Cua Ong Temple
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Cua Ong Temple

Cua Ong Temple is located in Cua Ong Ward, Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh province. This is a place of worship for Hung Nhuong Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tang and many famous figures of the Tran Dynasty and is also the venue for the Cua Ong Temple Festival. At the end of 2017, Cua Ong Temple was ranked by the Government as a special national monument.

How Cua Ong Temple is unique?

Cua Ong Temple

Cua Ong Temple is fully converged on a beautiful harmonious sea mountain. In front of the temple gate towards Bai Tu Long Bay, where the islands coincide with a variety of shapes, colours and stand out on the clear blue background of the sea. Therefore, for a long time, the temple has always been praised for its position of natural advantage, charming mountain and water.

Being the most beautiful temple in Vietnam with many unique architectural lines: Under the majestic natural scenery, the temple is not only beautiful in coordinates, but also beautiful in architecture. It brings special value about arts and culture for the nation. Cua Ong Quang Ninh Temple has a very unique and mysterious architecture, converging all elements of feng-shui.

Top things to do in Cua Ong Temple?

Cua Ong Quang Ninh Temple is a similar design to other temples including Ha Temple, Trung Temple and Thuong Temple. However, after it was built not long ago, the bombs of the US bombarded the two temples of Ha and Trung, and now only Thuong temple remains.

Tourists to visit include in front of Thuong Temple three landscapes, on the two sides of the hill are two mountains Ta Thanh Long, Huu Bach Ho according to ancient architecture. Next to the temple is a series of moles running through Cam Pha, Mong Duong. Looking to the left is a house for visitors to rest and temple ceremonies. On the right is a pagoda and right behind is Tran Quoc Tang mausoleum.

Cua Ong - Halong

Thuong Temple has a peacock-shaped architecture. When going in, visitors burn incense at the three pavilions to the two pubs and finally the three harem rooms. This whole area fully worships the Tran Hung Dao family and his courtiers still retain to this day.

Next, inside the Thuong Temple, there is also a statue worshipping a famous character of the Tran dynasty that visitors can visit and burn incense with a total of more than 30 statues divided into three layers: outside the Tien Duong, there is Do Khac Chung, Le Phu Tran, Nguyen Dia Lo. Bai Duong has Tran Quoc Tang, Tran Thi Kien, Ha Dac, Pham Ngo, Tran Khanh Du. The harem had Tran Quoc Tuan, Yet Kieu, Nguyen Quyen, Nguyen Tien, Huyen Du, Quyen Thanh Princess, Do Hanh.

How to get there?

From Hanoi to Cam Pha by bus, the cost falls between 80,000 VND and 120,000 VND/ person. And with the luxury limousine, the ticket price falls to about 300,000 VND / ticket/person.

The bus will take you from Hanoi to Cam Pha and from there you can rent a taxi or motorbike taxi to get to Cua Ong Temple.

Tran Quoc Tang

Travelling by private car or motorbike is also an interesting option for visitors who love to explore and take a breath. If travelling by motorbike, tourists from the centre of Hanoi follow Nguyen Khoai Street to National Highway 1A in Linh Nam, continue to move to NH5B / ĐCT04, highway 10 and highway18 to Ly Thuong Kiet in Cam Thinh, HCMC. Cam Pha, go straight to Ly Thuong Kiet Street to Cua Ong Temple. Following this route, visitors travel a distance of about 200 km.

Visitors can also search for transportation to Ha Long city if not convenient. And then from Ha Long city, follow Highway 18 to the northeast about 30km to 40km, turn right for more than 100 meters to reach Cua Ong Temple.

When is the best time to visit Cua Ong Temple?

In addition to good luck at the beginning of the year, you can visit the temple during festivals such as:

Cua Ong Temple Festival: Held on January 2 of the lunar calendar to the end of the third lunar month. Every year, the Temple opens the festival, the first of which is the opening ceremony at Thuong Temple, attracting people everywhere to worship from the very first days of the new year. The main festival is on March 2 of the lunar calendar every year.

The Cau Sieu ceremony, the requested ceremony at the temple door and the offering of incense to receive Duc Ong was held solemnly, including the ceremony and procession of the palanquin of Tran Quoc Tang. The palanquin is carried from the temple to the temple in Trac Chan commune, the customary name is Vuon Nhan (according to legend is the place where Duc Ong Hoa was drifting in …) and returned to the temple symbolizing the journey of Duc Ong.

The procession of Duc Ong rejoins the palace until the end of the third lunar month. During the temple festival, many folk games are bearing unique and local characteristics such as blindfolded drumming, shrimp nest, stick pushing, tug of war, and preparation for offerings, cook rice, betel leaves, … This is also considered an opportunity for people to visit the temple landscape and see 34 statues which are general sketches of Tran Hung Dao, together visit historical and natural landscapes in the East Sea North.

What to eat?

Thai BBQ Buffet Vincom Cam Pha

Coming to the Thai BBQ Buffet, you will enjoy the quality of high-quality meat and food hygiene and safety. The restaurant has talented chefs in processing and marinating with authentic Thai BBQ flavours. Grilled buffet and Thai hotpot have “mesmerized” so many diners in Cam Pha today.

Ngoc Diem Restaurant

If you are looking for a good quality restaurant in Cam Pha, Ngoc Diem is the ideal suggestion for you. All seafood here is bought from early morning, guaranteed to be fresh and used only during the day. Large quantities can accommodate hundreds of guests. All are carefully selected, not only clean but also safe for the health of customers.

Gui Gui BBQ Vincom Cam Pha

Manh Hoach Fresh Chicken is one of the famous chicken brands in Quang Ninh that has many branches and operates under a very prestigious system for quality. Chicken dishes have a unique taste and are delicious

Recommended accommodation

  • Hai Yen Luxury Hotel
  • Gia Bao Hotel
  • Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh
  • Hai Nam Hotel

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