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Dinh Hoa

If you are the type of person who loves history or has a passion for relics associated with the defense of Vietnam. Dinh Hoa Thai Nguyen will be an extremely ideal place to visit. In addition to being a land rich in history. This place also has majestic mountain scenery and sparkling, beautiful waterfalls. This place is suitable for trips to Thai Nguyen. So what’s special about this place? Let’s explore it with Origin Vietnam!

IMG ATK Dinh Hoa Relic Site 4

1. Where is Dinh Hoa?

Dinh Hoa district is located in the northwest of Thai Nguyen province, about 45km from Thai Nguyen city. About more than 100km north of Hanoi city center and about 100km from Noi Bai airport. Dinh Hoa district has the following geographical location:

  • The East borders Phu Luong district, Thai Nguyen province and Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province
  • The West borders Yen Son district and Son Duong district in Tuyen Quang province
  • The South borders Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province
  • The North borders Cho Don district, Bac Kan province.

2. Unique features of Dinh Hoa

Dinh Hoa district is known as a land with tourist areas that are meaningful in educating revolutionary history for the young generation of Vietnam. The most notable is the ATK Dinh Hoa special relic area with 13 relics associated with historical milestones during the resistance war against the French colonialists. The relic site still retains the traces and wildness of the past, the ancient trees witnessing historical events that have grown over the years. And even the hibiscus bushes planted by the great leader of Vietnam, are still lush today.

Not only is it famous for its historical landmarks. But visitors coming here will be able to see De Pass and Hong Mountain – places that have entered Vietnamese poetry and history. Along with that, visitors can immerse themselves in the nature of palm forests and tea hills. Especially conquer the majestic 7-tier Khuon Tat waterfall and bathe in cool, clear green spring water. It’s a pity that you won’t stop here on your upcoming tours to Vietnam.

3. When the best time to travel to Dinh Hoa?

Dinh Hoa is located in Thai Nguyen province in Northern Vietnam. And has a humid subtropical climate with two distinct seasons: rainy season from April to October, the heaviest rainy period is in August. Dry season from April to October. November to March next year.

According to our team travel experience, if you want to participate in festivals to learn about cultural traditions and regional beliefs. You should go in January (lunar calendar), which is around February to March of the solar calendar. At temples and pagodas during that time, lucky festivals will take place at the beginning of the year. Which are also worth experiencing for tourists. The weather at this time will be a bit cold, visitors should monitor the weather before coming here. In particular, visitors should prepare warm clothes and discreet clothing if you want to offer incense for good luck at temples and pagodas.

If you want to explore historical sites, the scenery of Vietnam’s mountains and forests, and beautiful natural waterfalls, you should go during the rainy season from May to October. So you can both cool off in the summer and have fun. beautiful photos to show off to friends, and interesting experiences that you cannot miss. It rains a lot this season, so please keep an eye on the weather and bring appropriate clothing for this trip!

IMG Khuon Tat Waterfall

4. How to get to Dinh Hoa?

Dinh Hoa district in Thai Nguyen province is a province located neighboring the capital Hanoi, so transportation is extremely convenient for tourists:

4.1. Travel by bus

Tourists in Hanoi can easily buy tickets from Hanoi to Dinh Hoa at major bus stations. My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat bus station. Ticket prices range from 90k – 200k/person depending on the bus company, travel time is about 2 hours.

Traveling by bus, visitors will not have to worry about getting lost, ensuring safety for the journey and saving time. Some reputable and quality car companies that you can refer to: Duong Thuy, Hoa Mai, Kien Cuong, Bao Phong,…

4.2. Travel by motorbike

Tourists in neighboring areas of Dinh Hoa district can use motorbike transportation to get here. If you start from from Hanoi city center through Nhat Tan bridge. After that follow National Highway 3 for about 100km to Dinh Hoa district. Motorbikes are for tourists who want to go sightseeing, want to experience Vietnamese traffic and want to be proactive in their transportation.

Tourists should note that because the distance is not short. You should bring all necessary personal documents and always wear a helmet when participating in traffic. To avoid getting lost, visitors should bring a map and bring necessary personal belongings.

4.3. Travel by train

Tourists in Hanoi can go to stations: Yen Vien, Long Bien, Dong Anh, Gia Lam to buy train tickets to Thai Nguyen station with trains QT1 and QT2. After that, tourists from Thai Nguyen station travel more than 40km by other means to reach Dinh Hoa district. Travel time is about 2 hours, ticket price ranges from 40k – 70k depending on each train station and each seat position on the train.

Tourists in the South or Central region can go to the nearest station to buy train tickets from where you live to Hanoi. Then, from Hanoi you can choose many types of transportation to get to Dinh Hoa.

According to travel experience, You should choose the appropriate means of transport to ensure convenience and safety trip.

5. Top Sightseeing & things to do in Dinh Hoa

Dinh Hoa district is a large area with many important historical relics and outstanding sightseeing destinations.

5.1. ATK Dinh Hoa relic site

IMG ATK Dinh Hoa Relic Site 2

ATK Dinh Hoa Historical Relic Area in Dinh Hoa district is 50km west of Thai Nguyen city center. And more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. The relic site has a total area of ​​over 5,200 km2. Also it’s the center of the Viet Bac base, where the terrain was difficult for both the advance and defense of the Vietnamese government during the resistance war against the French.

ATK Dinh Hoa Relic Area has been ranked as a National Relic Area by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.  The Prime Minister signed a decision to classify it as a special National Relic Area including 13 relics. ATK Dinh Hoa is an attractive destination in Thai Nguyen province, annually attracting millions of tourists to visit and commemorate a heroic time of the nation.

Visitors coming here can learn more deeply about the history of Vietnam. And visit Khau Ty hill – where President Ho Chi Minh’s first office was located at ATK Dinh Hoa. Also General Secretary Truong Chinh on Na Mon hill, Dinh Hoa ATK exhibition house. President Ho Chi Minh memorial house, Quan village relics, Bao Bien relics, Cho Chu prison,… If you want to learn about If you are a part of Vietnam’s ethnic origins, come to this special National Monument, an exciting destination for your upcoming vacation.

5.2. Khuon Tat Waterfall

IMG Khuon Tat Waterfall 3

Khuon Tat Waterfall is located in Phu Dinh commune, Dinh Hoa district, 50km west of Thai Nguyen city, about more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. This place is one of 13 relics located in the ATK Dinh Hoa – Thai Nguyen relic area. Khuon Tat Waterfall is a famous landscape of Thai Nguyen and is also a witness to many historical events of Vietnam.

It’s also known as Seven-storey Waterfall, is a natural waterfall with a height of about 20m. Khuon Tat Waterfall is a natural waterfall, surrounded by many green trees and very fresh air. The foot of the waterfall is like a giant bathtub with a depth of 2-3m. On both sides of Khuon Tat waterfall are large, green and quite flat lawns, along with cool, peaceful air and clear water streams. This is an ideal place for tourists to visit and learn about history, have a place to cool off, and have a place to camp and rest.

5.3. Hang Pagoda – Dinh Hoa

IMG Hang Pagoda Dinh Hoa

Hang Pagoda is located in Dong Chua hamlet, Cho Chu town, about 60km northwest of Thai Nguyen city center, more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. This place is not only a natural heritage given by the Creator, but also a center of religious activities of the people. This is a prominent spiritual tourist destination in the temple system in Thai Nguyen.

Hang Pagoda is located in a natural cave deep in the limestone mountains, below is the gentle Chu river. The deeper inside the cave becomes, the wider the cave becomes. There are many stalactites with unique, diverse and magical shapes. Every year, in the first lunar month, Hang Pagoda attracts a large number of tourists to offer incense and worship Buddha and watch the festival with unique rituals and folk games imbued with national identity.

5.4. Tin Keo Hill

IMG Tin Keo Hill

The historical relic of Tin Keo Hill is located right at the foot of De Pass, leaning against the Hong Mountain range – a famous place in Na Lom hamlet, Phu Dinh commune, Dinh Hoa district. The hill is 60km northwest of Thai Nguyen city and more than 100km north of Hanoi city center. This is where the Presidential Palace was located during the Resistance War against the French colonialists, where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked many times in the years from 1948 to the end of 1953.

When coming to the Tin Keo relic, visitors can visit Uncle Ho’s small and simple shack with dirt steps made of bamboo and rattan strings and fences surrounding the relic. Next to the small shack is the Doan Hung grapefruit tree, bamboo and hibiscus trees planted by Uncle Ho himself, which are still green and provide shade for tourists who come here to visit.

5.5. Khau Ty Hill

The historical relic at Khau Ty hill, Diem Mac commune, Dinh Hoa district is the first living and working place of President Ho Chi Minh when he came to Dinh Hoa ATK in 1947. The relic is located about 55km from Thai Nguyen city to the Northwest and more than 100km north of Hanoi city center.

Here today there is still the shack where he lived and worked, with a security cellar and especially the hibiscus trees that Uncle Ho himself planted are still green next to the ancient Viet Bac cajuput tree. Surrounding the shack are green cassava and palm trees creating a peaceful, fresh space, attracting tourists to visit, learn and experience.

6. Specialties when traveling to Dinh Hoa

When traveling to Dinh Hoa – Thai Nguyen, visitors will enjoy many unique specialties and delicious tea pots that can only be found here. Let’s learn about delicious dishes and specialties here with us.

6.1. Dinh Hoa Lam Rice

Lam rice is a familiar dish of many lands, but Dinh Hoa lam rice has a very strange flavor, helping to retain diners coming to Thai Nguyen. Lam rice is a simple dish, the rice is cooked from upland sticky rice put into bamboo tubes from Dinh Hoa mountain forests.

When the rice is cooked, the aroma from the sticky rice blends with the light scent of the bamboo, creating a unique dish. Rice can be eaten with sesame salt, especially rice can be kept for up to 1 week. Very suitable for tourists to buy for friends and relatives.

6.2. Dinh Hoa rice noodles

In 2020, Bao Thai Dinh Hoa rice noodles were recognized as a 3-star standard OCOP product at the provincial level. The noodles are made from white, fragrant and sticky Bao Thai rice grains. It’s bringing a special flavor to the rice noodles products here.

Rice noodles are produced safely, the rice is washed, then soaked, ground. Also rolled into fibers of quite diverse types, then dried and sorted for packaging. Noodles can be processed into many dishes, such as: vermicelli noodles, large pho noodles, small noodles… Noodles are cheap and ensure food hygiene and safety, visitors coming here should buy them to try and experience.

In addition, when you have the opportunity to come to Dinh Hoa. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy dishes imbued with the mountain and forest identities of indigenous ethnic minorities. Some special dishes can be mentioned. Such as: five-color sticky rice, stream fish, ban chicken, black pig, wild vegetables, wild bamboo shoots… Certainly, although the taste is somewhat simple and simple, it is no less attractive. The products here will leave tourists with unforgettable experiences.

7.  Accommodation when coming to Dinh Hoa

7.1. Hotels and motels in Dinh Hoa district

To serve tourists staying conveniently in Dinh Hoa, we would like to recommend of reputable hotels with good service quality for visitors to refer to:

  • DL Cong Doan Hotel. Address: Quy Ky commune, Dinh Hoa district
  • Phuong Lan Guesthouse. Address: 229 Trung Kien, Cho Chu, Dinh Hoa district
  • Nguyen Thao Guesthouse. Address: Quan Vuong, Chu Market, Dinh Hoa district
  • Anh Dao Guesthouse. Address: house number 26, Tan Lap Street, Chu Market, Dinh Hoa district

7.2. ATK Dinh Hoa Farmstay

Farmstay ATK Dinh Hoa is located right next to Khuon Tat waterfall. This is an eco-tourism area with beautiful flower gardens and includes a Homestay. Farmstay is an ideal place for visitors to experience the unique culture of Vietnam’s mountainous ethnic groups. And immerse themselves in the natural scenery of the mountains and forests.

Address: Khuon Tat hamlet, Phu Dinh commune, Dinh Hoa district.

With historical relics associated with important historical events of the Vietnamese people, unique festivals of ethnic minorities, strangely attractive products and magnificent natural scenery. This place is always a favorite destination of many tourists from all over.

If you are planning to explore this land of Dinh Hoa, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us now. We always accompany and support you on every journey travel to Vietnam to explore and learn about this land.

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