Dinosaur Spine
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Dinosaur Spine

Known as one of the most beautiful “cloud hunting paradises” in the northwestern mountains of Vietnam, it is a place that backpackers tell each other that they must definitely experience. Here, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests surrounded by layers of floating white clouds. The winding trail on Ta Xua peak to experience “cloud hunting” is also likened to the “back of a dinosaur”.

Where is Ta Xua “Dinosaur spine” mountain?

Ta Xua “Dinosaur spine” mountain is located in Bac Yen district, Son La province. This is the boundary of Bac Yen district (Son La) and Tram Tau district (Yen Bai). Ta Xua is a small commune that has recently developed tourism. It possesses many majestic natural landscapes and heart-stoppingly beautiful hawthorn forests and Shan Tuyet tea fields that are more than 280 years old.

Which is the best season to explore the “dinosaur spine” of Ta Xua?

January to March every year is the most beautiful time for Ta Xua, very suitable for experiential trekking activities. The spine of the Ta Xua dinosaur is a stretch of road located on the top of Chong Tra mountain. If you look from afar, it will look a lot like a dinosaur lying face down. That you will enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery of the Western mountains. North, covered with the green color of ancient trees, occasionally glimpses of some beautiful terraced fields. And idyllic villages of the Mong ethnic people.

How Unique is Ta Xua’s “Dinosaur Spine”?

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The spine of the Ta Xua dinosaur is located at an altitude of 1600m above sea level. At this height, if you stand on the spine, you will see a natural landscape of mountains and hills being supported in the middle of a vast sea of clouds. As beautiful as it is, the spine of Ta Xua is a tourist destination that very few tourists can visit. With a terrain of many steep, narrow hills. It’s about 1.5km long, to see the beauty of the spine. That you will need to have health and survival skills in difficult terrain conditions.

How to get to the “Dinosaur Spine” of the Ta Xua?

Depart from Hanoi – Son Tay – Trung Ha Bridge – Thu Cuc – Thu Cuc intersection, turn left to Phu Yen – Bac Yen. From Bac Yen town to Ta Xua commune, you will meet a fork with road signs: one direction is the “back of cloud paradise” 8 km away and the other direction is Ta Xua tea hill. You go in the direction you want or you can use google maps for an easy journey.

What are the specialties when traveling to Ta Xua?

Enjoying cuisine is the highlight of your trip to Ta Xua that you should not miss. There are many attractive dishes here such as sausage rice, fried chicken with eggs, butterfly pea flower sticky rice, kitchen pork… There are many lunch shops near H’Mong Coffee that you can stop at. enjoy. Besides, you can visit Bep Tam – one of the largest restaurants in Ta Xua – to enjoy more delicious and attractive dishes.

It’s worth a visit Dinosaur Spine

Currently, the “Dinosaur Spine” Ta Xua is still quite wild, on both sides are deep mountain abysses. Especially the climate sometimes has strong winds so it will be quite dangerous for tourists. If you are an adventure enthusiast and have extensive experience in climbing and exploring activities. So the Ta Xua spine is one of the conquering locations that should not be missed!

Please immediately contact us – a professional tour organizer and operator to book a tour to Ta Xua “dinosaur spine” mountain. We are a reliable partner who will follow your every step in your journey to discover this fascinating destination with unforgettable experiences!

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