Coc Pai Market
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Coc Pai Market

Located on the top of a pass covered with clouds all year round. Especially on the most difficult road to travel in Ha Giang province. Coc Pai market is a place to exchange and buy products and agricultural tools of highland ethnic people. Not only that, it is also a place for local traditional cultural exchange on each market occasion and attracts traveller around the World to this unique market.

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1. Where is Coc Pai, Xin Man market?

Coc Pai is a small town located in the border district of Xin Man, in the Northwest mountains, in Ha Giang province. About 150 km from the West of Ha Giang city and about 330 km northwest of Hanoi capital. The market here is rich in highland traditions and will bring visitors many interesting and new things.

2. How is the Coc Pai market unique?

In the cold autumn weather of the mountains and forests, the Xin Man market is filled with typical goods from agricultural products. Such as corn, rice, wood ear mushrooms, soybeans, chili… grown by the people themselves, to those grown by farmers, bunch of green wild vegetables.

Next to that are areas selling brocade items that people weave themselves in colorful colors of blue, red, purple, yellow, and handicraft items. Such as rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. with unique and strange designs.

The area selling agricultural tools and agricultural production is also where men come to choose the best items. On the other side, the place selling household appliances and dresses is a place for women, while children go to colorful toy stores.

In particular, the market also has a separate area specializing in livestock and poultry at the end of the market. You will admire the gentle herds of mountain goats lining up extremely orderly. On the opposite side are the wild pigs running around every time a customer comes to ask for a price or see the goods. People will tie them to their stomachs so they can easily catch them when someone buys them.

Coming to the horse and buffalo stall, because it takes up a lot of space. This area was moved outside the market grounds and along the roadside.

With unique features that are very simple and endearing, Coc Pai – Xin Man market has become a beautiful cultural feature in the lives of the people here as well as increasingly attracting tourists to experience.

IMG Coc Pai Market 1

3. When is the Coc Pai – Xin Man market opening time?

Every week, the market opens once on Sunday. This is an opportunity for ethnic people in the region to sell, buy, and exchange local products and purchase essential items for daily life. Furthermore, it is also a place for exchanges and meetings of mountainous ethnic people with other attractive activities. The market place is located in the middle of the valley, so looking down from the high mountain to the market you can feel the bustling, colorful atmosphere.

4. When is the best time to visit Coc Pai market?

Coc Pai market is located right in the center of town in Xin Man district – Ha Giang, a place that always carries a natural beauty, a poetic beauty for those who come to Ha Giang. Every season in this area brings tourists extremely breathtaking and unique scenery.

September and October is the ideal time for you to visit this place. Coming here, visitors will admire the entire beauty of this place with extremely eye-catching rice fields for you. The terraced fields are cascading one after another, stretching endlessly with an extremely eye-catching shiny yellow color.

In addition, you will also witness the beauty of buckwheat flowers, which are one of the most popular flowers of Ha Giang. When mentioning Ha Giang, tourists will immediately think of this flower. The flowers with pale pink and purple colors cover the hills, giving you a wonderful beauty when stopping here. The image of young trees immersed in the green color of nature, trees sprouting and flowers are extremely eye-catching, all seem to bring an extremely unique and unique beauty when you see them. stop here.

5. How to get to Coc Pai – Xin Man market?

To move to the Coc Pai – Xin Man market area, you must first move to Ha Giang city, usually people will depart from Hanoi to Ha Giang city by some public transportation. .

You can go to My Dinh bus station to catch a sleeper bus to the Ha Giang city area. There are many different bus companies to get to the Ha Giang city area. After arriving in Ha Giang city, visitors can catch an intra-province bus, rent a taxi or rent a motorbike to continue moving to Coc Pai – Xin Man market.

Or you can also choose to travel by personal vehicle by motorbike or self-driving car from Hanoi to Ha Giang. However, this will be a means of transport for those who like to travel, love adventure, and want to explore the beautiful natural scenery on the way to Xin Man.

IMG Coc Pai Market 2

6. Specialties when coming to Coc Pai market

Perhaps the most interesting thing after conquering the road to Xin Man is going to the food court in the market to find unique dishes here. In the chilly weather of the high mountains, enjoy delicious black pork or grilled pork ribs. To warm up your heart, visitors enjoy a cup of corn wine, a bowl of thang co, or a bowl of famous sour pho.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Coc Pai market

When traveling to Coc Pai Market, the thing that always makes tourists worried is where to spend the night. As a rising star destination in Ha Giang, Xin Man owns many rich and diverse accommodation facilities. Among them, the most common types are hotels, motels in town areas and homestays near destinations. You can refer to some accommodation facilities below:

7.1. Hotels:

  • Huyen An Hotel. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Gia Long Hotel. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Xin Man Hotel. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.

7.2. Guesthouses:

  • Ngoc Son Guesthouse. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Hoang Long Guesthouse. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • HP motel. Address: Coc Pai, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Royal Guesthouse. Address: 26 Le Duan, Group 2, Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Phu Cuong Guesthouse. Address: Coc Pai Town, Xin Man, Ha Giang.

7.3. Homestays:

  • Tho Homestay. Address: Khuon Lung, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Hoang Khang Homestay. Address: Khuon Lung, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Quan Homestay. Address: Na Rang Village, Khuon Lung, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Minh Beu Homestay. Address: Quang Nguyen, Xin Man, Ha Giang.
  • Duc Quan Homestay. Address: Phone 178, Khuon Lung, Xin Man, Ha Giang.

8. Some attractive tourist sites near Coc Pai – Xin Man market

When traveling to Coc Pai – Xin Man market, you also have the opportunity to explore other famous tourist attractions of this land such as:

8.1. Tien waterfall – Gio pass tourist area

If you stop in the Xin Man area, you will surely witness the extremely wild and most poetic beauty of Ha Giang land. Coming here, visitors will witness the majestic beauty of this waterfall.

Visitors will also be able to see the full image of the waterfall along with listening to the sounds of nature and witnessing the beauty of nature.

From the windy pass area, visitors can witness the beauty of this Tien waterfall thundering in the middle of this primeval forest area. Visitors will be able to see the entire scene of white water bubbles along with the The echoing scene of heaven and earth

8.2. Nam Dan ancient stone field

If tourists know about the ancient stone field site in Sapa, then in the Ha Giang area of Xin Man district, there is also an extremely beautiful as well as famous and attractive place for tourists to stop here. This area is recognized by the state as a national monument. Because this is an area that brings many cultural and spiritual values to the local people here.

The ancient stone area here is a place with stones of different sizes and 80 different impressive drawings. The stones here are mainly images with characters in many shapes. The difference here has been studied by experts as one of the stone slabs dating back hundreds of years, along with the shapes created by the impact of iron hammers on the rocks.

8.3. Suoi Thau and Coc Pai steppes

Coming to Suoi Thau is about 5 km from Coc Pai town area, the roads here are relatively dangerous. So very few tourists set foot here. The landscape of this area is like an extremely wild and charming picture of vast rice fields along with the extremely simple lives of the people.

Suoi Thau Cung is one of the places where visitors can easily feel the extremely attractive natural beauty. From here, visitors also have the opportunity to see the stilt houses close together along with the images of the extremely colorful. Especially the beautiful costumes of the ethnic people here.

8.4. Exploring Thien Thuy cave

Tien Thuy Cave is extremely attractive to tourists with its majestic landscape and beautiful stalactites. This place has been honored as one of the places awarded the title of national scenic spot with extremely majestic scenery.

8.5. Coc Pai Night Market

The night market is held every Saturday night. When stopping in the Coc Pai town area, visitors can participate in night market exploration activities. Furthermore, you can also enjoy some delicious dishes that are only available in this area.

In addition, coming to this night market you can also admire the cultural beauty of the ethnic people here with colorful clothes of the Tay, Nung, and La Chi ethnic groups. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to exchange culture and art with the people here, performing arts with local people. Such as Khen dancing, Luon singing…

Coc Pai – Xin Man market has become a beautiful cultural feature in the lives of the people here. Unique yet very simple and endearing. It is these beauties that make anyone who has traveled to Ha Giang and visited the Coc Pai – Xin Man market once, always remember it so much.

If you are planning your tour Ha Giang to Coc Pai – Xin Man market, immediately contact Origin Vietnam team – a professional Ha Giang tour operator. With a team of consultants, tour operators and local guides who are experienced, dedicated and deeply knowledgeable about this land. We will take you on a journey to explore the Coc Pai fair market with many interesting experiences and memorable memories.

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