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Di Linh

Di Linh is likened to a mountain girl “hidden” in the middle of a majestic, poetic plateau. Di Linh tourism attracts tourists by the beauty of the pristine, peaceful mountains and forests as well as the green tea hills, stretching endlessly. This place is an ideal “escape” place to help visitors temporarily get away from the noisy, dusty city to rest and relax.

Located on the green plateau of Lam Dong province, Di Linh has interesting and attractive things waiting for visitors to explore. Let’s explore the beauty of Di Linh with Origin Vietnam through the article below.

IMG Di Linh

1. Where is Di Linh?

Di Linh is a mountainous district in Lam Dong province, about 75 km southwest of Da Lat City, about 220 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. With the geographical location of Di Linh district:

  • The North borders Dak Glong district, Dak Nong province and Lam Ha district.
  • The South borders Bac Binh and Ham Thuan Bac districts of Binh Thuan province.
  • The East borders Duc Trong district.
  • The West borders Bao Lam district.

2. How is Di Linh district unique?

Di Linh, the name originates from Djiring – the name of the leader who founded this village. It is located about 80 km south of Da Lat. This place has an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level and a total natural area of ​​up to 1,614.63 km2.

The Di Linh plateau stretches from the foot of Bao Loc pass to Prenn pass. With its natural terrain of rolling hills and winding passes, Di Linh has created a place imbued with the hidden beauty of the gentle, seductive mountainous region.

3. When is the best time to visit Di Linh district?

Thanks to its cool and quite pleasant climate. You can come to Di Linh at any time of the year because each season has its own beauty.

  • In the rainy season, you will admire the lush green scenery of mountains, forests, grasslands or majestic waterfalls.
  • The dry season will be more convenient for you to participate in outdoor activities or admire the vast coffee fields and enjoy the charming aroma.

Especially in the months of May, June or October, November is the time when you can admire the ripe rice fields hidden deep in the green valleys, or the fields of wild sunflowers blooming bright yellow on both sides of the road. You can also experience coffee harvesting and enjoy a delicious cup of Di Linh coffee right at the garden.

You should take note of these important dates so you don’t miss the most beautiful springtime of Di Linh Plateau.

IMG Gia Bac Pass 1

4. How to get to Di Linh district?

Below are some suggestions to help you choose the right means of transportation to Di Linh:

4.1 Traveling by plane

Airplanes are quite expensive but are extremely safe and help you save time during travel. First, to get to Da Lat, you will have to buy a ticket to Lien Khuong airport, then continue to take a taxi to Di Linh.

If you are a first-time tourist coming to Da Lat. Before departing, you should learn how to choose a safe, quality, and cheap taxi in Da Lat. In order to gain more experience traveling here without worrying about being overcharged.

4.2 Passenger cars

A reasonable suggestion for your budget and equally safe for you is to travel to Di Linh by bus.

From Ho Chi Minh City or other big cities, you can choose a bus route to Da Lat bus station. Then you move to Di Linh by taxi or motorbike,…

4.3 Motorcycles

For those who love nature and exploration, motorbikes are the optimal choice. Although it is a bit risky, trying to be a backpacker on your journey has never disappointed young people.

If your departure point starts from Saigon, you can move along Hanoi Highway to National Highway 1 -> Dau Giay intersection -> National Highway 20 -> Bao Loc and the final destination is Di Linh plateau.

5. Sightseeings at Di Linh

5.1 Di Linh tea hill

IMG Di Linh Tea Hill

Di Linh is one of the major tea growing areas of Lam Dong province. Coming here, visitors can easily see immense green tea hills anywhere. As tourism develops, the tea hills gradually become a hot check-in spot, attracting tourists, especially young people who come to hunt for beautiful photos.

When coming to these tea hills, visitors will be fascinated by the lush green scenery, creating a peaceful and poetic space. Walking on the vast tea hills is definitely an extremely wonderful experience that you will hardly forget.

Coming to the green tea hills in Di Linh, visitors can not only relax into the cool green space, enjoy the fresh air, freely take beautiful photos, but can also plan to hunt clouds, watch the sunrise, Beautiful Di Linh sunset.

5.2 Bobla Falls

IMG Bobla Falls 1

Bobla Waterfall is a beautiful natural picture with a pristine and majestic waterfall. This waterfall is more than 40m high, more than 20m wide, surrounded by a forest of thousands of years old trees and tea hills as far as the eye can see. Travelling here, you will not only immerse yourself in the fresh space but also see wild animals, extremely suitable for picnics or team building.

The waterfall here flows quite strongly, sending white foam into the abyss with loud sounds that may make you a little scared. Below the waterfall there is also a small lake with large rocks and the perennial presence of large old trees standing tall. The scenery here is a bit poetic like a misty fairyland if you look at it a little longer.

5.3 Linh Thang Pagoda

IMG Linh Thang Pagoda 2

Linh Thang Pagoda is a famous and long-standing pagoda in Di Linh district. The pagoda stands out with its impressive architecture and cool grounds, creating a peaceful stop for you. Buddhists visited Linh Thang Pagoda in every year on major holidays.

5.4 Kala Lake

IMG Kala Lake 2

As a tourist destination in Di Linh, it possesses a poetic natural scenery, surrounded by pine hills and rolling mountains. This is also the largest reservoir in Di Linh district and a famous sturgeon farming place in Lam Dong.

When visiting Kala Di Linh Lake, you can walk along the lake, let your soul follow the wind, and gently walk to enjoy the cool atmosphere. This will help you feel relaxed, dispel all worries and worries.

Standing on the shore looking down at the lake surface is the quiet, rustic and loving appearance of Kala Lake.

In particular, the sunset at Kala Lake is an enchanting and enchanting picture, the sunset dyes the lake’s surface red, making the space here look like a beautiful paradise garden.

5.5 Li Liang Waterfall

IMG Li Liang Waterfall

This is a waterfall about 50m high, located in Cung Re commune, near Highway 28. Coming here, visitors will admire the scenery of water pouring into the lake surface with white foam, creating magical mists. .

Unlike other waterfalls in the Central Highlands, Li Liang waterfall impresses with its gentle flowing water, as gentle as the loose hair of a mountain girl, filling the middle of the lush primeval forest, creating a poetic space. and attractive. At Li Liang waterfall, visitors can enjoy the beautiful beauty of the waterfall and the majestic mountains and forests from large rocks.

5.6 Gia Bac Pass

IMG Gia Bac Pass 2

Majestic passes seem to be a specialty of Lam Dong in general and Di Linh in particular. This place has many beautiful passes and most of them were built by the French based on ancient trails of indigenous people. Besides the wild Omega Pass or the romantic Phu Hiep Pass, you will hardly miss Gia Bac, a very beautiful pass located on Highway 28.

The characteristic of Gia Bac Pass is that it has many small and narrow bends but possesses beautiful scenery. From this pass you can admire the fresh coffee fields, lush gardens and scenery of clouds, sky, majestic mountains and hills, inhaling the clear and gentle air.

Sitting on a motorbike to conquer Gia Bac Pass, inhaling the scent of the mountains and forests, enjoying the fresh air is an interesting experience that definitely cannot be missed when traveling to Di Linh.

5.7 Cloud hunting at Loc Thanh pass

Loc Thanh Pass, about 45 km-50 km from Di Linh, is a famous cloud hunting spot that is rumored to be loved by travel enthusiasts. When dawn just creeps in, you will have the opportunity to admire and capture beautiful moments of floating white clouds gathering in the surrounding space, bringing a memorable and wonderful experience.

6. Specialties when traveling to Di Linh district

With a cool climate and rich natural resources, Di Linh is famous for its delicious specialties that visitors cannot miss when travelling to Di Linh.

6.1 Lam rice and grilled meat

Lam rice is a favorite dish and is always present in festivals and fun events of indigenous people. This dish is made from sticky rice, soaked before putting it in a bamboo tube or cork tube, then cooked with spring water. The bamboo tubes are burned on fire or buried in charcoal to cook rice. When the rice is cooked, people cut off the burnt outer layer, revealing the delicious white flesh.

Grilled meat is a side dish with Lam rice. Usually made from cattle or poultry meat, skewered and grilled over charcoal or put into a bamboo tube for grilling. This type of food does not need to be seasoned, helping to save time when going to the forest or fields. When eating, people often dip it with salt and chili to create a rich flavor.

6.2 Grilled lentils:

Lentils is a dish that can be processed into many dishes such as grilled, braised, yolk, steamed, stir-fried with garlic or cooked in porridge. However, charcoal grilled fish is the most popular dish. People wrap fish in forest leaves

6.3 Co Ba chicken hotpot with é leaves

The signature dish at the restaurant is chicken hotpot with é leaves, cooked with crispy skin and firm meat, added with lemon salt and pepper to create a rich, attractive flavor. In addition, the restaurant also serves countless different chicken dishes such as herbal chicken hotpot, braised chicken with hot chili, grilled chicken and many specialties from goat, beef, and seafood to fully meet the needs of visitors.

The Co Ba restaurant has a rustic and simple style, with cozy and spacious small tables. The restaurant’s diverse menu allows you to order many different dishes to enjoy without worrying about the price.

6.4 BBQ Cart

The BBQ grill car has fresh grilled dishes from meat, fish to seafood, carefully selected. Each dish is skillfully seasoned and seasoned to taste, accompanied by typical dipping sauces of Lam Dong cuisine, making the meal more interesting and attractive. In addition to attractive grilled dishes, the restaurant also serves hot pots such as: Chicken hot pot, Thai hot pot, buffalo hot pot dipped in batches, sturgeon hot pot… All create a diverse and attractive menu, guaranteed to satisfy. taste buds of most visitors.

6.5 Ky Ngo vegetarian restaurant

This is a popular vegetarian restaurant with dishes such as: fried rice, dumplings, bread, spring rolls, etc. Tourists often choose Ky Ngo vegetarian because the dishes are delicious, beautifully presented and reasonably priced. perhaps.

IMG Bobla Falls 2

7. Accommodation when traveling to Di Linh district

Below are some suggested hotels and homestays in Di Linh for your reference:

  • Ivory Falls Villa. Address: Hai Hai Village, Gung Re, Di Linh District, Lam Dong, Vietnam.
  • AN homestay coffee. Address: 6 Dong Do, Tan Nghia, Di Linh, Lam Dong.
  • Kalaview homestay. Address: 1A, Ko Net Village, Di Linh, Lam Dong.
  • Homestay Le Dinh House. Address: Village 5, Di Linh, Lam Dong.
  • Bao Phu Hotel. Address: 18 Mo Ko, town. Di Linh, Di Linh, Lam Dong.
  • Khoa Dat Hotel. Address: 6 Le Loi, town. Di Linh, Di Linh, Lam Dong.
  • HOMESTAY Garden Homestay. Address: 74 Nguyen Van Troi, town. Di Linh, Di Linh, Lam Dong.
  • Di Linh Guesthouse. Address: 992 Hung Vuong, town. Di Linh, Di Linh, Lam Dong.
  • Gia Khanh Guesthouse. Address: 760 Hung Vuong, town. Di Linh, Di Linh, Lam Dong.

8. Some necessary notes when traveling to Di Linh plateau

  • The road from Saigon to Di Linh has many steep passes, so if you travel by motorbike, you should bring some repair tools when necessary. In particular, this road is quite deserted and uninhabited, so going in large numbers will be safer.
  • At night, Di Linh’s temperature drops low, so you need to bring clothes to keep your body warm to ensure your health.
  • If you go in a group of 10 or more people, you can contact the local authorities to ask to camp overnight at the foot of the waterfall.

The journey to Di Linh Plateau always brings visitors satisfaction and a little nostalgia for this land. Hopefully the above sharing from Origin Vietnam will be helpful for your upcoming tours in Da Lat to discover the beauty of Di Linh. Please call us if you want to have more interesting experiences in Lam Dong.

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