Ban Than Rock Rapids - Vung An Hoa
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Ban Than Rock Rapids – Vung An Hoa

Ban Than Rock Rapids – Vung An Hoa is a sculptural masterpiece of nature, attracting tourists with its poetic beauty and unique shaped rocks. This place is also one of the “cool” check-in spots that you cannot miss when traveling to Quang Nam. Let’s explore this beautiful place with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Ban Than Hon Mang Hon Dua Tam Hai Island 1

1. Where is Ban Than Rock Rapids – Vung An Hoa?

Vung An Hoa is located in Tam Hai commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. This place is about 40 km from Tam Ky city and about 80 km southeast of Hoi An city. In particular, surrounding An Hoa cape for about 3 km are coal-black rocks, also known as Ban Than rock rapids.

2. How is Ban Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa unique?

Ban Than – Vung Hoa An is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Quang Nam, loved by many tourists. The name Ban Than is named after the characteristics of the rapids here. Accordingly, “Table” means table top, “Charcoal” refers to black, “black as coal”. Simply put, as the people here call it, the rocks have a flat, smooth surface that sparkles as black as coal in the sunlight, so the people call it Ban Than.

The rapids are located in the middle of a vast river with one side facing the sea and three sides facing the river. Considered a marvelous sculpture of creation, Ban Than brings unique beauty amidst the beautiful natural landscape. And it has become a tourist attraction from near and far in Quang Nam province.

3. When is the best time to visit Ban Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa?

Traveling to Quang Nam in general, places such as Hoi An ancient town, My Son sanctuary, Ban Than rapids,… in particular, you should go in the summer from May to August. This is the time of favorable weather, lots of sunshine, clear blue sea water, very suitable for sightseeing, exploring, swimming, taking photos,…

In the remaining months of the year you can still go, however, you need to check the weather forecast in advance to avoid rainy or stormy days when there will be no boats to the island.

IMG Ban Than Hon Mang Hon Dua Tam Hai Island

4. How to get to Ban Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa?

To reach Ban Thanh rock rapids – Vung An Hoa from the mainland, you need to travel by waterway, by ferry or boat. Depending on the starting point, the direction to An Hoa cape is also different:

4.1 Departing from Da Nang city

To get to An Hoa cape from Da Nang, visitors need to follow National Highway 1A to Tam Ky city, Quang Nam. Then turn left to Tam Thanh beach, go straight to Tam Tien ferry (in Tam Hai commune). From here, you can take a ferry along the route or rent a private ferry and it takes about 2 hours to reach An Hoa bay.

4.2 Departing from Tam Ky city

This is the direction many people choose when combined with their Hoi An travel itinerary. Compared to going from Tam Tien wharf, this way of traveling will take more time, but in return you will have more time to explore the life of Quang Nam. Specifically, from Tam Ky city, you need to go straight to Nui Thanh district and then turn to Hai Ky port. Going straight will reach Tam Quang ferry wharf, where you can rent boats and ferries to An Hoa bay.

IMG Ban Than Hon Mang Hon Dua Tam Hai Island 2

5. Activities and experiences when traveling to Ban Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa

5.1 Watching the sunset on Hoa Dua island

Considered a rough pearl, Tam Hai island commune in Quang Nam has many beautiful landscapes. Among them is Hoa Dua (often called Pineapple island) – a small island located right at the gateway to An Hoa lagoon. Here, every afternoon, when the sun gradually sets, the space is filled with pink and purple colors. At the same time, the red color of the basalt soil becomes even more brilliant on the green vegetation, creating a prominent light spot in the sea and sky.

5.2 Admiring the sunrise and swimming at Ban Than

Besides watching the sunset, welcoming the sunrise here is equally wonderful. The peaceful, fresh air of the morning will bring you a feeling of excitement and joy. Coming here, you can also swim, roam on the beautiful An Hoa beach, and learn about the simple life of Quang people.

5.3 Checking-in with Ban Than’s sparkling black stone strip

When wondering what is beautiful about Quang Nam, it would be a mistake if the answer did not mention the amazing Ban Than rocks, carved by the hands of mother nature. Accordingly, the lithics here are marine sediments that are jet black, sparkling like coal, with unique and strange shapes. Taking photos at the rapids, you will definitely get unique and “cool” photos.

5. 4 Strolling on the beach at Bac beach and Nom beach

Although Bang Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa is still wild, it is not boring. Visiting here, you can enjoy the fresh air, freely take pictures of wonderful nature and walk on pure white sand beaches, right under the green coconut trees.

Right on An Hoa lagoon – Quang Nam, there are two beaches: Bac beach (to the north) and Nom beach (to the south). At Nom beach, there are two rocky outcrops called Ong Dun and Ba Che, which are long and small rocky outcrops, facing the sea. All bring unique beauty, like a rockery created by nature itself.

From the two rocky outcrops of Mr. Dun and Ms. Che, looking out to the sea, visitors can see Mang and Dua islands. You can rent a boat to go from Nom beach to these two islands. Right between the two small islands is a pure white coral reef, with all kinds of colorful fish swimming in the clear sea water. Continuing to look to the South, there is Cham island located under the sea, right near Ly Son island (Quang Ngai).

6. Specialties when traveling to Ban Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa

If you have ever loved Hoi An – Quang Nam specialties, when you have the opportunity to visit Ban Than rock rapids – An Hoa beach, don’t forget to enjoy seafood such as squid, fish, shrimp, crab, snails,… extremely fresh and delicious. lead here. The above seafood dishes are all caught and prepared by local fishermen and served at very reasonable prices.

In particular, you also have the opportunity to enjoy typical dishes of the island such as seaweed jelly, fresh coconut water or flying fish, grilled stingray,…

In addition, Nui Thanh district is also famous for its specialty blue flying fish. Fresh fish will be marinated with compressed tubes and other spices and then grilled on a charcoal stove. Fish rolled with rice paper, vegetables, vermicelli, and dipped in rich sweet and sour fish sauce is beyond delicious.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Ban Than rapids – Vung An Hoa

When traveling to Ban Than rock rapids – An Hoa beach, you can refer to some of the accommodation facilities below:

  • Le Domaine De Tam Hai Resort. Address: Village 4, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam.
  • Juju Beach Front Villa. Address: Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Tam Thanh Beach Resort. Address: Ha Thanh 1 Village, Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Punita hotel. Address: KM987, National Highway 1A, Phu Ninh, Quang Nam.
  • Golden Lantern Tam Thanh. Address: Thanh Ha, Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam.
  • Seren Camp Tam Hai. Address: Tam Hai, Nui Thanh, Quang Nam.
IMG Ban Than Hon Mang Hon Dua Tam Hai Island 5

8. Some important notes when traveling to Ban Than rapids – Vung An Hoa

Traveling to Ban Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa, you should refer to some of the following necessary notes to make the trip more complete.

  • On the way to Ban Than, you can visit some nearby attractions such as Tam Thanh mural village, Tam Thanh beach, Mother Thu monument,…
  • You should update the weather situation before going, to avoid rainy and stormy days.
  • Prepare some necessary items for the trip such as raincoats, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses. You should wear sneakers or soft shoes for ease of movement.
  • Bring motion sickness medicine and insect repellent.
  • Remember to bring necessary personal documents, drinking water and some snacks.
  • When visiting, you must maintain general hygiene. If you eat or drink, remember to clean up all trash before leaving.
  • Be careful when walking on slippery rocks or climbing high and dangerous rocks.

Currently, tourism at Bang Than rock rapids – Vung An Hoa has not been exploited to its full potential. That’s why this place still retains its pristine beauty, containing many interesting things waiting for you to explore. It can be seen that this is a new destination in the tourism map of Quang, suitable for those who love experiences or want to have “quality” and unique virtual photos.

Please contact Origin Vietnam for more detailed and useful information about attractive destinations in Vietnam. We will accompany you on your tour Hoi An to discover the Ban Than Rock Rapids – Vung An Hoa with meaningful activities and memorable experiences.

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