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Cat Tien

Possessing pristine, fresh natural beauty, Cat Tien is an extremely ideal tourist destination for tourists who are looking for travel experiences to explore and be closest to nature. Let’s explore this beautiful land with Origin Vietnam in the following article.

IMG Relics Of Resistance Base Zone VI Cat Tien

1. Where is Cat Tien?

Cat Tien is a district located in the south of Lam Dong province. About 195 km southwest of Da Lat city and about 190 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh city. With geographical location:

  • The East borders Bao Lam and Da Teh districts.
  • The South borders Dong Nai province.
  • The North and West border Binh Phuoc province.

2. How is Cat Tien district unique?

It is a small district located in the southwest of Lam Dong province. Established in 1986 and officially put into operation on January 1, 1987. Moreover, Cat Tien is the heroic war zone D buffer zone, the rear base of Zone 10 and Zone 6 in the resistance war against the US.

Although Cat Tien does not possess many unique beautiful scenes that attract tourists. This place has a rustic beauty, bringing a rare feeling of peace and comfort. And one of the most famous tourist destination for adventure lover in Lam dong. In addition, tt is extremely suitable for tourists who want to find a new land to explore nature, get close to nature and heal the soul.

Especially, Cat Tien has many pristine tourist attractions, with unique culture and products of indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities in the Southern Mountains. Along with cultural and historical relics, it promises to bring visitors new experiences and discoveries.

3. When is the best time to visit Cat Tien?

Because the climate in Cat Tien is characterized by a cool, sub-temperate climate. The average temperature here is from 11 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Cat Tien has two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. Accordingly, the dry season is from November to May of the following year, the rainy season is from April to October every year.

Thus, you can come to Cat Tien in any season of the year. However, the rainy season here is quite constant, so the most ideal time to travel to Cat Tien is the dry season from November to May of the following year because the weather is cool, convenient for moving, sightseeing and exploring.

IMG Da Rong Waterfall Dong Nai Thuong Cat Tien

4. How to get to Cat Tien?

You can travel by bus, motorbike, etc. to Cat Tien along Highway 20, go through Da Huoai district, Da Teh district to reach Road DT 721 to Cat Tien town about 40 km.

Or you can take a plane from big cities Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh,… to Lien Khuong airport in Lam Dong. Then travel by taxi or motorbike to Cat Tien district.

5. Sightseeings in Cat Tien

5.1 Cat Tien Holy Land

IMG Cat Tien Holy Land

Cat Tien archaeological site or Cat Tien Holy Land is one of the special national ruins in our country. This place preserves many ancient architecture related to the ancient kingdom of Funan and many artifacts associated with Brahmanical beliefs of great cultural and historical value. Besides, the pristine and beautiful natural landscape is also an attraction for many tourists to visit.

When coming to Cat Tien Archaeological Site, you will have many ideal options for your visit. For those who have a passion for ancient works, architectural ruins are an ideal destination, and for those who have a passion for antiquities, the relics gallery is a place to satisfy their passion. For those who love green nature, the green area of ​​the monument is where you can immerse yourself in nature.

Therefore, this will be an attractive tourist destination, not to be missed for tourists who want to research and learn about ancient culture.

5.2 Dak Lo Lake

IMG Dak Lo Lake Cat Tien

Dak Lo Lake is surrounded by majestic mountains and forests. In addition, Dak Lo Lake also possesses a beauty that is both wild, interesting and very poetic. If you are looking for a very chill place with poetic, fresh scenery, airy and cool space where you can camp, you must definitely visit Dak Lo Lake.

When coming here, visitors can take a boat tour on the clear blue lake and visit the fish cage area of ​​households. You can also fish and sit with a cup of wine in a house floating on the lake or you can rest and picnic on the hills within the lake grounds.

5.3 Relics of resistance base Zone VI

IMG Cat Tien Holy Land

Located in village 5, Duc Pho commune, about 4km from the district center. It is a place to store documents, images, and artifacts of the soldiers and people of Zone VI in the war against America. With a victory monument commemorating the war to gratitude to the previous generations who sacrificed themselves for the independence and unity of Vietnam.

Moreover, the area VI resistance base relic in Cat Tien is an attractive place, very suitable for tourists who are passionate about exploring the land and people. When visiting the relic, you will not only understand more about the heroic history of the nation but also have the opportunity to enjoy the extremely clear atmosphere of the mountains and forests, getting rid of all the troubles in life.

5.4 Thoat Y Cave

Recognized as a provincial-level scenic relic, it is a cave relic (called Bat cave by indigenous ethnic people) located in village 4, Phuoc Cat 2 commune. Coming here, visitors can immerse themselves in nature. , with the sound of birds chirping, the sound of gurgling water, listening to village elders tell the legends associated with the name – Thoat Y cave.

Besides, this is an ideal tourist destination for those who like adventure, exploration, enjoy the wild beauty of the mountains and forests. It is suitable for picnic and camping travel.

5.5 Experience Culture – unique traditional festivals

 If you want to learn and explore the culture of ethnic minorities, you cannot miss some interesting destinations such as:

5.5.1. Buon Go model ethnic village – Cat Tien town

Here, you can experience eating and staying with local people, enjoy gong culture, specialty dishes, weave brocade, see the wine making process and buy wine and weaving products. Brocade at Can Wine Production Cooperative, Brocade Cooperative.

5.5.2. Dong Nai Thuong commune

With over 90% of the population being the indigenous Ma ethnic group. From the district center to the commune, it is about 30 kilometers, passing Hoang Thuong pass, the hill is steep and winding, looking down from above like a giant snake hugging the hillside.

On both sides of the road are vast gardens of cashew, coffee, pepper, and fruit trees. In addition, this place also has Da Rong waterfall, a field airport built by the US in 1970, gong culture, sinus dance, brocade weaving, cuisine with bold indigenous culture… With wild beauty. , majestic, cool climate. This is an ideal place to experience camping trips and homestays.

5.5.3. Spring festivals

From the 5th to 10th of the Lunar New Year, visitors will be able to participate and immerse themselves in the Long Tong Festival of the Tay – Nung ethnic people in Phuoc Cat town. The festival is held with the purpose of praying for a new year with good rain, good wind, lush trees, and a good harvest.

Participating in the festival, visitors can immerse themselves in flower dances, sing then dan dan, participate in sports activities such as shuttlecock throwing, stilt walking, tug of war, sack jumping, blindfolded piggy bank smashing , pushing sticks,… You can also enjoy delicious dishes and local products.

6. Specialties when traveling to Cat Tien

Not only is the natural scenery wonderful, but Cat Tien’s specialty dishes are also extremely diverse. When you come to Cat Tien, you should not miss these delicious dishes!

6.1. Dry pho

If you are familiar with liquid pho dishes with the light flavor of broth, dry pho will become more different because this dish has no water or only has a little water added to it. Dry pho is quite a famous dish here, many tourists enjoy the soft and smooth noodles served with tender beef and very attractive beef balls.

6.2. Banh Can Da Lat

Banh Can is a cake originating from the Central region. Depending on each region, there will be different ways to make cakes. In Da Lat, banh can is considered a specialty dish, you should also taste it to feel the difference of this dish compared to other regions!

6.3. Avocado ice cream

Avocado ice cream is a delicious specialty dish in Da Lat and Lam Dong that cannot be missed. If you come to Da Lat and don’t enjoy this dish, it would be a mistake for you.

6.4. Artichoke soup with pork trotters

Artichoke soup stewed with pork trotters with a cool, unique flavor is not only delicious but also considered a convergence between the cuisine and scenery of the city of flowers on the plateau.

6.5. Stewed beef hotpot

Stewed beef hotpot is considered one of the famous delicacies in Lam Dong. The way to prepare potential dishes in hot pot style is the highlight that attracts diners. Not only does it have a strange taste, beef hotpot also has many health benefits. This is a dish you should try once when you come to Lam Dong!

IMG Relics Of Resistance Base Zone VI Cat Tien 2

7. Accommodation when traveling to Cat Tien

Below are suggestions for some hotels and homestays in Cat Tien

  • Minh Hung Guest House. Address: Phu My, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Hai Hang Guest House. Address: 147 Zone 2, Dong Nai, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Hoai Dan Guest House. Address: Pham Van Dong, Dong Nai, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Tu Tu Guest House. Address: Phuoc Cat 1, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Motel 123. Address: Phuoc Cat 1, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Hoang Hai Guesthouse. Address: 173 Pham Van Dong, Dong Nai, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Thuy Nguyen Guesthouse. Address: 224 Pham Van Dong, Dong Nai Town, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Hoa Cau Guesthouse. Address: Phuoc Cat 1, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Dong Phuong Guesthouse. Address: Phuoc Cat 1, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Sao Mai Guesthouse. Address: Dong Nai, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.
  • Y Phuong Guest House. Address: Area 3, Dong Nai Town, Cat Tien, Lam Dong.

Hopefully our sharing will help your private tour Da Lat to discover Cat Tien. Please contact Origin Vietnam if you intend to go to Cat Tien on your upcoming adventure tour in Vietnam. Hope you choose the ideal destination and have a memorable trip.

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