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Cho Don

Cho Don is one of the famous and attractive places with a colorful natural picture, extremely cool climate and extremely interesting entertainment venues. The most famous here are historical relics with famous cultural characteristics. Therefore, this is a place that is increasingly attracting a large number of tourists from many places to visit.

When you plan to travel to Bac Kan, don’t forget to visit Cho Don. Let’s explore with the Origin Travel team some attractive tourist destinations not to be missed in Cho Don right in this article.

IMG O Village Cho Don Bac Kan

1. Where is Cho Don?

Cho Don is a district of Bac Kan province, in the mountainous region of Northeast Vietnam. The East borders Phuc Hoa district (Lang Son) and China, the North borders Ba Be district; The South borders Cho Moi district and Tuyen Quang province; The East borders Bach Thong district; The West also borders Tuyen Quang province.

2. When is the best season to visit Cho Don?

The climate in this area is very cool so you can go at any time of the year, but the ideal time is summer (May-July) because this is when Cho Don has wonderful natural scenery. most magical. When the sweltering sun of the delta makes people feel extremely cramped and uncomfortable and want to find a place with a cool, pleasant climate.

Two other times when nature here also makes people passionate are spring: when flowers bloom, the scenery is lush, and vitality is abundant, and early autumn: when it becomes pleasant, the weather is cool, not too hot or too cold and what’s more, you also have the opportunity to participate in traditional local festivals.

IMG Pu Co Cho Don Bac Kan

3. How to get to Cho Don?

Bac Kan belongs to the mountainous province in the Northeast of Vietnam. For those of you in the Central and Southern regions, you can travel by car or plane to Hanoi. After that, you continue to move from Hanoi to Cho Don.

The distance between Hanoi and Cho Don is 210 km, equivalent to about 5 hours of travel. To be able to move from Hanoi to Bac Kan, you will have two options. That is traveling by motorbike and passenger car:

3.1 Traveling by motorbike

It is used by many young people when traveling. Because they can explore the beautiful landscapes on both sides of the road and be proactive in their time and schedule. You just need to prepare well with safety equipment, check your motorbike and fill it with gas, bring all your identification documents and good motorbike driving skills then you can depart.

From the center of Hanoi city, follow the direction of Nhat Tan bridge to Highway 3. Merge onto Highway 3 towards Bac Kan city, to Bac Kan city, turn following the directions towards Market. Stop and go about 55 km more to get there.

3.2 You can prioritize the option of using a passenger car to travel

Because the passenger car will have a bed. You just need to get some sleep and you’ll be there. There are currently many car companies providing this service, you just need to look it up on Google. In terms of direction of travel, it is almost similar to riding a motorbike. Cars will depart from Hanoi city center to enter Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway or National Highway 3 to go to Bac Kan city. From Bac Kan city, you turn in the direction indicated to Cho Don. It’s about 55 km more to arrive.

4. Cho Don Sightseeing & Activities

4.1 Na Pau tourist area

IMG Na Pau Hill Cho Don Bac Kan

Na Pau is a famous historical site located in Ban Thit, Luong Bang, Cho Don, Bac Kan. This is the place where President Ho Chi Minh chose to live, work and work in the early 1951s before he returned to Viet Bac base. With its inherent simplicity and simplicity, Na Pau is visited by many visitors who are passionate about the country’s history and love Uncle Ho. This place is recognized as a national historical site by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

4.2 Khuoi Linh

IMG Khuoi Linh Cho Don Bac Kan

Khuoi Linh is a relic located in Nghia Ta commune, Cho Don. This is the honor of being the working and working place of comrade Truong Chinh – Former General Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Central Office (1950). With hillside and rocky terrain, his workplace is located on extremely difficult terrain. Khuoi Linh is a National historical relic ranked by the Ministry of Culture and Information in early 1986.

4.3 Khau Ma hill

Khau Ma Hill is in a quite quiet and peaceful location – Ven village, Luong Bang, Cho Don, Bac Kan. This is the place where comrade Pham Van Dong – former Prime Minister worked, met and worked from the 1950s to the summer of 1951. It was here that he and the great leader Ho Chi Minh organized the meeting to discuss, opening a border campaign – opening a new page for the history of the Vietnamese nation. In 1966, this place was also recognized as a national historical site.

4.4 Nam Xuan Lac Species and Habitat Conservation Area

Nam Xuan Lac Species and Habitat Conservation Area with a total natural area of 1,788 hectares is located in the two villages of Na Da and Ban Khang in Xuan Lac commune, Cho Don district, Bac Kan province.

Nam Xuan Lac Species and Habitat Conservation Area has 653 species of vascular plants belonging to 440 genera, 142 families, and 5 phyla. Among them, there are 54 rare species recorded in the Vietnam Red Book; 9 species are recorded in the IUCN Red List. Some rare plant species such as Nghien, Clam, Dinh… orchids (shoes orchids) and some other precious medicinal species such as: Dang ginseng, Ba Kich, Ke het dong..

The fauna has recorded the presence of 29 species of mammals belonging to 04 orders and 12 families; 47 species of birds belong to 09 orders, 21 families and 12 species of reptiles belong to 2 orders, 06 families, especially some species are recorded in the Vietnam Red Book and IUCN red list. Some particularly rare species such as: Black Monkey, Moldy Monkey, Great Loris, Small Loris, Sun Bear, Cauldron

4.5 ATK Cho Don

Don’t forget ATK Cho Don when coming to Bac Kan. My experience traveling to Bac Kan has made me know that this is the place Uncle Ho chose as a safe zone for the long war against the French colonialists.

This location is also home to many headquarters agencies such as the Voice of Vietnam, Military Workshop, Military Medical Surgery Station,… in the years 1947-1952.

4.6 Ban Thi

Tourists who love spiritual tourism will be able to visit and sightsee at Tien Son Temple and Phja Khao Temple here.

4.7 Experience intangible cultural activities

In addition to sightseeing and sightseeing, visitors can learn more about the intangible culture of ethnic minorities living in the district such as: Then singing, Loan singing, Phong slu loon dance, Luon loi dance…

IMG Ban Ca Cho Don Bac Kan

5. Specialties in Cho Don

When coming to Cho Don, visitors must definitely try the upland sticky rice dish. This is considered a gift from the mountains and forests, from the nature of Cho Don. Thick, crispy scorched rice grains with the characteristic aroma of sticky rice and cotton, minced chili garlic and sweet and sour fish sauce make this dish unforgettable in the hearts of visitors.

If you have the opportunity to go to Cho Don, buy it, try it and feel it. Surely this is an interesting dish on the journey to conquer Cho Don specialties that will make you buy it again a second time.

Besides, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy Bac Kan’s most famous dishes at Cho Don such as:

5.1 Local stewed pork:

This is a unique dish of the Tay ethnic group, prepared extremely elaborately with a total time of more than 5 hours. You must choose a delicious pork belly, after boiling it, roast it with honey for a crispy golden skin, then put the meat in a bowl with mushrooms, potatoes, wood ear mushrooms… and steam it. The delicious taste of the dish will definitely make you satisfied.

5.2 Ba Be lake grilled fish:

Don’t think grilled fish is nothing special! Fish caught directly from Ba Be Lake still retains its freshness. After cleaning, the fish are placed in bamboo baskets, each containing 6 to 8 fish, and smoked. There’s nothing better than enjoying grilled fish on a charcoal stove while sipping some corn wine. In addition, after being smoked, the fish is dried in the sun for 2 or 3 days and used as an ingredient for many other dishes.

5.3 Bitter bamboo shoots:

Bitter bamboo shoots or Vau bamboo shoots are a famous specialty in Bac Kan. Because of its characteristic bitter taste, dishes made from this ingredient are carefully prepared. Thinly sliced bamboo shoots stir-fried with garlic, boiled bamboo shoots dipped in shrimp sauce, boiled bamboo shoots rolled with meat are two of many attractive dishes made from bitter bamboo shoots. When enjoying, you should chew thoroughly to feel the characteristic sweet, slightly spicy taste.

6. Sightseeing spots around Cho Don

When traveling to Cho Don, you will not only admire the breathtakingly beautiful wild natural landscape but also have the opportunity to visit a number of other famous destinations, not only for tourists domestically but also for many foreign tourists. Among them, we must mention:

6.1 Ba Be Lake

Coming to Bac Kan without boat trip in Ba Be Lake is a big mistake in your life. Ba Be Lake is located within the grounds of Ba Be National Park. The water in the lake is vast, green and fresh. Surrounding the Lake are mountains and islands placed as a delicate arrangement of nature for this land.

You can rent a dugout boat to move on the lake. You will have an unforgettable feeling because the beauty is like a watercolor painting deeply engraved on each person.

6.2 Pac Ngoi Tourist Village

Pac Ngoi tourist village – a place that makes you understand and deeply experience the local culture here. The people living in the village are mainly Tay ethnic people. The village belongs to Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district.

Coming to the village, you will understand more about how an ancient stilt house was formed. A roof is not just a roof. The roof is built meticulously and elaborately to harmonize yin and yang.

You will eat typical dishes here such as grilled fish, sour shrimp, five-color sticky rice, etc. Also you can sleep in the stilt house of the Tay people. Especially you and the Tay people listen to songs, travel on boats to admire the scenery here. Great!

7. Accommodations in Cho Don

There will be many types of accommodation for you to choose from when traveling to Cho Don. Hotels right in the town center or near the bus station are quite comfortable and convenient for you to travel. If you want to immerse yourself in nature and fully enjoy the majestic mountain scenery in Cho Don, the homestay type in the villages is very popular.

You should research and book in advance to enjoy the incentives and still have a nice room right when you arrive. This helps you save time and feel more comfortable during the trip.

It’s worth a visit Cho Don

The above article Origin Vietnam has introduced to you attractive tourist destinations in Cho Don, Bac Kan. Hopefully the above information will help you refer to and choose the most ideal place for your journey to explore new lands.

Quickly make plans to enjoy the fresh, cool air at Cho Don. Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – a professional Ba Be National park tour organizer and operator. With a team of enthusiastic and dedicated consultants and guides, we will take you on this exciting journey of discovery.

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