Banh Sua Island


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Banh Sua Island

Banh Sua is a surprisingly pristine island. It located in a yellow card arc on Bai Tu Long Bay (Quang Ninh), extremely ideal for those who are passionate about exploring.

How Banh Sua Island is unique?

Banh Sua Island (Ong To Island or Tu Hai Island) is not as famous as other tourist areas such as Ha Long Bay or Co To archipelago, Quan Lan … Because this place is still very pristine, the area is not to 1km2. Seen from above, Banh Sua is surrounded and protected by many large islands, so photographers often call this place “the youngest brother” in the “big family” of hundreds of islands, large and small in Bai Tu Long Bay.

The unique feature of Banh Sua Island is a quiet and peaceful space. To explore this beautiful land, visitors have to wake up from 5 am to join the people to catch sea cucumbers, because at that time the tide is at its lowest. Bare feet on fine sand, racing with the rising tide, euphoria promises a joyous day. To continue your journey, take a boat to Quan cave about 30 minutes from the island, which was used as a military base during the destructive war of the US in the North. Here are many beautiful and shaped pillars. When the sunlight turns bright, the boat in Bai Tu Long Bay stops by the fishermen’s house on the bay.

Top things to do in Banh Sua Island?

There are no long sandy beaches like other islands, but in return, the sea is extremely clear. You can freely wave in the cool water and watch colourful corals. In the afternoon, you should stop by the jetty connected to the oyster farming area to both swim and catch oysters with the people. On the island, there is a rather high rocky mountain, which is an ideal place for visitors to admire the moments of beautiful sunrise and sunset and a beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay.

Halong Banh Sua

When dawn, the sparkling golden rays of sunlight, shining on the faraway islands will surely surprise you. At dusk, the blue Bai Tu Long Bay appears in the gentle golden sunlight, the red sun slowly burns down the mountains of all shapes in front of your eyes, making everyone admire. Being immersed in nature and fishermen’s life on the island, believing that visitors can experience interesting things. And, somewhere on this lovely island, you will find sweet moments like the name Banh Sua, to temporarily forget the chaos and worries of daily life.

Don’t forget to experience the lives of the people here! You will be with the fishermen to experience swinging oysters, raking clams, hunting sea cucumbers or following a boat to catch seafood.

How to get to Banh Sua Island?

From the centre of Hanoi capital, you can catch a bus from My Dinh bus station to Cam Pha city. After a distance of about 220 km, visitors will continue to Cai Rong port board Van Don ship – Ngoc Vung island floating on the water in the Southeast direction and stop at Banh Sua island about 30 minutes later. From Quang Ninh you can travel by wooden boat or high-speed train to Banh Sua Island:

Travel by high-speed train:

If you travel by speedboat, you can only move from Hon Gai port – Ha Long, every day there is only 1 train departing at 13:00 every day with prices ranging from 160,000 – 180,000 VND / 1 person / 1 pm. So you should watch the departure time to avoid missed train!

In addition, you can move from Cai Rong port by chartering a yacht for: 6,000,000 VND / 1 boat / 36 people (day trip) or 10,000,000 VND / boat / 36 people (overnight).

Travel by boad to Banh Sua Island:

If you choose to travel by wooden boat you can move from Cai Rong port and Hon Gai port. There are 2 trips a day, both at 8:00 and 13:00, from 2:30 to 2 hours, you will move to Banh Sua Island. Ticket prices range from 50,000 VND – 60,000 VND / person / one way.

When is the best time to visit Banh Sua Island?

You should go between the Tet holiday and May. Because this is the best time to explore the island, less rain, storm, clear blue sky.

What to eat?

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood dishes right at Banh Sua Island with everyone! The fragrant aroma of the specialities with the strong yeast wine cups will help visitors experience delicious coastal cuisine and become more intimate and close to the indigenous people.

The delicious grilled dish made by the local people on the island

Enjoy fresh and attractive dishes made from the food that you have caught. That’s so amazing!

Recommended accommodation

As a relatively unspoiled island, there are no hotels or guesthouses on Banh Sua Island, less bustling tourist atmosphere also. You can also stay at Banh Sua Island Stay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Banh Sua Island

What Are The Most Amazing Things To Do In Banh Sua Island?

Which Place Is Must See In Banh Sua Island?

These places must see in Banh Sua Island & around:
Cong Tay Island
Ba Mun Island
Cong Dam Area

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