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Dai Loc

With favorable conditions both naturally and socially. Dai Loc has both plains and forests and mountains with many beautiful and attractive attractions for tourists. Besides, you can also explore traditional craft villages, historical relics, and profound cultural values ​​here. Let’s explore this wonderful land with Origin Vietnam.

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1. Where is Dai Loc?

Dai Loc is a district located in the North of Quang Nam province, Vietnam. About 70 km northwest of Tam Ky city, about 36 km west of Hoi An city and about 42 km southwest of Da Nang city.

2. How is Dai Loc unique?

Dai Loc land has a half-midland, half-plain terrain with rivers, ponds, lakes, streams, streams, lagoons,… creating a poetic and majestic natural picture. Dai Loc district has the Vu Gia river flowing across it, helping to build up alluvium for fertile land, creating conditions for the development of agriculture and fishery.

Furthermore, Dai Loc is famous as a land rich in cultural traditions. With a series of sites and relics found belonging to famous cultures. Such as Sa Huynh, Champa and Dai Viet. Not only that, this land still preserves many types of folk art, traditional festivals and many unique cultural features.

Besides, Dai Loc district also preserves many important historical stories through relics and tunnels. This land is also the cradle of many traditional craft villages such as incense villages and drum villages. All of these factors have created a very unique attraction for Dai Loc – Quang Nam tourism.

3. When is the best time to visit Dai Loc?

According to our Dai Loc travel experience, the weather here is beautiful in every season, and each time will bring its own beauty. However, the most ideal time to explore Dai Loc is still from February to August. specifically, the weather in Dai Loc at each time of the year is as follows:

  • Rainy season: Lasts from September to December. At this time, Quang Nam in general and Dai Loc in particular are often affected by storms and low pressure, which will more or less affect your travel plans.
  • Dry season: From February to August, Quang Nam’s weather is sunny. Traveling to Dai Loc at this time is very convenient to visit and explore famous tourist destinations here.
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4. How to get to Dai Loc?

4.1 Moving To Quang Nam

Traveling to Quang Nam, depending on economic conditions, starting point as well as your travel schedule, you can choose suitable means of transport.

Today, the traffic connection system between provinces and cities across the country has been synchronized and strongly developed. If you want to travel to Quang Nam, you can conveniently choose a plane, train or bus.

  • Plane: To shorten travel time, tourists should choose to travel by plane. Depending on the schedule, you can choose to land at Da Nang airport or Chu Lai airport.
  • Train: To save costs and have flexible departure times, visitors can choose the train. Both North and South trains have trips to Tam Ky (Quang Nam) with many different time frames.
  • Passenger bus: You can easily catch the long-distance bus from North to South and then get off at Quang Nam. Traveling by bus is long but extremely economical.

4.2 Traveling to Dai Loc from Da Nang city

Starting from the center of Da Nang, you follow Duy Tan and Nguyen Huu Tho streets to the south for about 5 km and then come to an intersection with Cach Mang Thang 8 street. You turn right onto CMT8 street and continue moving. Following National Highway 14B about 9 km southwest, it meets a roundabout intersecting with Da Nang – Quang Ngai highway.

From here, you turn left onto Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway and move south about 16 km when you come to an intersection with DT609 road. You turn right onto DT609 street and continue to Hung Vuong street about 6 km west when you come to an intersection with Do Dang Tuyen street. You turn left onto Do Dang Tuyen street and move southwest about 10 km to reach the center of Dai Loc district.

5. Sightseeings in Dai Loc

5.1 Destinations with beautiful natural scenery

5.1.1 Suoi Mo

IMG Mo Waterfall Dai Loc

Suoi Mo is a famous tourist destination in Dai Loc – Quang Nam. Coming here, you will admire the majestic waterfall and clear stream like a soft silk strip hidden among the wild, quiet mountains and forests. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to soak in the cool water and watch countless blooming flowers.

5.1.2 Khe Lim

IMG Khe Lim 4

Khe Lim is a unique eco-tourism destination with a waterfall originating from the top of Am Thong mountain. Water from the waterfall flows through large and small rocks stacked on top of each other, creating gurgling streams that flow into the Vu Gia River before merging into the ocean. Besides, this Dai Loc tourist destination also makes its mark with primeval forests and undulating hills and mountains, creating a charming landscape painting.

5.1.3 Am Thong Peak

IMG Am Thong Peak Dai Loc

Am Thong Peak, also known as Bang Am, is an 830m high limestone mountain located in Dai Hong commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam. The journey to Am Thong peak takes about 3 hours with a winding road. In particular, this is an ideal Dai Loc tourist destination for you to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the fresh air and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

5.1.4 Khe Tan reservoir dam

IMG Khe Tan reservoir dam Dai Loc

You will admire the beautiful natural scenery at Khe Tan Lake during your trip to Dai Loc – Quang Nam. This is an attractive ecotourism destination with the experience of taking a boat to visit white waterfalls in the middle of the green forest. In addition, the lake also has dozens of large and small islands, creating charming scenery and a rich ecosystem with a variety of animal and plant species.

5.1.5 Cung River

IMG Cung River Dai Loc 2

Cung River in Dai Lanh commune is a famous landscape of Dai Loc district, Quang Nam. The river with clear blue water and many cliffs creates a poetic and majestic natural picture. Furthermore, this is the ideal destination for you to admire the pristine beauty and immerse yourself in the peaceful space of nature.

5.2 Meaningful cultural and historical tourist attractions

5.2.1. Phu An – Phu Xuan tunnel area

Phu An – Phu Xuan tunnel area in Dai Thang commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam is an important historical site during the resistance war against the US. With a tight tunnel system, this is a solid base that has defeated many raids by the US and Wei troops in the past. Today, the relic is a symbol of the resilience and brave spirit of the people of Dai Loc region B during the historical war. This is also an attractive attraction, promising to bring you many unforgettable emotions.

5.2.2 Phu Loc Incense Village

Phu Loc incense village is a long-standing and famous traditional craft village of Ai Nghia town, Dai Loc district. Over many generations, the profession of making incense here is still maintained and developed. In particular, from November to the Lunar New Year, the village becomes an attractive Dai Loc tourist destination with a bustling space filled with the colors of many types of incense.

5.2.3 Bau Tron Vegetable Village

Bau Tron vegetable village in Dai An commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam is an interesting destination with a peaceful and quiet village space. This place has fields stretching dozens of hectares with lush green vegetables, tubers, and fruits such as green beans, cucumbers, bitter melon, papaya, zucchini, pumpkin, etc. Especially, vegetables in the village are grown following strict farming procedures, ensuring cleanliness and quality.

5.2.4 Lam Yen drum village

Lam Yen drum village in Dai Minh commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam is a traditional craft village specializing in producing buffalo leather drums with a history of more than 200 years. Products of Lam Yen village are very popular. Every year, thousands of the village’s products are widely distributed to many provinces and cities, both in the Central Highlands and the Southeast of Vietnam.

5.2.5 Co Lam Pagoda

Co Lam Pagoda is one of the ancient pagodas located in the Suoi Mo Dai Loc tourist area. The pagoda was built in 1687 with ancient, moss-covered architecture and contains historical stories about the hero Tran Cao Van. Besides, the project is also an important historical relic, promising to bring you many unforgettable impressions during your trip to Dai Loc – Quang Nam.

5.2.6 Thuong Duc Victory Monument

Thuong Duc Victory is an important historical relic of Dai Loc in the resistance war against America to save the country. This is a military base of the US army with a solid and tight defense system. The victory in Thuong Duc in 1974, after 10 days of fierce fighting, opened the opportunity for the 1975 Spring General Offensive and Uprising. Especially, the Thuong Duc Victory was recognized as a level national historical relic in 2002.

6. Specialties when traveling to Dai Loc

Traveling to Dai Loc – Quang Nam is not only a journey to discover nature and culture but also an opportunity for you to experience the rich culinary world. This land is famous for many delicious specialties with the typical flavors of Quang: rustic, simple but extremely unique. Below are some delicious Quang Nam specialties that you should not miss when coming to Dai Loc:

6.1 Dai Loc rice paper

Dai Loc rice paper is famous for its whiteness, flexibility, and deliciousness, and is made with a meticulous and meticulous process. Dai Loc people use rice paper in rustic dishes. Like pork rice paper rolls, scad fish rice paper rolls, ram rice paper rolls, or crispy fried rice paper,…

6.2 Quang Noodles

Traveling to Dai Loc – Quang Nam without enjoying Quang noodles is truly a mistake. Dai Loc Quang Noodles is different from other places with its traditional, rustic but attractive hometown flavor. The ingredients for making noodles are carefully selected, sourced from local sources, cleaned, seasoned and processed into finished products to serve diners.

6.3 Banh it with gai leaves

Banh it la gai is a rustic, simple local specialty gift that you should buy after your trip to Dai Loc – Quang Nam.

The cake has a crust made of glutinous rice flour mixed with sugar and hemp leaf juice, so it has a characteristic shiny black color. The filling is made from green beans and has a natural yellow color. The outside of the cake is wrapped with banana leaves with a pointed top. To keep the green color of the banana leaves, the person boiling the cake will have to set the fire and time just enough to take the cake out.

When eating banh it gai leaves, you will feel the blend of the fatty taste of green beans, the sweetness of molasses and the bitter taste of gai leaves.

6.4 Eel noodles

Eel noodles are a “local wind flavor” dish that you should enjoy once if you have the opportunity to travel to Dai Loc – Quang Nam. Being a midland region of Quang Nam province with many rivers, lakes, streams, streams, etc., Dai Loc is an ideal habitat for eels, most of which are yellow eels. Yellow eel has fragrant, crispy, sweet, rich and nutritious meat, so it is used when preparing many dishes, including eel noodles.

A proper bowl of eel noodles will have the yellow color of the eel, the green color of the raw vegetables, green onions combined with the white color of the noodles and the mouth-watering aroma that captivates diners. When eating, you can serve with crushed peanuts, crunchy grilled rice paper, and squeeze into small pieces…

6.5 Dai Loc braised veal

Dai Loc braised veal is a delicious and unique specialty with the attractive flavor of soft, fragrant Quang Nam veal raised naturally combined with rice paper and raw vegetables to create an unforgettable culinary experience.

IMG Dai Loc 3

7. Accommodation when traveling to Dai Loc

7.1 Stay overnight in Dai Loc:

  • Huong Que Homestay. Address: National Highway 14B, Dai Hiep, Dai Loc, Quang Nam.
  • Thanh Binh Guest House. Address: Quang Trung, Ai Nghia Town, Dai Loc, Quang Nam.
  • Tan An Guest House. Address: Ha Tan intersection, Dai Lanh, Dai Loc, Quang Nam.
  • Phuong Anh Guest House. Address: Hung Vuong, Ai Nghia Town, Dai Loc, Quang Nam.
  • Lucky Motel. Address: Dai Lanh, Dai Loc, Quang Nam.
  • Ai Nghia Hill Motel. Address: National Highway 14B, Ai Nghia Town, Dai Loc, Quang Nam.

7.2 Stay overnight in Hoi An:

  • Hoi An Odyssey Hotel. Address: Tran Trung Tri, Cam Nam, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Hoi An Estuary Villa. Address: Tan Thinh, Cam An, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.
  • Ivy Villa. Address: 168 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Hoi An River Town Hotel. Address: 26 Thoai Ngoc Hau, Cam Pho Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam.
  • Little Town Villa. Address: 239 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

7.3 Stay overnight in Da Nang

  • Danang Golden Bay. Address: Location: Le Van Duyet, Son Tra, Da Nang.
  • Mangala Zen Garden & Luxury Apartments. Address: Location: J02 The Ocean Villas, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.
  • Vinpearl Luxury Da Nang. Address: Location: 7 Truong Sa, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.
  • Risemount Resort Danang. Address: Location: Nguyen Van Thoai, Bac My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang.
  • Sel de Mer Hotel & Suites. Address: Location: 92 Vo Nguyen Giap, Man Thai Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang.

Dai Loc – Quang Nam tourism is the perfect piece for the journey to discover the ancient heritage region. Dai Loc land converges with beautiful natural scenery with majestic streams and waterfalls. Among thousands of buildings, historical relics, traditional craft villages and rich cuisine. All will bring you new and colorful experiences in your journey of sightseeing and discovery.

Please immediately contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. In order to get useful information about beautiful destinations in Vietnam as well as interesting tour schedules. We will accompany you on your private tour in Hoi An to discover the travel beauty Dai Loc with the most wonderful experiences.

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