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Da Teh

Da Teh is blessed by nature with many famous landscapes. With the overwhelming green color of the primeval forest and the majestic Eagle mountain range. This is also a favorite check-in point for adventurous travelers who love to explore nature. Let’s join Origin Vietnam to learn more about the must-go attractions in this beautiful land.

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1. Where is Da Teh?

Da Teh is a southern district of Lam Dong province. Located on the contiguous area between Bao Loc – Di Linh plateau and the Southeast. About 172 km southwest of Da Lat city and about 170 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh city. With geographical location:

  • The East borders Bao Lam district.
  • The North borders Cat Tien and Bao Lam districts
  • The South borders Da Huoai district
  • To the West, Da Teh borders Cat Tien district and Tan Phu district (Dong Nai).

2. How is Da Teh unique?

The terrain gradually lowers to the West and Southwest, from an altitude of 600 m to less than 120 m in the downstream of Da Nha River. Da Teh is divided by many large and small rivers and streams forming many lakes and waterfalls, bringing advantages and potential for developing diverse and rich tourism products.

Da Teh has a total natural area of ​​526.9 km2 with a population of more than 50 thousand people, including 18 ethnic groups. Of these, ethnic minorities from the Central Highlands account for 6%. Furthermore, Da Teh district has many advantages to develop eco-tourism and agricultural tourism with many fruit tree planting models (rambutan, durian, mangosteen, green-skinned grapefruit…), raising fish, raising chickens, wild boar…

Besides, Da Teh has a tropical monsoon climate, creating favorable conditions for tourism potential to develop. Especially the type of eco-tourism and resort. When traveling to Lam Dong, visitors certainly will not be able to ignore attractive tourist destinations such as Da Teh lake, Dakala waterfall,…

3. When is the best time to visit Da Teh?

Da Teh district has two alternating climates: the South Central Highlands climate and the Southeast climate. Among them: the Northern mountainous region has a plateau climate, so the temperature is low and cool, the rainfall is large and distributed relatively evenly between months of the year. The southern region is influenced by the climate of the Southeast, so the temperature regime and number of hours of sunshine are higher, rainfall is low and the number of rainy days is less.

The weather here is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. Because the terrain is a mountainous district, the best time for you to explore Da Teh should be in the dry season, when the weather is dry and sunny. It creates favorable conditions for moving as well as participating in outdoor activities to fully experience.

IMG Da Teh Lake 2

4. How to get to Da Teh?

4.1 Moving to Da Lat

To travel to Da Teh, you can use a plane, car, bus or motorbike to move from where you live to Da Lat first, depending on your needs and budget. Then, from Da Lat, you move to Da Teh

4.2 Moving in Da Teh

  • Motorbike: In Da Teh to explore destinations, the most suitable means of transportation is still a motorbike, you can easily rent a motorbike for only a few tens of thousands a day. After that, you can freely visit and check-in at the hottest destinations here.
  • Taxi: If you are not fluent in finding directions or are traveling in a large group including children, going by taxi is not very expensive.

5. Sightseeings at Da Teh

5.1 Da Teh Lake

IMG Da Teh Lake 4

Da Teh Lake is located 10 km from the center of Da Teh district, covered by the green of primeval tropical forest with the majestic beauty of the Con O mountain range. It is a national landscape recognized in 2004. Da Teh Lake is the largest irrigation lake in Lam Dong, the watershed area is a nature conservation area with a tropical rainforest ecosystem.

The scenery at the lake becomes more beautiful when the water from the spillway flows down to form a fragile waterfall, creating a gentle and beautiful flow. On a beautiful sunny day, the lake surface is immense blue, occasionally a few waves ripple when the gentle breeze blows. A few bamboo boats anchored at rest evoke a peaceful look. 

At dawn, mist still covered the lake’s surface, vaguely translucent, showing the shadows of trees and mountains far away, the blue sky printed on the bottom of the water as flat as a mirror, the first rays of the day’s rays of sunlight glittering. This is the ideal place for you to immerse yourself in natural beauty and forget the hustle and bustle of life.

5.2 Dakala Waterfall

IMG Dakala Waterfall 2

Dakala Waterfall, also known as Trieu Hai Waterfall, is located about 7km from the center of Da Teh. With a height of 70m from the top, the waterfall is high and creates the feeling of a white silk strip between majestic mountains and forests. The waterfall has 6-7 low rock levels with steep slopes and low rock levels. During the rainy season, the amount of water here flows very strongly. However, when the dry season comes, the water is clear and cool, bringing fresh air, very suitable for camping and picnics.

5.3 O Pass

The road to O Pass is about 600m above sea level. When following the road through this pass, you will be fascinated by the wild beauty and stunning scenery it offers. On the way, you will also see the brilliant coffee hills, cool stream gardens and even the daily activities of local people.

6. Specialties when traveling to Da Teh

When coming to Da Teh, you definitely cannot miss tangerine sticky rice. Tangerine sticky rice here is known as the “pearl” of Lam Dong. Different from other types of sticky rice, tangerine sticky rice has round seeds and thin skin, delicious and flexible taste, bringing great nutritional value to users. In particular, tangerine sticky rice is processed into many dishes such as banh chung, banh gai or tangerine sticky rice wine,… And it has become a favorite dish of both locals and tourists.

Additionally, you can go to one of the restaurants to enjoy dishes prepared by local people:

  • Phuong Nam restaurant. Address: TDP 1 – Da Teh town, Lam Dong.
  • Thu Huong Restaurant. Address: TDP 1 – Da Teh Town, Lam Dong.
  • Thanh Huyen Restaurant. Address: TDP 4 – Da Teh Town, Lam Dong.
  • Unnamed Restaurant. Address: TDP 6A – Da Teh Town, Lam Dong.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Da Teh

Below are some motel suggestions for your reference:

  • Hai Linh Guesthouse. Address: Road 3/2, TDP 1C-Da Teh Town, Da Teh District, Lam Dong.
  • Van Minh Guesthouse. Address: 2D Quarter, Da Teh Town, Lam Dong.
  • Luu Khanh Guesthouse. Address: TDP 3A, Da Teh town, Lam Dong.
  • Minh Phat Guesthouse. Address: 2D Quarter, Da Teh Town, Lam Dong.
  • Hung Yen Guesthouse. Address: Quarter 3A, Da Teh Town, Lam Dong.
  • Hoang Vu Guesthouse. Address: TDP 2A, Da Teh town, Lam Dong.
  • Quynh Nhu Guesthouse. Address: TDP 1A, Da Teh town, Lam Dong.

Hopefully through the useful information that Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator, shares in the above article. It will help you refer and have a dream vacation. We also accompany you on your Da lat tour private to discover the hidden charm of Da Teh Lam Dong with interesting and surprising experiences.

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