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Bao Yen

Bao Yen is one of the famous tourist destinations of Lao Cai province. What is so attractive about visiting and experiencing tourism in Bao Yen? Let’s explore this charming destination with the Origin Vietnam team. Especially the 4 most attractive, beautiful and famous tourist destinations.

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1. Where is Bao Yen located & How unique?

Bao Yen is a famous tourist destination in Lao Cai province, Vietnam, located at the eastern gateway of the province, 75 km from Lao Cai city center, 263 km from Hanoi. This place annually attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit, relax and enjoy.

Bao Yen not only has charming scenery, friendly and approachable people. But tourists come to Bao Yen to experience Lao Cai tourism, in addition to visiting spiritual tourist attractions and enjoying dishes with bold highland flavors. Also have the opportunity to explore cultural beauties in the lives and activities of indigenous peoples.

With all of this, Bao Yen is one of the ideal destinations for those who want to enjoy nature and explore Vietnamese national culture.

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2. How to get to travel to Bao Yen From Hanoi

Currently, traveling from Hanoi to Bao Yen (Lao Cai) is extremely simple and convenient.

2.1 Personal vehicle:

If you are someone who likes to explore roads as well as beautiful roadside scenes, traveling to Bac Yen by motorbike is also an interesting choice. However, this requires you to be well prepared in terms of vehicle, good physical health and especially proficient in motorbike driving skills for dangerous mountainous terrain with dangerous turns and Severe foggy weather conditions to make your trip safe and complete.

2.2 Public transportation:

You can rent a car, take a taxi or a bus from My Dinh bus station, then depart to Lao Cai city. From Lao Cai city, you follow Highway 70 for about 75 km to reach the center of Bao Yen district, Pho Rang town.

3. When is the best time to travel to Bao Yen?

If you want to travel to Bao Yen (Lao Cai) in particular, the time from September to April next year is the best choice to be able to enjoy the fresh, mild air. affected by the harsh rainy season when visiting mountainous areas. Also, you can participate in spring festivals in this area with majestic natural beauty and blooming flowers.

4. Sightseeing in Bao Yen

4.1 Tien Canh Cave

IMG Tien Canh Cave Bao Yen

Tien Canh Cave is located in the The mountain range, in Ban Thau 1 village, Xuan Thuong commune, Bao Yen district.

The cave is large and has beautiful construction, with a length of nearly 160m. The interior space is divided into 3 unique and interconnected areas. In the cave there are many stalactites with many mysterious, shimmering and fanciful shapes. In the innermost part of the cave, the stalactites turn into bright white spotted coral reefs, giving visitors the feeling of being under the vast ocean.

Tien Canh Cave was once a place to shelter, preserve forces and store food and provisions for our army and people during the resistance war against the French and Americans and the border war in 1979. Currently, Tien Canh Cave still remains. holds many biodiversity, geological, historical and cultural values.

4.2 Historical and cultural relics of Viet Tien revolutionary base

IMG Historical And Cultural Relics Of Viet Tien Revolutionary Base Bao Yen

Viet Tien Revolutionary Base is a historical and cultural relic located in Viet Tien commune, Bao Yen district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. This is one of the places marking historical battles in the war for independence and unification of the country.

Viet Tien Revolutionary Base includes relics and a museum. In the ruins, visitors can visit the caves in which soldiers took refuge and organized resistance activities. The relic site also has many monuments, symbols of the sacrifice and battle of heroes.

In addition, the Viet Tien Revolutionary Base Museum displays many documents, images, artifacts, old utensils and maps describing the fierce resistance war of the Vietnamese people.

With its green space, Viet Tien Revolutionary Base is one of the destinations that attracts domestic and foreign tourists, especially those who love history and wish to learn about the resistance war against the French and Americans. of Vietnam.

4.3 Bao Ha Temple

IMG Bao Ha Temple Bao Yen

Bao Ha Temple is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bao Yen district, Lao Cai province. This is one of the important local temples, with many valuable historical and cultural properties preserved here.

Bao Ha Temple has unique architecture, with buildings built of limestone, creating a space that is both sacred, wild and beautiful. Here, you can admire cultural and historical relics such as ancient stone stele, ancient objects, and cultural museums. In addition, visitors can also participate in festivals, pray for peace, and take a foot massage at the hot springs at the temple.

Bao Ha Temple is an attractive tourist destination for tourists who love to explore history, culture and learn about the spiritual life of local people.

4.4 Pho Rang Fort

IMG Pho Rang Fort Bao Yen

Pho Rang Fort is a famous tourist destination in Bao Yen district, Lao Cai, Vietnam. This was an important strategic military base of the Vietnamese army during the resistance war against the US and France.

Currently, Pho Rang Fort has been preserved and restored to become a tourist destination that attracts many tourists, especially those who love history and want to learn about the resistance war against the US and France. Ethnic Vietnam.

Visitors can visit underground rooms, secret bunkers, tunnel systems, rest rooms and meeting rooms of leaders of the Vietnamese revolutionary army. In addition, visitors can also participate in mountain climbing experiences and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the Northwest region.

5. Specialties in Bao Yen

Cuisine in Bao Yen is diverse and unique with the creativity of ethnic minorities for many decades. The dishes here are associated with agricultural life, customs and outlook on life, especially serving the health of both individuals and the community. Regarding classification, cuisine in Bao Yen countryside can be divided into groups such as cuisine from rice grains and grains such as five-color sticky rice, banh chung, ant egg cake, taro, banh kheo…

In addition, there are also culinary groups from mountain and forest products. It’s a great destination for Vietnam foodie adventure. Such as wild bamboo shoots, coriander, bitter herbs, sea buckthorn, flying shrimp, pickled canarium… Culinary groups from garden pets include stolen pigs. armpit, blue duck on bamboo tubes. Especially chicken soup cooked in palanquin, fish steamed in fig leaves, buffalo meat on the stove. Beside buffalo meat salad, pickled pork, grilled stream fish, fish salad, salted buffalo skin… Finally, is the group of Dishes from fruits and home garden plants. Such as dishes from palm trees, fruit salad, bamboo shoots…

6. Accommodations in Bao Yen

Bao Yen is famous for its spiritual tourist attractions, revolutionary historical relics and visiting destinations with majestic natural landscapes, etc. Every year tens of thousands of visitors come to visit and worship. To serve tourists looking for a suitable place to stay, in the center of Bao Yen district and surrounding communes, there are many accommodation options from hotels to motels and enchanting homestays. Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately for more detailed information about this accommodation service.

Below are some places to stay when you travel to Bao Yen (Lao Cai):

Guesthouse in Pho Rang town:

  • Xuan Thao To Guesthouse
  • Thanh Tung Guesthouse 2
  • Phuong Nhan Guest House
  • Hung Manh Guesthouse
  • Lan Chi Guesthouse

Guesthouse in Bao Ha district:

  • Cuc Thao Guesthouse
  • Kien Lien Guest House
  • Ba Phao Guesthouse
  • Cuong Ngoc Guest House
  • Thu Dai Guesthouse

Homestays in Nghia Do district:

  • Hoang Thi Thuy Homestay at Ban Hon village
  • Muong Kem village Hoang Van Bong Homestay
  • Hoang Van Nha Homestay at Ban Hon village
  • Nguyen Thi San Homestay at Na Khuong village
  • Hoang Van Nhu Homestay at Ban Hon village

7. Things to do around Bao Yen

Bao Yen is a district of Lao Cai province, where a series of famous destinations not only domestically but also internationally converge with majestic natural scenery and cultural features imbued with national identity. When tourists visit Bao Yen in Lao Cai, do not forget to visit other famous destinations in Lao Cai such as:

7.1. Bac Ha market in Bac Ha district:

This is a famous market not only for domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. When visiting Bac Ha market, you will not only experience normal trading activities. Also admire the culture of the highland ethnic people here through the traditional costumes of the people ethnic minorities. That you can enjoy the unique regional specialties and through cultural exchange activities and impressive festivals here.

7.2. Sa Pa town in Sa Pa district:

Sa Pa is an extremely famous destination, an ideal resort that attracts tourists from all over the world. When traveling to Bao Yen, don’t miss visiting Sa Pa. Coming here, you will enjoy the enchanting natural landscapes as well as experience the rich cultural identity here. Tourist attractions you cannot miss when booking Sapa tour packages. Such as: Fansipan peak, Ham Rong mountain, Cat Cat village, Love waterfall, SaPa ancient church, Sa Pa market,… are destinations that make your journey an unforgettable trip to SaPa.

It’s worth a visit Bac Yen

When coming to Bac Yen, visitors will not only be able to admire destinations that are historical revolutionary relics, temples and pagodas full of spirituality and mystery. But also be immersed in the cool green and beautiful scenery. The natural scenery is wild and breathtakingly beautiful.

If you are planning your trip to Bao Yen, please contact our team – a professional tour Sapa organizer and operator. With a team of enthusiastic and dedicated consultants and guides, we will take you on an exciting journey with memorable experiences in Bao Yen.

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