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Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park is the Sea Reservation Area and primary forest resources. Belong to Con Dao Island of Ba Ria Vung Tau Province and is on the north of the island, the national park has the area of 6,000 hecta on land and 14,000 hecta in the sea.

How Con Dao National Park is unique?

The biodiversity in Con Dao National Park has important implications for marine conservation in Vietnam.

Con Dao National Park

The relationship of coral reefs, sea-grass and mangrove forests create a favorable environment for reproduction, nursery and conservation of marine species in Con Dao.

Con Dao National Park is the connecting bridge for the spread of life from the diverse center of the Indo-Western Pacific to the coastal waters of Vietnam.

It is worth a visit Con Dao National Park

The national park was established under the Decision No.135/TTg issued on March 31, 1993 by the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

Thanks to the favorable environment for spawning and conserving marine species including sea turtles, sea cows(dugong), dolphins, Con Dao Mangroves is recognized as Ramsar sites of the world.

World Ramsar Convention Secretariat has recognized Con Dao National Park as one of 2,203 important international wetlands. And Con Dao National Park is the 6th Ramsar in the world and the first one in Vietnam.

Con Dao National Park

Furthermore, Con Dao vegetation is relatively rich and diversified. It has about 882 species of vascular plants belonging to 562 genera, 161 families, including as many as 371 woody species, 30 species of orchids, 103 species of vines, and 202 species of herbs. Some of them,  you can only see in the island.

In addition, there are 44 species of plant firstly found in this park including Chukrasia tabularis, Manikara hexandra, etc. Thanks for this diversity; the national park attracts more and more visitors to discover.

Con Dao National Park

It’s a great for Eco trip in Vietnam at Con Dao National Park

Below are some specialties in Con Dao National Park to discover and experience:

Con Dao gecko has the name Pulo Condore Bow-fingered Gecko (Cyrtodactylus condorensis) belongs to gecko and is the special animal reptile in Con Dao.

Discovery Mouse Deer in Con Dao National Park

Con Dao recently discovered the appearance of the Mouse Deer, an extremely donated deer species which is currently listed in the red book of the world. The Mouse Deer or another name Cheo Cheo has the scientific name of Tragulidae is a small and very shy animal.

Discover the amazing marine life world in Con Dao

Con Dao National Park

Con Son Bay belongs to Con Dao Island including 14 small and big islands and islets. They are Tai, Trac, Rabbit Islets, etc which gather as the family. Beside it, there are far away Bay Canh, Bong Lan, Cau, Trung, Tre Islets, etc which stand and bring spectacular scenery among the sea.

All make the amazing scenery for Con Son Bay and the marine reservation area with coral reefs in different species.

Vich – Con Dao Sea Turtle

Vich or called sea turtle Chelonia mydas in Con Dao is the rarely animal in Red Book Vietnam and the world. It is protected strictly in Con Dao Island. When traveling to Con Dao, it is one of activities you should try to enjoy the tranquility night to see the turtle get on seaside and give eggs. Otherwise, you can see in the early morning from 4.00 am to 6.00 am.

Nicobar Dove Con Dao

Nicobar Dove Con Dao is the unique animal in Con Dao Island. This is the rare bird and also in Red Book Vietnam and the world.

Macaque Monkey in Con Dao

Macaque Monkey in Con Dao is the rare animal in Red Book Vietnam and the world. This money type is on the natural environment of Tai Islet. If your tours in Con Dao island to Tai Islet you can see this monkey with the red face

Squirrel Con Dao

Squirrel or Soc Den in Con Dao island is also one of rare animals. It has a lot of in the island and live on high trees along foot of forest or on old almond tree. This animal will find foods on the land or root of trees.

Cock Con Dao

Cock Con Dao live in deep forest, they also move according to herd. Cocks are all the forests in the island and it is easy for visitors can see them at streams or along the edge of the forest.

An Hai Lake with the spectacular landscape

An Hai Lake is the sweet water lake which supply the main sweet water for habitants in the island. Furthermore, it is the famous tourism destination in the island. It is very romantic for the beautiful landscapes and pure as well as poetic. Travel to this lake, visitor will enjoy the fresh atmosphere and conquer the summit of the mountain

Ma Thien Lanh Bridge

Ma Thien Lanh is the bridge which built by French in Con Dao Island for hundreds of years. This place is as a historical proof of the oppression and exploitation that Vietnamese have suffered in the war against the French colonialism. Today, this bridge has become a famous historical monument, attracting a lot of tourists to visit every day.

Maria Cave

Maria Cave is also one of the famous destination at Con Dao National Park for discovery. The cave is in the deep of mountain and there is a Maria Statue with many other construction ruins left since step on this island. Visit the cave; it will help you to know more the history of the island as well as French Solider spiritual life during the war time

When is the best time to visit Con Dao National Park?

Con Dao has the influence of the tropical climate. The weather here is divided into two distinct seasons is the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season usually takes place from May to October while the dry season lasts from November to April next year.

According to the experience of visiting Con Dao National Park, you should come here in the period from April to October every year. Although this is the rainy season, the sea in Con Dao is quite mild and the weather is cool. In particular, you also have the opportunity to see turtles lay eggs that are extremely interesting for the island trip.

Entrance fee to visit the national park: 60,000 VND/person

Amazing Snorkeling
in Con Dao Island

It is hard to find a place in the World that still has the pristine and peaceful features of nature as here. Coming to Bay Canh Island, you will have the opportunity to scuba dive and see corals, fish and other marine creatures living on the coral reefs. One feature of Hon Bay Canh is the mangrove ecosystem. Con Dao mangrove is distributed mainly on the ground of dead coral, sand, soft clay. This is also the difference of Con Dao mangrove. When the tide recedes, you can still walk easily in the forest, not muddy like other places.
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