Cho Moi
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Cho Moi

As the gateway district of Bac Kan province, it is very convenient in terms of transportation. Cho Moi has many historical relics and scenic spots to develop into a tourist area with rich and diverse types of Vietnam cultural tourism. Especially spirituality, cultural and historical tourism to ecological landscape tourism, beautiful nature.

IMG Cho Moi Bac Kan

1. Where is Cho Moi?

Cho Moi is a mountainous district in Bac Kan province, about 30 km south of Bac Kan city and 150 km north of Hanoi capital. With geographical location:

  • The East borders Vo Nhai district (Thai Nguyen) and Na Ry district
  • The West borders Dinh Hoa district (Thai Nguyen)
  • The South borders Dong Hy district and Phu Luong district (Thai Nguyen)
  • The North borders Cho Don district, Bach Thong district and Bac Kan town.

2. How is Cho Moi unique?

Located right at the gateway to the vast Viet Bac mountainous region, where the terrain transitions from high mountains to low hills and in the middle of the basin of two arcs, Ngan Son and Tam Dao. Along with the formation by the process of topographic and geomorphological tectonics, Cho Moi has left majestic limestone mountains and vast forests.

From the heart of the mountains are large, interesting caves that were the residence of prehistoric people and were later used for purposes of resistance against foreign invaders through the ages. Such as garrisoning troops, storing weapons, goods and working as engineers in weapons factories. A series of caves have become landscapes that can be exploited for tourism and geological research. Such as Tham Lang Cave, Hun Cave, Tham Chang, Bat Cave, and Thach Long Cave.

Weaving at the foot of the mountains are streams and winding rivers, creating a charming landscape painting. Cho Moi is the confluence of the legendary Chu River and Cau River.

IMG Cho Moi Bac Kan 1

3. When is the best time to travel to Cho Moi?

According to our experience traveling to Bac Kan, the time for you to fully enjoy the scenery in Cho Moi is from April to June. At this time, the climate is fresh and cool. , convenient to visit the surrounding landscape.

Are you a lover of festivals and enjoy experiencing the local life of indigenous people? So come to Moi Market in spring. At that time, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Long Tong festival (down to the fields) on the 8th to 10th day of the first lunar month. 5 days later is the full moon of the lunar calendar, you will experience Spring Festivals again.

Note, you should not come here during the rainy season, which is from June to August. Because of the dangerous terrain with many high mountains, deep abysses and slippery slopes, it can easily be dangerous for tourists when traveling in the rainy season.

4. How to get to Cho Moi?

4.1 Means of transportation

Cho Moi is a district in the mountainous province of Bac Kan in the Northeast of Vietnam. For tourists in the Central and Southern regions of Vietnam, you can travel by car or plane to Hanoi. After that, you continue to move from Hanoi to Bac Kan.

The distance between Hanoi and Bac Kan is 150km, equivalent to about 3 hours of travel. To be able to move from Hanoi to Bac Kan, you will have two options. That is traveling by motorbike and passenger car. You can prioritize the option of using a passenger car to travel. Because the bus will have a bed and you only need to sleep and get there. You can easily catch a bus at My Dinh bus station in Hanoi.

If you want to explore Cho Moi by motorbike, you need to carefully check the vehicle before departing to ensure safety as well as you need to have strong driving skills for destinations with complex mountainous terrain.

4.2 Moving instructions

From Hanoi to Bac Kan there are two routes:

  • Follow old National Highway 3 (about 3 hours travel time, accessible by car and motorbike).
  • Follow the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway then continue on National Highway 3, about 2 hours (can only go by car).

Passenger buses depart from My Dinh station (Hanoi). You can choose bus companies running the Hanoi – Bac Kan or Cao Bang route.

5. Sightseeing & Things to do in Cho Moi

5.1. Thach Long Pagoda

IMG Thach Long Pagoda Bac Kan

Thach Long Pagoda is a pagoda located in Tan Phong village, Phong Thinh commune, Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province, Vietnam. The pagoda was built in the 19th century with the typical architecture of mountain pagodas. Thach Long Pagoda is famous for its ancient, majestic, solemn architecture and is ranked as a national historical and cultural relic.

The pagoda is located amidst a charming landscape, rolling hills and lush forests, creating a peaceful and quiet space. The pagoda attracts many tourists and Buddhists to visit, pray and learn about the history and culture of the pagoda as well as find peace of mind.

5.2. Tham Lang Cave

Tham Lang Cave is one of the unique tourist destinations in Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province, Vietnam. The cave is about 300m long, with a system of stalactites and difficult trails, requiring ingenuity and courage when visiting.

One of the advantages of Tham Lang Cave is the wild landscape, enchanting and difficult to describe in words. Visitors can visit the cave by foot or kayak, admiring the forms and colors of limestone in the cave.

5.3. Tham Temple

IMG Tham Pagoda Bac Kan 2

Tham Temple is an ancient temple built in the 16th century with unique architecture, typical of the ethnic culture of the Bac Kan mountain region. The temple is located in a spacious, quiet campus, surrounded by natural landscapes, creating a sacred, peaceful space, attracting tourists to visit and learn about local culture.

5.4. Quang Chu buckwheat flower valley

IMG Buckwheat Flower Garden iMu Cang Chai 1

Quang Chu buckwheat flower valley is famous for its beautiful landscape of colorful buckwheat fields, growing evenly across the hills and mountains. Buckwheat is a typical flower of the northern mountainous lands, grown to get seeds for food and raw materials for processed products.

Quang Chu buckwheat flower valley has fresh, cool air, creating a feeling of relaxation and tranquility for visitors when visiting. This is also an ideal place to explore and learn about the traditional culture of the people in Bac Kan.

5.5. Ban Lu Stream

IMG Ban Lu Waterfall Bac Kan 1

Located about 15 km from the center of Cho Moi district, Ban Lu stream is an ideal destination for tourists who love to explore and enjoy nature.

Ban Lu Stream originates from Ham Rong Mountain, flows through limestone land, creating wild, beautiful waterfalls. In particular, Ban Lu stream has a waterfall about 20m high, named Ban Lu waterfall, which is the most attractive point of the stream. Visitors can cool off in the freshwater or participate in fun games such as jumping from the waterfall into the lake or climbing mountains to admire the scenery.

6. Specialties when traveling to Cho Moi

Cho Moi – Bac Kan specialties are easy to remember for many tourists with an impressive variety of delicious dishes, imbued with the identity of the ethnic people here.

6.1. Ba Be sour shrimp

IMG Ba Be Sour Shrimp Bac Kan 1

Sour shrimp dish with the fatty, sour taste of meat and spicy chili garlic and the aroma of galangal… This rustic dish is sold quite a lot in the villages of Bo Lu, Pac Ngoi

In Bac Kan, people often eat sour shrimp. with pork leg meat or boiled pork belly with a plate of sour star fruit, green bananas, polyscias fruticosa… In addition to shrimp, all kinds of shrimps or small fish are caught fresh in the lake. If you can’t eat them all, people also take them with salt in jars to eat gradually.

6.2. Smoked sausages

IMG Smoked Sausages Bac Kan 3

Smoked pork sausage is also known by another name as kitchen hang up sausage, with the main ingredient being local pork so the meat is fragrant and firm.

Bac Kan sausage is marinated with stone ginger, a type of ginger that only grows on rocks of the ethnic people, so it has a special aroma, with the smell of highland sunshine, the smell of kitchen smoke, the smell of ginger, the smell of wine, and honey. …

When enjoying, you will feel the chewy taste of the tripe, the sweetness of the lean meat, and the fatty taste of the fat mixed together, creating a delicious dish. Smoked ribs are very suitable to sip with some wine.

6.3. Ba Be grilled fish

IMG Ba Be Grilled Fish Bac Kan 1

Ba Be Lake is blessed with many fish by nature. People often catch fish and then process them into many special delicious dishes. People choose a fish as small as a thumb, which is both similar to goby and similar to the flatfish in the lowlands to make grilled fish. The fish meat is white, firm and has a sweet taste. The process of preparing grilled fish is also quite time-consuming. First, people choose fish of equal size, gut them, clean them, dry them in the sun, and then skewer the fish into skewers.

Next, just bring grilled fish skewers to enjoy here. Grilled fish is often dipped in chili sauce and enjoyed with a cup of corn wine.

6.4. Vegetables (wild spinach)

The leaves are used to cook soup with meat or fish. The flavor of this vegetable is very rich, just a few stalks are enough to cook a large bowl of delicious soup. The way to cook spinach soup is similar to the way to cook regular spinach soup. People pluck all the stems, only taking the young leaves. Then wash, crush the vegetables to make them softer, then put them in a pot of boiling water and season with spices and salt.

According to the experience of people in Bac Kan, you have to eat raw vegetable soup, seasoned with a little salt, chew slowly and carefully each small leaf, and deeply enjoy its sweetness and indescribable flavor to feel it. its special taste. Vegetable soup is often eaten with pickled eggplant in the summer, it is both cool and nutritious.

6.5. Black canarium

IMG Black Canarium Bac Kan 2

Black canarium is a specialty of Bac Kan in particular and of Viet Bac mountains and forests in general. The black canarium fruit has a diamond shape, two pointed ends, dark purple color, yellow-red flesh, and white kernels in the seeds.

Canarium fruit has a rich, creamy, rich taste and can be used to prepare many dishes with unforgettable flavors, but most are used to braise with pork belly or sticky rice. There are two types of black canarium: sticky canarium and non-sticky canarium. Usually people favor sticky fillings because the flesh is soft and suitable for the elderly and children.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Cho Moi

Traveling to Cho Moi – Bac Kan, visitors can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below.

  • Dinh Chinh Guest House. Address: Coc Po village, Thanh Binh commune, Cho Moi, Bac Kan.
  • Hoang Nga Guesthouse. Address: Na Khon, Yen Dinh, Cho Moi, Bac Kan.
  • Binh Minh Guesthouse. Address: Coc Po, Thanh Binh, Cho Moi, Bac Kan.
  • Dinh Chinh Guesthouse. Address: Coc Po, Thanh Binh, Cho Moi, Bac Kan.
  • Vu Hoa Guesthouse. Address: Group 1, Cho Moi Town, Cho Moi, Bac Kan.

If you are planning your Ba Be lake tour to Cho Moi – Bac Kan. Please contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator. With a team of consultants, tour operators and local guides who are experienced, dedicated and deeply knowledgeable about this land. We will take you on a tour of Vietnam to discover New Market with many interesting experiences and memorable memories.

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