Dam Trau Beach
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Dam Trau Beach

Dam Trau Beach or Vietnamese name “bãi biển Đầm Trấu” is located in the edge of Con Dao National Park. It is also near the Co Ong airport and about 4 km from the town center to the Northwest.

How Dam Trau Beach is unique?

This is the excellent beach in Con Dao Island for the blue water, gentle waves, plus the quiet space as well as golden sand. The old green pine trees cover the surrounding plus the prominent bamboo forest and the pockets of tropical jungle which make the beach wildly.

Relaxing at Dam Trau beach, tourists not only enjoy the comfortable sunbathing and swimming moments, but also receive the knowledge of its culture, landscape. For these beauties, Dam Trau Beach is an ideal attraction on the island to experience so let’s relax once you travel to Con Dao Island.

When is the best time to visit Dam Trau Beach?

The weather plays the most important role for your island trip, especially to the beach. The ideal time to visit Dam Trau Beach is from March to September. At this time, the waves aren’t big on the sea and beach. It is very calm and wonderful for swimming.

Things to do in Dam Trau Beach

It is very easy for you to reach Dam Trau beach by car, motorbike. When you visit the National Park, you should have a local tour guide, however, only relax on the beach, you can do it by yourself. This beach is also very ideal for camping, relaxing and team building.

Furthermore, on the side of the beach is the large black rock beach where you can climb over to discover the mysterious small beach. In fact, the scenery of the beach is very beautiful and surrounded by the green forest.

On sunny days, you can enjoy the beach with the moments of the natural beauties, golden sand and blue sea water. Particularly, the beach is on the magical green oasis in the immense sea. Thanks to its beautiful, innocent, wild, romantic and charming beauty. Many people usually thought that the beach was like the fairy girl drunk and walking along the coast.

In addition to the pristine beauty, the beach is the great place to see the primitive forest, wild birds. Also, you can snorkel or dive to see colorful coral reefs undersea. And you also have a chance to meet many ecological preservation organisms in Con Dao Island.

Furthermore, there are strangely shaped cliffs on a rocky outcrop to the sea in Dam Trau beach. Therefore, you can witness two large rocks bunched together look like a pair of sea-mews tightly wrapped together.  Moreover, the unusual shape of the pair of stones is related to the sad love of an unfaithful couple.

It is worth a visit Dam Trau Beach

Visitors can also walk through the forest road to reach Suoi Nong Beach or called Hot Spring Beach. The beach retains its unspoiled beauty thanks to less tourists know about this site. Travel to this beach you can enjoy the colorful picture of the tropical sea   plus the mangrove ecosystem as well as the white sand which all bring you as to paradise.

Moreover, Camping on Dam Trau beach is also another experience to enjoy the gorgeous and clean beach.

Dam Trau is also the place where you can go snorkeling 700m from shore. This destination is the best spot for snorkeling in Con Dao Island and also the best place to enjoy the ocean sunset.

Seafood with reasonable prices is one of the things you should taste when visiting Dam Trau Beach. There are some low-key lounges or bars on the beach.

It is recommended to enjoy the bar on the right because it has the tastefully set up loungers, sofas and beach chairs. It is very ideal to enjoy the fresh fruit with the cold beer and shakes.

Where To Stay And Eat In Dam Trau Beach

Here are some of the best hotels and restaurants near Dam Trau beach where you can stay and eat:

Poulo Condor Boutique Resort and Spa (Distance: 2.3 km from Dam Trau beach)

  • Add: Co Ong Site Con Son Ba Ria-Vung Tau

Six Senses Con Dao (Distance: 3.9 km from Dam Trau beach)

  • Add: Dat Doc Beach, Con Dao District, Con Son

Con Son Island Hotel (4 km from Dam Trau beach)

  • Add: 4 Ton Duc Thang Street, Con Son

Dam Trau Village Restaurant & Bar

  • Add: Dam Trau beach (located on your right when you go to this beach)
  • Tel: 0949 989 799

In general, Dam Trau beach is the most fantastic beach where you can enjoy snorkeling or swimming. Let’s make a plan and visit Dam Trau beach to explore the mysteries of nature here as well as the beauty. It will make you fresh in your mind and enjoy nature completely.

Amazing Snorkeling
in Con Dao Island

It is hard to find a place in the World that still has the pristine and peaceful features of nature as here. Coming to Bay Canh Island, you will have the opportunity to scuba dive and see corals, fish and other marine creatures living on the coral reefs. One feature of Hon Bay Canh is the mangrove ecosystem. Con Dao mangrove is distributed mainly on the ground of dead coral, sand, soft clay. This is also the difference of Con Dao mangrove. When the tide recedes, you can still walk easily in the forest, not muddy like other places.
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