Bat Xat
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Bat Xat

The Creator is endowed with beautiful natural landscapes, high and majestic mountain ranges. Bat Xat is a favorite stop for tourists, especially adventure lover. Moreover, Bat Xat also has Sang Ma Sao terraced fields, which are rated by foreign magazines as one of the most beautiful areas in the world. This place has advantages to develop tourism with many unique and beautiful features. Let’s explore this beautiful land with Origin Vietnam team.

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1. Where is Bat Xat?

Bat Xat is a highland district of Northwest Vietnam in Lao Cai province. Its about 80 km west of Lao Cai city center and about 350 km northwest of Hanoi capital. About geographical location:

  • The East borders Lao Cai city and Hekou district of Honghe autonomous region, Yunnan province of China.
  • The West borders Phong Tho district and Tam Duong district of Lai Chau province.
  • The South borders Sa Pa town.
  • To the North and Northwest, it borders the Jinping district of Honghe autonomous region, Yunnan province of China.

2. How is Bat Xat unique?

Compared to the highland provinces of Northwest Vietnam, Bat Xat is a relatively new name. However, if you want to explore the wild and poetic beauty. Bat Xat is an extremely wonderful destination for your adventure trip in Sapa.

Like other highland tourist destinations, in Bat Xat there are many beautiful places, villages with interesting activities, vibrant and bustling markets,… Besides possessing a prime location , this place is also the source of the Red River. And making it an extremely important economic geographical region for Vietnam.

Bat Xat attracts tourists with its unique features. Coming to this land “Where the Red River flows into Vietnam”, visitors will discover majestic natural scenery, fresh air along with the diversity of cultures and civilizations. Because this is also the place inhabited by more than 14 ethnic groups with 82% being ethnic minorities.

Bat Xat not only has breathtaking natural scenery and breathtaking roads for adventure lovers. When you come here, you will also learn more about the unique traditional cultures of ethnic minorities: Tay, H’Mong, Ha Nhi, Red Dao,… You will be in harmony. Let’s join into their daily lives, enjoy delicious food, beautiful customs, and countless other wonderful experiences.

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3. When is the best time to travel to Bat Xat?

Depending on your time budget, you plan the most suitable schedule. Because Bat Xat is beautiful in every season, every season has its own characteristics. However, you should refer to some of the information below to have a more complete trip:

  • September – February next year: Cloud hunting season. The weather at this time is dry and cold, creating ideal conditions for successful cloud hunting.
  • February – April: Spring – the season of flowers and fruits. This is the time when all kinds of flowers bloom, such as plum blossoms, peach blossoms, pear blossoms, etc., making Bat Xat seem to be wearing a new layer of brilliant clothing.
  • August – September: Ripe rice season. If you are passionate about the scenery of golden terraced fields, traveling during this time is truly ideal.

So the ideal time to explore Bat Xat is from September to April next year. However, to prepare for the perfect trip, you should check the weather information in Bat Xat before departing.

4. How to get to Bat Xat?

4.1. From Hanoi to Lao Cai

From Hanoi to reach Bat Xat district, visitors can take a car or train to Lao Cai. Travel time is about 8 hours by train and 5 hours by car. Although Bat Xat district is only about 80km from Lao Cai. And will take you about 3-4 hours to get there. Because the scenery along the way is truly wonderful, you certainly won’t miss these moments.

You can catch a bus from My Dinh and Giap Bat buses station (Hanoi) to go to Lao Cai. If you take the train, you go to Hanoi Train Station (Hanoi) to buy tickets. Most trains to Lao Cai depart in the evening, visitors have time to stay overnight on the train. There are many typle of train you can choose, from budget to luxury one. And arrive at the Lao Cai station early the next morning to start exploring this land.

4.2. From Lao Cai city to Bat Xat

After arriving in Lao Cai city, to continue moving to Bat Xat, you can rent a taxi, catch a bus on the intra-provincial route and especially, for those who are passionate about exploration and adventure. You can rent a motorbike in Lao Cai city to go to Bat Xat. When traveling by motorbike, you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful natural scenery along both sides of the road and can stop to rest whenever you want.

From Lao Cai city, you go out of the city along DT156 for about 40 km. At the intersection with DT158, you turn left and follow DT158 for about 40 km to reach Bat Xat.

5. Sightseeing & Things to do in Bat Xat

5.1. Cloud hunting in Y Ty

IMG Y Ty Bat Xat Lao Cai 2

Y Ty can be considered an attractive and sought-after destination for many trekkers. Y Ty is a commune in Bat Xat with an altitude of up to 2,000m above sea level. This place is divided into two most beautiful seasons that tourists should visit.

  • The first is the golden season from late August to early September, when rice flowers begin to bloom on terraced fields.
  • Second is the cloud hunting season at the end of the year with white clouds floating like giant cotton balls.

They are also the special charms that make Y Ty quickly become the most visited place in Bat Xat.

5.5. Muong Hum Market

Muong Hum And Y Ty Tour Market

If you are looking for a market with the bold colors of highland markets to see and explore, Muong Hum market is a place that you should visit once. Muong Hum Market is a small market located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, about 20 km from Bat Xat center.

To get to Muong Hum market, where black and red colors blend together, creating a unique and bustling highlight, we have to go through a long, dangerous road surrounded by terraced fields..

Coming here, you will join the bustling scene of buyers and sellers with costumes or items that only this place has.

5.3. Ky Quan San (Bach Moc Luong Tu)

IMG Bach Moc Luong Tu Phong Tho

Ky Quan San (Bach Moc Luong Tu) is a beautiful cloud hunting location that many people have conquered. Located in the village of the same name, at an altitude of 3,406m, Ky Quan San is famous for its rich natural beauty and magical world of clouds.

Although the road to conquer this place is not easy, the rare scenery you can admire when standing on the top of the mountain will make you satisfied and excited when conquering this mountain peak.

5.4. Thien Sinh Bridge – Milestone No. 87

Thien Sinh Bridge is a special place that every tourist should visit when coming to Bat Xat. Thien Sinh in the language of the Ha Nhi people is Thien San Shu or is understood as ‘heavenly born’. This one meter high bridge has great significance because this is the boundary between our country and China.

When stepping to the other side of the bridge, visitors will encounter milestone 87 in their country’s territory. At the foot of the bridge is the flowing Lung Po stream, creating a poetic and attractive beauty.

5.5. Lung Po flagpole

Lung Po flagpole is a project that many people are interested in when coming to Bat Xat. Construction started on March 26, 2016 on an area of 2,100 m2 to commemorate the silent victories and sacrifices of soldiers who loyally defended the country.

The flag with an area of 25 m2 is both a symbol of 25 ethnic groups in Lao Cai as well as a symbol of the energy, determination to contribute and solidarity of Lao Cai youth. Contribute to building the homeland, continuing the nation’s glorious traditions to build and protect the country.

5.6. Milestone 92

The beauty of Bat Xat is not only in the sea of white clouds floating in the sky, the waterfalls pouring white foam like mirrors or the beautiful mountain scenery but also because of milestone 92. This is the intersection between Nguyen Giang River – China and Lung Po River, forming a smooth flow, carrying alluvial deposits on both banks. Stopping at Milestone 92, you can zoom out into the distance to breathe in the airy, fresh air to have the motivation to continue the long journey ahead.

5.7. The Pa Valley

The Pa Valley is the second selfie spot that we want to take you to on your journey to discover Bat Xat. This is one of the places that captivates many people who love and explore the Northwest land. The most attractive point is The Pa valley, which is the terraced fields stretching across the hillside, seemingly like a sheet of iridescent silk, very eye-catching.

5.8. Lao Chai village

Not far from the center of Bat Xat district is Lao Chai village. This is where the Ha Nhi ethnic people live. The houses in the village are built firmly, they are hundreds of years old but are still not damaged. Looking at the village from afar, you can easily spot the lush green forest amidst the hazy clouds, this scene is just like in a fairy tale.

5.9. Nhiu Co San

Although the terrain is complex and requires a very strenuous and arduous journey to reach the peak, trekkers have never been deterred by the beauty of Nhiu Co San. Beautiful nature, misty scenery, gentle and kind people, these are all pieces that create an impressive Nhiu Co San in the eyes of tourists.

6. Specialties when traveling to Bat Xat

When traveling to Bat Xat, visitors can not only admire the wild and majestic natural landscape, but also enjoy the specialties here.

6.1. Sour pho

The dish is cooked according to a unique recipe of the highlanders, with soft and chewy noodles mixed inside with char siu meat, peanuts, raw vegetables,… and finally the broth is sprinkled on top. When enjoying, the ingredients blend together, the flavor melts in the mouth, making diners remember it forever.

6.2. San Lung Wine

As a drinker, you definitely cannot miss San Lung wine. This wine is made quite complicatedly and meticulously from the selection of ingredients with standard upland rice. Then soak it with herbal sorghum for fermentation and then distill it. Therefore, San Lung wine always has a fragrant taste. When drinking, the scent lingers in the mouth for a long time and is especially good for health.

6.3. Local pig

Pigs are raised freely on the hills and mountains, so Ban pork always meets the criteria for fragrant, chewy meat that is not crumbly. With badger pigs, people can create many attractive dishes, but the most popular are boiled and roasted dishes. Each dish has a different and delicious flavor, unlike any other dish, so don’t miss it.

6.4. Purple sticky rice

This is a typical dish of the Ha Nhi Den people in Bat Xat land, cooked from local upland sticky rice and the characteristic purple color of camphor leaves. You can find purple sticky rice on market days in the commune center.

6.5. Bat Xat Lam Rice (bamboo tube rice)

Although it is only a rustic dish in Bat Xat, it is sought after by many diners. Lam rice here is considered quite delicious and of the best quality compared to highland districts in Lao Cai. The rice is grilled in a bamboo tube, creating a sweet aroma, served with a particularly delicious broth.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Bat Xat

When traveling to Bat Xat, visitors can refer to some of the following accommodation establishments:

  • Trung Anh Guesthouse. Address: Bat Xat Town, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.
  • Vu Thi Lan Homestay. Address: Ban Qua, Bat Xat, Lao Cai
  • Chin Van Ngan Homestay. Address: Muong Hum, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.
  • Thao Nguyen Xanh Homestay. Address: Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.
  • Guest house of the District People’s Committee. Address: Bat Xat Town, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.
  • Mai Trang Homestay. Address: Ban Veo, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.
  • Thinh Dat Homestay. Address: Ban Vuoc, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.
  • Minh Thuong Homestay. Address: Opposite the market, Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.

8. Some important notes when traveling to Bat Xat

  • Bat Xat is a district near the border with China. Therefore, on the way you will encounter many border stations. Therefore, visitors need to bring complete identification documents in case something unexpected happens.
  • If you rent a motorbike in Sapa to explore Bat Xat, you will usually have to leave an ID card. It’s best to bring a photocopy of your ID card with you to submit to them, keep the original, because you will likely have to report documents to the border station.
  • The weather in Bat Xat will be cold at night and early in the morning, even in summer. Therefore, when traveling here, you should bring light clothes that are easy to move in and do not bring a thin jacket to keep warm.
  • You should bring some necessary survival items, a first aid bag, drinking water and some snacks such as: dry food, fast food, chocolate,… to replenish energy when needed.
  • You should also bring cash because in case of poor phone signal, paying online will be inconvenient.

Above is the information that Origin Vietnam shares with you in the hope that you will get useful information for your upcoming journey to explore Bat Xat.

If you are planning your tours in Sapa to Bat Xat, immediately contact Origin Vietnam. With a team of consultants, tour operators and local expert guides who are experienced, dedicated and deeply knowledgeable about this land. We will take you on a tour in Vietnam to discover Bat Xa with exciting activities and unforgettable experiences.

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