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Don Duong

If you are too familiar with famous places in Da Lat, come back to Don Duong. This is a quiet country with wild nature but also full of charm of the Lam Dong highland. Let’s experience and explore this beautiful Don Duong land with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Don Duong 2

1. Where is Don Duong?

Don Duong district is located in the Southeast of Lam Dong, Vietnam. About 45 km southeast of Da Lat city and about 318 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh city. With geographical location:

  • The East borders Ninh Thuan province.
  • The South borders Duc Trong district.
  • The West borders Duc Trong district and Da Lat city.
  • The North borders Lac Duong district. .

2. How is Don Duong district unique?

Don Duong, a land not famous but attractive with its poetic and enchanting wildness. This land is not only a famous vegetable producer. But also beautiful because of its wonderful nature and attractive tourist attractions.

Possesses three types of terrain including high mountain terrain, gentle wavy hill terrain, and river and stream valley terrain. Therefore, Don Duong is a land with a temperate, cool climate and a place full of life.

Not only does this place have wild sunflowers, but the natural landscape here is also extremely rich with winding passes and slopes and green farms. Besides, it also has rows of tall pine trees that will bring you a sense of peace or the nostalgic romance of this peaceful country.

Furthermore, Don Duong is also an ideal check-in location before arriving in Da Lat. With a favorable geographical location and fertile land, Don Duong is not only a place for agricultural development but also a great tourist destination. Explore the beautiful vegetable and fruit gardens and majestic natural landscapes. You can immerse yourself in the peace and wilderness of this place.

IMG Don Duong Tangerine Garden

3. When is the best time to visit Don Duong?

Thanks to the mild and cool climate. Every season, Don Duong Lam Dong puts on its own beautiful dress, with its own charm that makes everyone fall in love when they visit.

  • From November to April next year: this will be the time when Don Duong land is enveloped in cool weather and cool air typical of the land of fog. This is also the time when thousands of flowers bloom and fruit trees ripen in Don Duong. Explore Don Duong at this time at its most beautiful.
  • Rainy season: Due to Don Duong, the mountains and forests here are still wild with many difficult roads. Therefore, you can arrange the time to conquer Don Duong on another occasion or skip mountain climbing and hill climbing activities when coming here in the rainy season.

4. How to get to Don Duong?

Because Don Duong is located at the gateway area of ​​the Central provinces of Vietnam to Da Lat, the road to get here is quite convenient. You can choose to travel by many different types of means such as motorbikes and passenger cars. or take a plane.

4.1 Means of transportation to Da Lat

4.1.1 Aircraft

If you fly from provinces with airports such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Da Nang, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc,… then you can catch a flight straight to Lien Khuong airport. Da Lat. Then from Da Lat you can catch a bus, motorbike or car to Don Duong.

4.1.2 Passenger cars

If traveling by bus, you can take the provincial route to Da Lat to Highway 27 area to Don Duong.

4.1.3 Motorcycles

In case of traveling by motorbike, you can check Google Maps to find the nearest route from the starting point to Don Duong.

4.2 Directions to Don Duong from Da Lat city

Starting from Da Lat city, you move along Highway 20 and Highway 27 about 45 km southeast to reach the center of Don Duong district.

5. Sightseeings in Don Duong

5.1 D’ran town.

IMG Don Duong 1

Located between the two passes D’ran and Ngoan Muc, the town behind the pass is famous for its green space. The small town is nestled in the middle of a mountainous land with a peaceful and gentle space and pace of life with gentle street corners, lush green vegetable farms, and lush fruit orchards.

In particular, D’ran has many attractive check-in points such as D’ran pass, Ong Cop temple, Da Man forest gate, P’ro Ngo, Lam Tuyen hill, Hoa Mau valley, especially the red leaf forest. Super romantic and a favorite camping destination for young people.

The majority of people here are from Binh Dinh and when they came here, they brought with them a lot of architectural styles as well as hometown dishes such as rice paper, banh xeo, and banh can.

In addition, when you come here, you will also be able to immerse yourself in the nature of the mountains and forests, slow down and enjoy more after tiring days of jostling in the dusty city. Enjoy dishes from clean vegetable farms that are only so fresh in the highlands.

5.2 Da Nhim hydroelectric plant

IMG Da Nhim Hydroelectric Plant

If you have heard of Da Nhim hydroelectric plant, this is considered the largest hydroelectric project in the country and is also one of the ideal stops for tourists traveling to Da Lat.

The scenery here is a perfect combination of clouds, sky, water waves and majestic mountains, creating an impressive and poetic landscape. A wonderful watercolor painting. Tourists coming here have the opportunity to visit the mountains and forests and learn about hydroelectric projects with a long history.

5.3 Exploring Tiger Cave waterfall

IMG Tiger Cave Waterfall

Tiger Cave Waterfall is also located near Da Nhim Lake area, this place is impressive with its vast mountain and forest scenery, rugged and wild roads but also because of that, it has a strange appeal.

Thanks to human hands exploring and creating, the path to Tiger Cave Waterfall has become more open, but there are still wild features for visitors to see its natural beauty. Tiger Cave Waterfall possesses strong beauty. , wild, so it is very attractive to tourists who are passionate about trekking and exploring the mountains and forests of the vast land.

There are many young people who come here to challenge their abilities by conquering and exploring the steepest and fastest flowing waters, and there are also young people who come here to witness firsthand the fierce tiger statues and Brave, muscular young men confront it.

5.4 Sacred Giac Nguyen Pagoda

IMG Giac Nghiem Pagoda

A place that you definitely should not miss is a pagoda with beautiful architecture located in Lac Nghiep province, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. The pagoda is also known as Ba Xam Pagoda, built in 1925. The abbot Thich Phap Chieu, currently the Deputy Head of the Provincial Buddhist Administration Committee, has organized the renovation of the pagoda and decorated the main hall solemnly.

The view at the pagoda is beautiful, looking far ahead is the dam of the Da Nhim Hydroelectric plant. The peaceful, poetic space makes the soul of anyone who comes here feel nostalgic, nostalgic and want to come back again.

5.5 Da Lat Milk Farm – The largest milk farm in Lam Dong

IMG Da Lat Milk Farm

Located in Lac Truong village, Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Da Lat Milk Farm brings a European countryside with green grass, dairy cows, windmills, flower gardens and small trails. A wonderful farm that makes every visitor fascinated and hard to leave. Don’t miss this place when coming to Don Duong.

5.6 Don Duong tangerine garden

IMG Don Duong Tangerine Garden 1

The tangerine garden is located in Pro commune with a beautiful, fairy-tale-like scene of red tangerine trees that makes anyone fall in love. Don Duong tangerine garden will ripen from December to the end of March next year, so you can come here to check-in virtually and enjoy the sweet taste of the fruit.

5.7 Ka Don Church

IMG Ka Don Church 2

Ka Don Church is located in Krang Go 2 village, Ka Don commune, Don Duong district. An architectural masterpiece with second prize in the 2016 International Thanh Contest in Italy. This project brings unique cultural features of the indigenous Churu people, simple design, minimalist colors with the main material being wood. pine and red tile roof.

6. Specialties when traveling to Don Duong

6.1 Banh Can

Banh can in Don Duong is very delicious, soft, filled with seafood, pate, and beef. The fish sauce has a moderate sweet and salty taste combined with crushed peanuts and signature stir-fried onions. In addition to fish sauce, you can also choose dipping sauce called fish sauce, which is also very delicious.

6.2 Don Duong grilled spring rolls

Famous for a long time because of its extremely attractive flavor. Don Duong grilled spring rolls are hot, crispy and firm, sweet and chewy because they are hand-cut, always making diners crave them. Served with spring rolls are a variety of vegetables such as lettuce, fish mint, watermelon, chives, crispy rice paper, and rice paper rolls. The very fragrant peanut dipping sauce is also the soul of the dish.

6.3 Rice paper with fish sauce

Rice paper with fish sauce and shrimp paste is the perfect combination of fish sauce and crispy rice paper that is famous throughout the country. Coming to Don Duong, you should stop by Xuan Thuong village to visit the craft village. You can also buy fish sauce rice paper to enjoy as well as buy it as a gift. This will surely be an attractive specialty that many people love.

6.4 Don Duong garden fruits

Don Duong is famous for its lush fruit gardens. Coming to Don Duong, don’t forget to try the seasonal fruits here. Highlights include crispy garden-ripened persimmons, Phu Thuan pineapples and tangerines, avocado, passion fruit, bananas,…

7. Accommodation when traveling to Don Duong

Unlike other tourist destinations, Don Duong Lam Dong does not have many hotels. Below are some hotel suggestions in Don Duong for your reference:

  • Hoai Phuong Hotel. Address: Suoi Thong A2, Da Ron, Don Duong, Lam Dong.
  • Kim Ngan Hotel. Address: 292 2/4 Street, Thanh My Town, Don Duong District, Lam Dong.
  • Hoang Hon Guesthouse. Address: Quang Tan, Quang Lap, Don Duong, Lam Dong.
  • Hoai Phuong 2 Guesthouse. Address: Quang Loi, Quang Lap, Don Duong, Lam Dong.
  • Hong Lien Guesthouse. Address: 116 Nam Hiep 1-Ka Do.
  • Hanh Phuc Guesthouse. Address: Nam Hiep 1-Ka Do.
  • Trung Dung Guesthouse 1. Address: TDP Duong Moi, D’Ran town.
  • Ha Tam Guesthouse. Address: Ly Thuong Kiet, Duong Moi TDP, D’Ran town.
  • Nhat Linh Guesthouse. Address: 10A Le Van Tam, Thanh My Town.

Don Duong is an ideal destination for those who love to explore nature and the peace of heaven and earth. If you are looking for a quiet, poetic space for your upcoming tour Da Lat, don’t miss this place. Please pick up the phone and contact us immediately. Origin Vietnam will help you enjoy the best experiences in Don Duong.

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