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Bai But Beach

Bai But beach is truly a destination that you must visit at least once in your life. With a beautiful location in the middle of the strait, where dense primeval forests and the vast sea meet, Bai But beach is like a natural masterpiece with blue sea, white sand and extremely fresh air. Let’s explore this beautiful beach with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Bai But Beach 1

1. Where is Bai But beach?

Bai But beach is located in the south of Son Tra peninsula, in Son Tra district, Da Nang city, Vietnam. About 15 km northeast of the city center, about 100 km southeast of Hue city and about 32 km north of Hoi An city.

2. How is Bai But beach unique?

Bai But beach is an extremely famous tourist destination in Da Nang. Bai But beach is located in the middle of a beautiful strait and is the place where the mountains and forests meet the sea. The rare pristine beach with long stretches of smooth sand and adventure sports here will definitely make you fascinated and forget the way back.

3. Legend of Bai But beach

Bai But beach is also known as Vinh But. Surely many of you will be curious about the origin of this name. Since the reign of King Minh Mang of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam, one early morning, fishermen in the coastal area here discovered a Buddha statue rising from the sand. The fishermen brought water back and set up a shrine to worship. And then this area was named Bai But (Buddha). Since then, Bai But has always had calm seas and fishermen in the fishing village doing business safely.

There is another story about the origin of this name, which is from ancient times, before the construction of Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang. Legend has it that Guan Yin Buddha carried the Red Child from the sea to the shore. Afterwards, people named this peninsula Bai But (Buddha) to commemorate Guanyin and pray for peace for the fishermen of the fishing village.

IMG Bai But Beach

4. When is the best time to visit Bai But beach?

You can come to Bai But beach at any time of the year, because this place is always open to welcome visitors. Sometimes you need to pay attention include:

  • From February – September: This is the most suitable time for you to fully explore Bai But. These months are in the dry season, the weather is dry, there is little rain, there is mild sunshine, the sea is calm and there are many festivals taking place. You can comfortably swim, immerse yourself in the cool water, and explore the beauty of the immense sea.
  • From October – January: This is the time when the rainy season begins in Da Nang, so fewer people will visit Bai But. The weather at this time will be cooler and colder than in the dry season. However, during this time there is often rain and fog, so you need to prepare carefully before coming here.

5. How to get to Bai But beach?

5.1 Directions to Bai But beach

  • Directions from the city center:

If you go from Da Nang city center to Bai But, you need to move in the direction of Thuan Phuoc bridge. From here, go straight to the beach and turn left. Continue going straight towards Son Tra and you will reach Bai But.

  • Directions from My Khe beach:

If you go from My Khe beach, Da Nang to Bai But, you need to go straight along Vo Nguyen Giap street. Continue going straight towards the Guanyin Buddha statue and you will reach Bai But. This road is quite simple and easy to navigate.

5.2 Means of transportation to Bai But

  • By motorbike

Traveling by motorbike will help you fully see the beautiful scenery of this vibrant coastal city. Riding a motorbike also helps you comfortably move between locations and have freedom of time. Motorbike rental prices range from 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day.

  • By taxi

Taxis are suitable for families with the elderly or young children. The cost for a taxi ranges from 150,000 – 200,000 VND/way.

6. Activities and experiences when traveling to Bai But beach

6.1 Checking-in for virtual living at Bai But

IMG Bai But Beach 3

Checking into beautiful Da Nang right at Bai But will help you get the ultimate “virtual living” photos. The picturesque scene, blending the majesty of the immense mountains and forests with the gentleness of the calm sea, will create extremely attractive photo shoots. This is an ideal location for couples who are wondering where to go for their honeymoon or want to take commemorative wedding photos.

6.2 Fishing experience

IMG Bai But Beach 5

An interesting experience that you cannot miss at Bai But is seafood fishing. Seafood fishing services are popular with many tourists. Catching fresh fish and squid and enjoying it right on the boat will definitely make you remember it forever.

6.3 Camping on Bai But beach

With spacious and airy space, Bai But Da Nang is an ideal place for picnics and gatherings. You can organize BBQ parties, eat, sing, and participate in fun games with your lover, friends, and family. There is a service for renting tents, camps, and huts so you can have fun.

6.4 Participating in fun beach activities and snorkeling to see coral

Bai But Da Nang has many adventure games for you to try such as windsurfing, skydiving, scuba diving, and canoeing. Especially the experience of scuba diving and discovering the beauty of the ocean with colorful coral reefs, schools of swimming fish or starfish of all sizes.

6.5 Swimming at Bai But beach

Bai But is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Da Nang. The special feature of the sea water here is the color change during the day. In the morning and noon, the water is blue. In the afternoon, the water is green again. The uniqueness of the color of sea water makes visitors extremely excited.

Bai But has beautiful beaches, long stretches of white sand and cool water. You will definitely never forget the feeling of immersing yourself in the clear blue water, swimming freely and enjoying the relaxing and peaceful feeling of the sea here.

7. Enjoying food at Bai But beach

You can prepare your own food from home to camp at Bai But. Pre-made snacks and drinks to bring along will help you save quite a bit of money.

If you don’t have enough time to prepare or don’t have enough time, don’t worry, there are many restaurants at Bai But ready to serve tourists. The delicious Da Nang specialties here will definitely satisfy you such as: seafood, Pha lau, grilled meat vermicelli, Quang noodles,…

8. Accommodation when traveling to Bai But beach

When visiting Bai But, you can refer to some accommodations as follows:

  • Samdi Hotel Danang. Address: 203-205-207-209-211 Nguyen Van Linh, Thac Gian, Thanh Khe, Da Nang City.
  • New Orient Hotel Danang. Address: 20 Dong Da, Thuan Phuoc Ward, Thach Thang, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Balcona Hotel Danang. Address: 288 Vo Nguyen Giap, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City.
  • Brilliant Hotel. Address: 162 Bach Dang, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Novotel Danang Premier Han River. Address: 38 Bach Dang, Thach Than, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

9. Some other famous tourist attractions near Bai But beach

Near Bai But beach, there are many other attractive tourist attractions. Let’s explore famous landmarks that cannot be missed below.

9.1 Linh Ung Pagoda

IMG Linh Ung Pagoda Son Tra 8

Linh Ung Pagoda is the pagoda with the tallest statue of Guan Yin Buddha in Vietnam. Located on a hill more than 100 meters high, the statue has a height of up to 67 meters, a lotus diameter of 35 meters and a diameter of the statue’s heart of 17 meters. The sacred and peaceful scene at Bai But Pagoda in Da Nang attracts many tourists to visit.

9.2 Obama Reef

Located just 4 km from Bai But is the unique Obama rock beach. This place attracts many “virtual living” believers to check-in. Huge rocks stacked on top of each other create strange shapes that make young people extremely excited. Obama Rock Beach is a beautiful sunset spot on the sea in Da Nang city.

9.3 Bai Rang

Bai Rang is only 2 km from Bai But. Bai Rang is located next to pure white sand slopes and rugged rocky beaches. Surrounding Bai Rang is a strip of green hills. In particular, visitors to Bai Rang really enjoy “fishing for crabs and snails”. Just walk around the beach and you will immediately see countless extremely artistic spiral shells.

9.4 Peak of the Chess Board

Ban Co Peak is located at the highest peak of Son Tra peninsula, at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. From here, you can fully enjoy the scenery of the vibrant city of Da Nang. This fairyland is also the perfect place for you to admire the sunset and sunrise of Da Nang from a high mountain top.

9.5 Ghenh Bang

Ghenh Bang is a “hot” destination in the Da Nang backpacking community. Located at Bai But and Bai Che, Ghenh Bang has a wild and clear appearance like a “green pearl”. Coming to Ghenh Bang, you can camp overnight, fish, dive to see coral, take photos,… and enjoy delicious specialties.

9.6 Son Tra Tinh Vien

This place is growing and preserving more than 100 species of bamboo out of a total of more than 300 species in Vietnam, along with some bamboo varieties sent from India. Among them are rare breeds that are at high risk of extinction.

The space of Son Tra Tinh Vien is truly charming, poetic and peaceful with rows of bamboo and green bamboo covering the sky, interspersed with small gurgling streams, mixed with the sound of birds singing and the wind blowing. fence, will definitely bring you moments of calm and relaxation.

10. Some important notes when traveling to Bai But beach

To have the safest and most complete trip to Bai But Da Nang, you need to note a few things below:

  • If you rent a motorbike, you need to carefully check the vehicle’s parts, fill it with gas and bring the necessary documents.
  • You should bring some ready-to-eat foods such as bread, milk and drinking water.
  • Cleaning up after eating, don’t throw trash around.
  • Do not swim in prohibited areas or swim too far from shore because the beach has no lifeguards and some areas of water are quite deep.
  • When diving to see coral, you are not allowed to arbitrarily break branches or step on coral.

Bai But with its beautiful scenery and diverse experiences will definitely be an extremely ideal destination for your journey of discovery in Da Nang with your family and friends. When traveling to Bai But, you will freely participate in adventure games on the sea, explore the endless beauty of the ocean, comfortably swim and soak in cool water.

This is an extremely ideal place for couples, groups of friends or families to relax, rest and bond emotionally. What are you waiting for? Please contact Origin Vietnam immediately – a professional tour operator, we will take you on a Da Nang private tour to explore the Bai But beach with many attractive activities and interesting experiences.

Private Da Nang Tour Package 5 days

  • Get the panorama of this famous beach city from summit of Marble Mountain and Son Tra Peninsular
  • Take a cable car to Ba Na Hill to discover its beauties with cool climate all year round and especially Golden Bridge
  • Get the charming of Hoi An ancient town to back the past for a famous trading port
  • Understand more of Imperial Hue city with unique of Royal Palace and style of each mausoleum that show King’s opinion
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