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Bao Loc

If you are too familiar with dreamy Da Lat, you can come to Bao Loc – another rich and beautiful city also in Lam Dong province. This is a destination that is gradually becoming famous for its beauty. With wild natural scenery of lush green tea hills, clear lakes with undulating mountains,… Join Origin Vietnam to discover interesting things in this peaceful land. peaceful but equally poetic.

IMG Loc Thanh Pass 6

1. Where is Bao Loc?

Bao Loc is a small city located in the southwest of Lam Dong province, located on the Di Linh plateau with an altitude of 800 – 1,000m. Located on important arterial roads such as: National Highway 20 (connecting Saigon with Da Lat), National Highway 55 (to Binh Thuan).

Located 112 km southwest of Da Lat city center and more than 200 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh city center. With geographical location:

  • The southwest borders Da Huoai district.
  • The remaining sides border Bao Lam district.

2. How is Bao Loc unique?

Not as famous as Da Lat, but Bao Loc is still a destination chosen by many tourists thanks to its beautiful nature, cool, fresh air, and not crowded.

Bao Loc is the second political – economic – cultural center of Lam Dong province. This place has many types of terrain, mainly including high mountains, steep hills and valleys. Early in the morning is when the whole city seems to be engulfed in mist. In addition, Bao Loc is also strong in the tea growing and production industry, and is the capital of the silk industry.

With diverse natural resources, cool climate all year round, rich landscape with many beautiful landscapes such as DamB’ri waterfall, Seven-storey waterfall, Nam Phuong lake, Da Ban stream, Bao Loc pass, Sa Pung mountain, …is also another tourism potential of Bao Loc.

IMG Tam Hop Waterfall 2

3. How to get to Bao Loc?

3.1 Means of transportation to Bao Loc

You can choose to travel by bus, car, limousine or motorbike to get to Bao Loc.

3.2 Means of transportation in Bao Loc

  • Taxi: If you are not good at finding directions or are traveling in a large group including children, going by taxi is not very expensive. Some famous companies here include: Mai Linh taxi, Lam Dong taxi, Kim Long taxi.
  • Motorbike: To be more proactive and convenient for traveling, you should rent a motorbike to explore all the beautiful check-in spots in Bao Loc. The road here is not too difficult, in addition, riding a motorbike can also enjoy the cool breeze on the roads everywhere.
  • Bus: This public transport here has a fixed route and it is also connected to Da Lat, so the Bao Loc travel experience is also quite reasonable for traveling.

4. When is the best time to visit Bao Loc?

Due to its high mountainous terrain, Bao Loc has a typical temperate climate, cool all year round, with an average temperature of about 22 degrees. Besides, the atmosphere here is relatively peaceful, so when you want to find a place to rest without being crowded like the foggy city of Da Lat, this city is an extremely ideal destination.

  • From December to April: this is the most ideal time to make a trip to Bao Loc. Because at this time, the weather in Bao Loc is quite pleasant, with little rain, suitable for tourism and exploration activities.

In addition, if you want to enjoy the beautiful flower seasons, you can visit Bao Loc at the following times:

  • February: Yellow poinciana flower season
  • March to June: Bao Loc pink trumpet season
  • October to November: Wildflower season

5. Sightseeings in Bao Loc

5.1 Tam Chau tea hill

IMG Tam Chau Tea Hill 5

Known as the tea city, Bao Loc is home to the largest tea growing area in Lam Dong, and is also home to the largest tea growing area in the Central Highlands and Southern provinces. The tea grown here is mainly Oolong tea, with low stems. The tea here does not have a bitter taste like Northern tea, the taste is more astringent, sweet and very fragrant.

In the Tam Chau tea hill area, there are 4 tea farms specializing in growing high-quality oolong tea varieties such as Kim Xuyen, Thanh Tam, Tu Quy, Thuy Ngoc, each tea variety has its own way of care and processing. Coming here, visitors can take a walk to admire the green tea hills and hear about tea growing professions and products.

If you can, get up early and come here when it’s still foggy, watch the dew drops on the leaves, walk on the dirt roads around the lake, and enjoy a hot cup of fragrant tea in your hand. In addition, Tam Chau Tea Hill is also a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

5.2 DamBri Waterfall

IMG Dambri Waterfall 2

Dambri tourist area is about 15 km from Bao Loc city center. On the way here, you will pass through tea and coffee hills, fruit gardens and many other natural scenes.

With a height of more than 60 m, forming two high and low flows, Dambri is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the Central Highlands region. From this height, water pours down with white foam, forming a layer of mist. . That’s why, on sunny days, visitors can always admire the beautiful rainbow right at their feet.

At the foot of the waterfall there is a small bridge connecting the two banks, covered with green moss all year round, creating a very ancient, romantic and poetic look, making visitors surprised.

In addition, coming to Dambri you can also experience the slide to visit Dasara waterfall, the giant ferris wheel or duck ride on the lake…

5.3 Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda

IMG Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda 4

Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda is located on hill 45, in Loc Thanh commune, Bao Lam district, about 20km south of Bao Loc city center. The pagoda has a Japanese Zen architecture, including the main spaces: the main hall, lecture hall, Quan Chieu Duong, Am Phap An library. At the campus near the center of the pagoda, there is a statue of Bodhisattva Quan. The campus also has a white gravel garden with a layout based on the philosophy of meditation at Buddha’s door.

This spiritual place possesses a vast and impressive panoramic view of the Central Highlands mountains and forests. Stopping here, you can not only check-in at the gate that is considered the “heaven gate” of Lam Dong, but also have the opportunity to capture the beauty of sunrise and sunset in the highland city.

5.4 Di Da Pagoda – Tam Hop waterfall

IMG A Di Da Pagoda 1

Di Da Pagoda is 35 km from Bao Loc city center. Di Da Pagoda has a unique architectural complex, harmoniously combining Buddhist, Chau Ma and Vietnamese architectural styles. In the temple grounds are wooden stilt houses of ethnic people, the roofs are carved with relief patterns, and inside are solemn Buddha statues.

Tam Hop Waterfall is located behind the grounds of Di Da Pagoda with 3 large streams of water falling from a height of 70m. Walking around the waterfall in the rainy season and early in the morning when the dew has not yet dissipated, you can fully feel the magic of nature.

5.5 Nam Phuong Lake

IMG Nam Phuong Lake 1

Less than 2km from Bao Loc city center, Nam Phuong Lake has an area of ​​nearly 100 hectares, spacious and airy. Around Nam Phuong Lake is lush green grass and trees. In the distance, you can see the mountains undulating dimly in the morning mist, afternoon clouds,… everything is incredibly simple and rustic, but time seems to slow down.

This is a familiar destination for local people for picnics, fun or enjoying the romantic landscape here.

5.6 Bat Nha Monastery

IMG Bat Nha Monastery 3

Bat Nha Monastery is nearly 17 km northwest of the city center, travel time is about 30 minutes. The monastery was built on top of a hill, surrounded by green rows of tea trees, pine trees and seasonal flowers. As a spiritual tourist destination, Bat Nha has a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere, with altars hidden in the cool green pine forest.

One of the highlights here is the Quan M statue between the painted stone holding a thermos and the 7-storey stupa, which houses hundreds of Quan Am statues. At the beginning of the year, this place stands out when yellow poinciana flowers bloom, creating an impressive scene.

Coming here, visitors can visit, worship Buddha, and stay overnight in clean guest houses. The water used in the monastery is taken from streams in the forest, always abundant and cool all year round.

5.7 Loc Thanh Pass

IMG Loc Thanh Pass 8

Loc Thanh Pass is located about 12 km south of Bao Loc city center. With an altitude of nearly 1,000 m above sea level, Loc Thanh Pass is a place for tourists who like to hunt clouds. You need to be aware that the road in the early morning has thick fog, few lights, high slopes and lots of mud, especially after rainy days, so you should travel by manual car and the steering wheel must be firm. Be at the top of the pass before 5:30 a.m. to have many opportunities to hunt clouds.

6. Specialties when traveling to Bao Loc

6.1 Dry pho

Bao Loc dry pho has a special flavor with noodles soaked in spices, salty and fatty with soy sauce mixed according to its own recipe, especially with many mixed beef dishes you can choose according to your preferences such as rare, tendon, encrusted. Dried pho served with raw vegetables.

6.2 Vy Da grilled spring rolls

This attractive dish is made from minced pork marinated with spices and grilled over charcoal. Guests can enjoy fragrant grilled spring rolls with ramen, salad, raw vegetables and sweet and sour dipping sauce.

6.3 Banh beo

Banh Beo is made from rice flour, soft and smooth, with toppings of burnt shrimp, pork skin, and onion fat. Banh beo can be eaten for breakfast, served with many other dishes for lunch and dinner. Visitors can see many banh beo shops in the city center. Not only people in Bao Loc but also many tourists know about a very old-flavored banh beo in Bao Loc.

6.4 Shumai bread

Not only Da Lat, Bao Loc also has delicious and delicious shumai bread. This is a familiar dish made from marinated ground meat cooked in delicious fatty broth and served with bread.

6.5 Xap xap

The dish sounds strange but is familiar because it is dried beef salad, made from ingredients such as shredded green papaya, dried beef liver, shredded beef jerky, peanuts, herbs, served with Shrimp crackers. The dish is mixed with fish sauce which is thick, sour, spicy and slightly sweet.

6.6 Chicken rice

Chicken rice is a hearty and famous dish found in many regions. But chicken rice in Bao Loc brings the unique flavor and quality of the mountain town. The chicken here is a jogging chicken so the meat is firm and the skin is crispy and golden. People cooked the rice with chicken broth so it has an irresistible aroma. When you bite the chicken into the bowl of fish sauce, you can feel the freshness. Add a plate of stir-fried vegetables and chicken intestines and a few pieces of eggplant to have a delicious meal.

There are also many other dishes for you to choose from: Nam Vang noodles, beef noodle soup, claypot rice,…

7. Accommodation when traveling to Bao Loc

  • Linh Phuong Hotel. Address: 463 Tran Phu, Loc Son, Bao Loc, Lam Dong
  • Gia Hao Hotel 1. Address: 97 Phan Boi Chau, Ward 1, Bao Loc, Lam Dong
  • Thanh Van Hotel 1. Address: 65 Le Hong Phong, Ward 1, Bao Loc, Lam Dong
  • Huong Tra Hotel. Address: 70 Pham Ngoc Thach, Loc Phat, Bao Loc, Lam Dong
  • Hoang Dinh Bungalow. Address: 400 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong
  • Bungalow B’lao Corner. Address: Loc Chau Ward, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong
  • Villa Slippers. Address: 27 Cao Thang Street, Loc Nga Ward, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong
  • The Hill Homestay. Address: 196C Nguyen Van Cu Street, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong
  • Wood House Garden. Address: 34 Tue Tinh Street, Loc Son Ward, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong
  • Friendly House. Address: 21/10A old Huynh Thuc Khang street, ward 2, Bao Loc city, Lam Dong
IMG Loc Thanh Pass

8. Some important notes when traveling to Bao Loc

To make your experience in Bao Loc meaningful and complete, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Monitoring the weather situation before departure to have a smooth trip.
  • Bao Loc has many famous attractions such as temples, pagodas, and churches. If you intend to visit these spiritual tourist destinations, you need to pay attention to polite, discreet, and elegant clothing.
  • Being sure to prepare clothing (raincoats, hats, coats, etc.) appropriate to the weather and tourist destination.
  • Preparing to bring all your identification documents and necessary items (sunscreen, airsickness medicine, etc.).

Above are some experiences going to Bao Loc from A-Z that Origin Vietnam would like to bring to you. Hopefully this information will help you have a smooth Da Lat tour to conquer Bao Loc and many unforgettable memories.

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  • Experience Truc Lam Zen Monastery with amazing scenery of Dalat city
  • Admire the beauty of the old French architecture at Dalat Railway Station
  • Have chance to admire the admirable architecture of Linh Phuoc Pagoda, built from debris of glass, pottery and porcelain, and the unique Guan Yin statue by immortal flowers of Vietnam.
  • Enjoy the wonderful of different flowers in the city
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