Cat Ba Cannon Fort
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Cat Ba Cannon Fort

Cannon Fort is the highest coordinate on the “green pearl” Cat Ba. This place is also famous as a long-standing historical building. When arriving here, you will not be able to help but admire the solid military construction. As well as having a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Cat Ba Island. Let’s follow Origin Vietnam team to discover this charming spot in Cat Ba Island.

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1. Where is Cat Ba Cannon Fort?

Cannon Fort is a recognized historical relic site located at 239 Cai Beo, Cat Ba town, Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. About 30 km east of Hai Phong city center, about 25 km south of Ha Long city. And about 155 km southeast of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Cat Ba Cannon Fort unique?

The fortress is on a hill with a height of 177 m above sea level, so during the war it was also known as base 177. Visiting this relic, you will admire items. Such as: guns Cannons, military trenches, tunnel systems,…They were all built in the 40s of the 20th century.

Thanks to this prime location, the base juts out on three sides facing the sea. It allows you to see the entire stretch of the East Sea within sight. Coming here, visitors can not only admire the majestic seascape but also witness historical memorabilia of a glorious war period.

3. When is the best time to visit Cat Ba Cannon Fort?

Because it is a tourist destination in Hai Phong and located in the Northern region of Vietnam, the climate here is humid subtropical. The average temperature fluctuates at 23 degrees during the day, quite ideal for visiting and exploring the beauty of Cat Ba Island. Therefore, in general, you can visit the Fort at any time of the year.

The period from April to October is when the most tourists gather. While January to March is usually not crowded because the weather is drizzly. However, to have a comfortable trip and avoid crowding, waiting as well as high service prices. You should avoid going to Cannon Fort during peak tourist seasons, holidays, Tet or weekends.

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4. How to get to Cat Ba Cannon Fort?

4.1 Moving to Hai Phong city

4.1.1 By plane

For tourists departing from the Southern and Central regions of Vietnam or from the capital Hanoi. The plane will be the suitable choice because of its convenience and speed. Currently, there are many airlines offering air tickets to Hai Phong and it only takes a maximum of 2 hours to arrive at Cat Bi airport.

After landing at Cat Bi airport, only 15 minutes from the center. You can catch a taxi or book an airport shuttle service to get back to the hotel quickly.

4.1.2 By Train

In addition to flying, tourists can also experience the trip by train. Depending on the departure location, travel time will vary, and ticket costs will also vary. During the trip you will experience the scenery and changes as you go through the provinces.

4.1.3 By Motorbike or Personal car

If you live in provinces neighboring Hai Phong, you can choose a motorbike or car to go to Hai Phong. You should pay attention to your travel time and your health to ensure a safe trip and limit unwanted risks.

4.1.4 By Bus

To ensure safety during a visit to Cannon Fort on Cat Ba island. You should consider choosing a bus as the means of transportation to Hai Phong. Currently, there are many quality bus companies providing routes to “Hoa Phuong Do City”. Such as: Anh Huy Dat Cang Bus, Hoang Long Bus,…

4.2 Transportation to the Fort at Cat Ba Island

To reach the fortress, you need to move from Hai Phong city center to Cat Hai island district. Next, you buy a cable car ticket to get to Cat Ba island. After arriving in Cai Vieng town, just move into Cat Ba town and you can easily reach Cannon Fort. During the process of traveling and visiting Cannon Fort. You can choose to rent different vehicles, such as motorbikes, bicycles, and electric vehicles.

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5. Activities and experiences at Cat Ba Cannon Fort

5.1 Visiting Cat Ba Cannon Fort firsthand

Cannon Fort is a witness of history accompanying the people and army of Cat Ba island in two fierce wars against the French and Americans, contributing to the creation of a heroic history. Coming here, you will be able to visit the Fort with its historical memorabilia. Everything that exists before your eyes leaves visitors with a deep impression of an intact legacy.

5.2 Admiring the panoramic beauty of Cat Ba from Cannon Fort

Sunset at sea is a beautiful moment when traveling to Cat Ba. In particular, this experience will become more interesting when you watch the sunset from a height of 177 m at the Cannon Fort on the island. From there, look into the distance, clouds, sky, mountains, seascapes,…all will be in your sight for you to freely enjoy.

6. Landmarks at Cat Ba Cannon Fort

6.1 Traditional house

Traditional houses are places to store memorabilia from the heroic battles of the Vietnamese army and people. Such as weapons, models, guns, photos, typical items,…This is not just a tourist destination. , sightseeing but also a meaningful historical educational space.

6.2 Atomic bomb-proof bunker

Also famous as the U-shaped tunnel, this is not only a tunnel that helps our soldiers avoid bombs and bullets. But coming here, you will feel a part of the daily life of soldiers during the years of fierce war.

6.3 Command tunnel

The command bunker is where all military weapons are stored. In addition, this is also a place for activities and combat meetings under the direction of the headquarters. The trench area at Cat Ba Cannon Fort is quite dark, you should bring a flashlight during this exploration.

6.4 Three cannons

In addition to watching the sunset, you can come earlier to visit the relics left from the war with the Cat Ba cannon weighing hundreds of tons. The process of transporting the cannon used entirely human power, so it was extremely labor-intensive and lasted many months.

6.5 Observatory station

Standing on the observatory, you can have a panoramic view of Cat Ba town and admire the beauty of Lan Ha Bay from above. It gives you a feeling of being overwhelmed by the majestic nature. Right at the foot of the Fort are two beautiful beaches called Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2. When you look and adjust the glasses on the observatory, you can clearly see the houses where people live – a peaceful scene. strange.

7. Specialties when traveling to Cat Ba Cannon Monument

One of the experiences not to be missed when visiting the Cannon Fort. As well as Cat Ba Island, is enjoying fresh seafood dishes, uniquely prepared by indigenous people. Depending on your preferences, you can request from the restaurant. In addition, with the advantage of being right by the sea, the food is always guaranteed to be fresh every day.

7.1. Mantis Shrimp Is Roasted With Salt

The characteristic of the mantis shrimp in Cat Ba is their round, big and shiny body. To get delicious salt-roasted mantis shrimp, people have to go to the market early and choose to buy fresh mantis shrimp. When processing, the meat must be intact, not bruised. The salt-roasted mantis has a unique delicious flavor, attracting all of you.

7.2. Steamed Blue Crab

Cat Ba blue crabs are caught naturally or raised in brackish water lagoons. Fresh plumps are prepared in the way of fishing crab villagers, retaining just the right amount of sweetness. A plate of steamed blue crabs is always a menu not to be missed if traveling to Cat Ba, Hai Phong.

7.3. Cat Ba Shrimp Noodle Soup

Traveling to Cat Ba without enjoying the specialty shrimp vermicelli is truly a mistake. This is a dish with the typical flavor of the sea, meticulously prepared.

Peel fresh shrimp, stir-fry with dried onions and wood ear mushrooms until firm. The noodles are boiled in boiling water, placed in a bowl, then add shrimp, fish cakes, lot leaf rolls, a little chopped laksa leaves and a few segments of tomatoes. The broth made from bones and shrimp shells is sweet. Enjoying a bowl of vermicelli, you will feel the sweetness of shrimp and fish mixed with the sweetness of the bones, awakening the taste buds of all visitors.

8. Accommodation when traveling to Cat Ba Cannon Fort

Cat Ba Island tourism is on the rise. It is not difficult for you to find a suitable place to stay in the town center area. If you want to save money, you can choose Cat Ba Town Hotels. If you want a luxurious vacation, you also have many 5-star hotel options in Cat Ba Town.

And one of the most valuable suggestions for you is Cat Ba Cruise. Although there are hotels everywhere, going on a cruise in Cat Ba is an extremely unique experience, staying overnight on a 5-star cruise. In the morning, you wake up to a rosy sunrise, in the afternoon watch the romantic sunset and in the evening enjoy special cuisine on the sea,…It will be an unforgettable experience in your life. The yacht’s design is like a luxury hotel with full 5-star amenities.

Some high-end hotels in Cat Ba island you can refer to are:

  • Wyndham Grand Flamingo Cat Ba Resort.
  • Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort.
  • Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa.
  • Perle d’Orient Hotel Cat Ba – MGallery.
  • Catba Sunrise Resort.
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9. Some important notes when visiting Cat Ba Cannon Fort

After learning about the experience of visiting Cannon Fort. In order to make the trip more memorable and full of memories, you also need to understand the following notes:

  • You should choose elastic and comfortable clothes to make moving easier.
  • Choosing soft, low-soled shoes instead of sandals or high heels will help make your trip more comfortable and reduce the feeling of foot pain.
  • Please bring an umbrella or wide-brimmed hat and jacket while visiting the fort. Because the sun is sometimes too strong or it suddenly rains.
  • Absolutely do not arbitrarily litter while visiting and admiring the scenery here.
  • Because it is a historical site that is many years old and was at a high altitude. You should limit running and jumping. When traveling with children, you need to watch them carefully.

Coming to Cat Ba, you will now have another attractive and exciting destination. Cat Ba Cannon Fort not only has historical significance but is also a place of harmony between heaven and earth. It brings comfortable moments of relaxation. At the same time, you will also enjoy the freshness and spaciousness of Vietnam’s northeastern sea.

If you have the opportunity to come to Cat Ba, don’t forget to visit this place. Remember to contact Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator to receive other useful information about the destination. Furthermore, we also accompany you on your tours in Cat Ba to explore the travel beauty of Cat Ba with attractive activities and the most interesting experiences.

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