Ban Cam market


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Ban Cam Market

Traveling to Lao Cai, do not forget to visit Ban Cam market – an ideal place to learn about daily life and discover the pristine beauty, imbued with the identity of the ethnic groups in the Northwest of Vietnam.

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1. Where is Ban Cam market?

Ban Cam market, located along Highway 70, in Ban Cam commune, Bao Thang district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. About 18 km east of Lao Cai city center and about 300 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Ban Cam market unique?

Ban Cam Market opens twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Giay, Nung, Dao, H’Mong, Kinh people of Ban Cam commune and neighboring communes such as Ban Phiet, Phong Hai, Phong Nien (Bao Thang), Ban Xen (Muong Khuong) often come to the market to exchange agricultural products and daily consumer goods.

Although not as famous and well known as Bac Ha market, Ban Cam market also has a strange appeal. In this remote and secluded place, the market appears like a colorful picture, worth enjoying the most for any tourist who visits.

For many generations, Ban Cam market has not only been a place to buy, sell and exchange goods, but also has meanings and a unique cultural identity. This is a meeting place and cultural exchange for local mountainous ethnic groups. Such as H’Mong, Dao, Thai, Tay, Muong,… and has become a beauty for the land between mountains and clouds. God.

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3. When is the best time to travel to Ban Cam market?

Possessing the climatic characteristics of the tropical monsoon region, the weather here is somewhat erratic due to the influence of many factors, especially the terrain.

  • If you are a lover of the scenery of ripe rice season or peach and plum blossom seasons, you should plan to go to Bao Thang from September to April next year.
  • If you come here to hunt snow, you should try to come here between December and January. During this time, remember to bring extra cold-resistant clothing to protect your health.
  • The period from January to March is the spring period, when the whole world seems to be wearing a colorful “new shirt”. This is also the season when traditional festivals take place, you can participate in experiencing attractive cultural activities.

4. How to get to Ban Cam market?

4.1 From Hanoi to Lao Cai city

300 km from Hanoi, the road to Lao Cai has many means of transport for you to choose from. You can travel by train, car or bus, motorbike,…

According to Lao Cai travel experience, if you choose the train, you should go at night to sleep on the train so that when you arrive the next morning you will have the energy to enjoy the trip. Or otherwise, you can take a bus to save money. The bus route from Hanoi to Lao Cai only takes 4 hours, and there are many time frames for you to choose to suit your schedule.

4.2 From Lao Cai city to Ban Cam market

Starting from Lao Cai city, you travel along Highway 4D and Highway 70 for about 18 km to reach Ban Cam market. You cannot miss this market, because it is located right next to Highway 70.

5. Experiences in Ban Cam market

Although it is only a small market, Ban Cam market is quite crowded and has a variety of goods. The market sells almost nothing, from clothes, daily utensils, agricultural tools, food, agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, etc.

People come to the market of all ages, from old to young. Boys, girls, old ladies, and children in colorful costumes. Especially unique ethnic items create a very unique and special attraction. Only by coming to the place and seeing the market scene, the way people buy and sell, and talk can you fully feel the charm of a highland market.

A characteristic feature of Ban Cam market is that brocade fabrics, clothes, and brocade dresses are sold here in a variety of colors. These can be hats, scarves, bags, bracelets, necklaces, etc., which are exquisitely made by the skillful hands of highland women. Walking around these booths, many tourists showed great interest and wonder at the colorful colors.

IMG Ban Cam Market Lao cai

6. Enjoying dishes at Ban Cam market

The market also has separate areas, such as the food area and the area selling agricultural products, garments, etc. The food area of Ban Cam market does not have Thang Co dishes or selling drinks like in other highlands. Instead, there are shops: rice paper rolls on a clay stove, Pho and many types of donuts, many kinds of cakes, five-color sticky rice,… which are specialties of the Giay and Nung people here.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Ban Cam market

Because Ban Cam market is not too far from Lao Cai city, when visiting this destination, visitors can choose accommodation facilities in Lao Cai city to conveniently move between destinations and enjoy. amenities and auxiliary services at accommodation establishments.

  • Aristo International Hotel. Address: 28 Yet Kieu, Kim Tan, Lao Cai, Vietnam.
  • Sapaly Lao Cai Hotel. Address: Nguyen Hue Street, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam.
  • Cao Minh Hotel. Address: 108 An Duong Vuong, Coc Leu Ward, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam.
  • Lao Cai Royal Hotel. Address: Thanh Nien Street, Duyen Hai Ward, Lao Cai, Vietnam.
  • Duc Huy Grand Hotel. Address: 72 -74 Tran Hung Dao, Bac Cuong, Lao Cai, Vietnam.
  • Muong Thanh Grand Lao Cai Hotel. Address: 6 Thanh Nien, Lao Cai City, Vietnam.

Traveling to Lao Cai, visitors have the opportunity to participate in a Ban Cam market and you will definitely never forget it. It’s not like Bac Ha Sunday market or Can Cau tuesday Market. Only here can we see indigenous people with big and small baskets bustling about buying and selling. Occasionally we can hear the sounds of flutes and singing ringing in our ears. There are also bargains here, but they are extremely simple and honest…

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Traveling to Lao Cai, do not forget to visit Ban Cam market – an ideal place to learn about daily life and discover the pristine

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