Con Dao Museum


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Con Dao Museum

Con Dao Museum is one of the well-known historical relics in Con Dao Island of Vietnam. The Museum has more than 2,000 exhibits and a lot of documents and artifacts which reflect a heroic period of the Vietnamese.

Where is Con Dao Museum?

The museum is on Con Dao Island and about 13km from the airport. It is opposite Pier 914 (Cầu Tàu 914). It is also close to the historical sites of Phu Hai Prison, Hang Duong Cemetery and Phu Son Camp. Therefore, it is easy for you to make a historical day trip in Con Dao Island.

The museum will be the place for tourists to learn about a part of Vietnam history together with the heroic sacrifice of Vietnam soldiers in the struggle for national independence.

What are attractions in Con Dao Museum?

Con Dao Museum has an area of 3,570 sqm, particularly the exhibition area is about 1,700sqm outdoor and indoor. The museum brings tourists the marvelous experience about the history of Vietnam, especially Con Dao Island shows it clearly.

The aim of the museum is as the function of a place to restore the historical and cultural heritage of Vietnam. It also serves the development of Con Dao district, particularly tourism in Con Dao.

At the moment, there are 2,000 artifacts such as blocks of artifacts, documents and photographs. They are exhibited under four topics: Con Dao – Nature and People, Battle, The Living Hell, Revolutionary School & Con Dao Today in Con Dao Museum.

Con Dao Museum has the storage of artifacts and restoring artifacts and documents. Also, it is the exhibition room, offices, main hall as well as ancillary works. Furthermore, the indoor gallery is about 1,700 sqm with a large space for significant events. It also has a showroom including four galleries: Con Dao – Hell on earth, Con Dao – Revolutionary School, Con Dao – Country and People, and Con Dao – Today. While the outdoor exhibition includes documents and artifacts, it has models which feature the past and present of Con Dao Island.

It is worth a visit Con Dao Museum

This museum displays categories for the insight fully associated with the history of Con Dao development. It also reflects the cruel crimes of the American Empire and the French colonial government. Visit the museum, visitors can have the chance to explore the local people on the island.

Moreover, the museum has the collections of archaeological artifacts in Con Dao. It has BaCon Island grave, geographic location displays, or excavation holes of Cau island’ ancient village, etc.

Travel to the museum, you can have the chance to see pictures and portraits of political soldiers, prisoners in Con Dao Island. You can also see the images of brave and resilient fights of revolutionary soldiers. Furthermore, you can see materials which describe the sentence to death of many communist soldiers. Especially the heroic martyrs Vo Thi Sau.

In addition, visitors will be introduced to the “hell on earth” where you can see the America imperialism and French colonialism applied the brutal and terrible tortures to Vietnamese political prisoners. No better way than visit the museum and understand more about the inexcusable crime of the imperialism and colonialism through the historical relics at Tiger Cages, Prison 1, Prison 2, Prison 7 and byrne.

It is an opportunity for you to visit the museum and learn more about Vietnamese people with their patriotism and national pride. They are always available to sacrifice themselves to get the freedom and independence of the country.

Why not discover Con Dao Museum one day to learn more about Vietnam war and history.

Entrance fee ticket: 20,000 VND/per person (~0.9 USD)

Amazing Snorkeling
in Con Dao Island

It is hard to find a place in the World that still has the pristine and peaceful features of nature as here. Coming to Bay Canh Island, you will have the opportunity to scuba dive and see corals, fish and other marine creatures living on the coral reefs. One feature of Hon Bay Canh is the mangrove ecosystem. Con Dao mangrove is distributed mainly on the ground of dead coral, sand, soft clay. This is also the difference of Con Dao mangrove. When the tide recedes, you can still walk easily in the forest, not muddy like other places.
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Con Dao Museum is one of the well-known historical relics in Con Dao Island of Vietnam. The Museum has more than 2,000 exhibits and a

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