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Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

Can Tho is famous for the rustic beauties with the unlimited green rice fields to the horizon. And one of shouldn’t miss place once visiting Can Tho City is Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary. This is the home garden for various kinds of storks. Factually, this is the fascinating attraction in Can Tho and an ideal spot for eco-tourism in Can Tho City.

How to travel to Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary?

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary is located in Thoi Binh Hamlet, Thoi Thuan Commune, Thot Not District. It is about 60 km from Can Tho City. You travel along National Road No.91, passing O Mon District towards Thot Not District.

You can travel by motorbike, car or local bus to reach Can Tho city and then continue to the stork garden.

bang lang stork

After that you pass Bang Lang Bridge and from the bridge, it has three ways to travel to Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary. It is about 2 kilometers from the beginning of Bang Lang Bridge; you can follow a small road by walking or car. Especially, if you travel on spring, you will have chance to experience the wave felling when you are on boat to go inside. Two sides are filled with the picture of purple Lagerstroemia Flower amazingly. It will give you the peaceful scenery with the storks groups which make you feel comfortable.

What are special of Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary?

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary was formed naturally in 1983. After few years, there were more storks inhabiting there in 1994. This garden has an area of 1.5 ha in which is the home for more than 20 kinds of stork.

The peaceful scenery at stork sanctuary and enjoy the fresh air

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary is the biggest bird garden in Mekong Delta region. It brings the tranquility atmosphere, relaxing since the first minutes you arrive in. The entrance into the garden is full of bamboo trees. When you walk deep inside you will see the bird sanctuary with the area of 15 hecta and has the diversity ecosystem for discovery.

Interwoven among the trees is the “home” of thousands of “storks”, the scene of the bustling Bang Lang stork garden in flocks of flying.

With 300,000 birds, the sanctuary has many different birds and storks. All concentrate and play up bustling songs every time visitors visit.

stork in cantho

The scenery of the storks’ flocks fly out for earning food very early in the morning which make your heart enchantingly. Furthermore, the storks return after a day at dawn time which also makes you amazing.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary is surrounded by immense rice padding fields as well as the interlacing canals of Can Tho. Therefore, apart from watching the storks, tourists can join a cruise tour along Hau River for more discover. You also make a cycling along the road to visit the orchards, craft villages and green fields. It has a watching tower with 3 meter high where you can catch the panoramic scenery of the sanctuary.

Factually, you will be able to look around the gardens and admire the peaceful scenes of the Mekong Delta’s countryside, fiddled by thousands of storks.

Explore the Life of Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

Travel to Bang Lang stork Sanctuary is the chance for you to watch and discover the life of storks. A stork will lay eggs four times each year and it requires from six to seven months for a chick to fully mature. As a result, the number of storks is increasing yearly.

When there is a young stork falling down from its nest, Mr Bay Co will bring it home and feed it until it matures, especially return it to the right nest. Factually, not all storks live in this sanctuary at the same time. After the eggs hatch two months, mother storks and their young storks will leave the sanctuary to have room for others.

To enjoy the vibrant life of the storks’ community, you should visit the sanctuary on the breeding season from August to January of Lunar Calendar yearly. Particularly, you can take a boat trip to the stork sanctuary in spring to see the flowers blooming along two sides of river. This is the romantic scenery for you to have the enjoyment.

Bang Lang Sanctuary – the culture specialty of Mekong Delta

Bang Lang stork sanctuary is the interesting place in Mekong Delta because the local people consider stork as the representation for their life. The storks show the hard working and fly all direction to earn for life and then return their homeland to harmony in the nature. The local people live like storks’ flocks together earn and cover each other in the journey of the life. This reflects for local people.

Try out Delicious Typical Western Vietnam Specialties

Not only visiting and admiring the stork and beautiful natural landscapes, Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary is also a place for you to enjoy delicious cuisines in Vietnam, especially Mekong Delta region. The most prominent dishes made from palm sugar like palm sugar, palm tea, palm rice, etc. In addition, you can also try some other popular dishes in the main meals: grilled pork chops, banh mi Can Tho, Western pancake, snakehead fish porridge, Can Tho pomelo tea, etc. It’s Also tours to Vietnam you can also buy specialties made from jaggery as gifts for your family and friends.


There is a very close Anh Thu Beer Restaurant which belongs to the stork garden (63 meters from the sanctuary) and you can have meal there. In case you would like to have a larger restaurant, you can travel on National Highway 91 with distance about 1,6 kilometers to find more restaurants here such as Long Bang Lang Congee, Phuong Nam Restaurant, Bang Lang Stork Garden Coffee, etc.

When is the best time to visit Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary?

Thanks for the cool climate all year round as well as advantage conditions for birds and storks, Bang Lang attract a lot of stork at many place to travel to this land and choose it for inhabitant. The best time of the garden is on breeding season which is around August till January of Lunar Calendar.

And the best time to enjoy it is around 5.00 am to 6.00 am when the storks leave their nests for finding foods and return afternoon. Therefore, the best time to enjoy the wonderful scenery is on sunrise or sunset.

Entrance fee ticket: 20,000 VND/per person

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