Khai, Lien Nghia, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.
  • Loan Hotel. Address: 27A Thong Nhat, Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.
  • Kinh Do Hotel. Address: 421 Highway 20, Lien Nghia, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.
  • Trung Quyen Hotel. Address: 669 National Highway 20, Quarter 4, Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.
  • Kha Han Guesthouse. Address: Quarter 2, Nguyen Trung Truc, Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.
  • Ha Thanh Guest House. Address: 244 Highway 20, Lien Nghia, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.
  • Hoang Nam Guesthouse. Address: Lien Nghia, Duc Trong, Lam Dong.

Hopefully, through the above useful information shared by Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator, it will help you consult and plan your perfect Da Lat tour to Duc Trong – Lam Dong. Wishing you and your family a holiday filled with interesting discoveries and wonderful experiences.

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