Bac Ha Flower Valley
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Bac Ha Flower Valley

Bac Ha Flower Valley is one of the beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in Lao Cai province. Every year, Bac Ha flower valley welcomes many domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Coming to Bac Ha flower valley, visitors seem to have set foot in another world, thousands of flowers of all types and colors bloom in the fresh and cool space.

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1. Where is Bac Ha Flower Valley?

Bac Ha flower valley is located in San Bay village, Thai Giang Pho commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. About 80 km east of Lao Cai city center and about 300 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Bac Ha flower valley unique?

Coming to Bac Ha flower valley, visitors will be immersed in the colorful space of flowers, breathing the fresh air of the mountains and forests. People designed flower streams and colorful flower carpets stretching out, making anyone who comes here feel extremely excited. Each flower has its own unique color, captivating and attracting viewers. Each flower is grown in a separate space, with a harmonious and delicate structure.

Flowers in Bac Ha flower valley bloom throughout all four seasons with many flower species such as: petunia, lavender, hydrangea, cymbidium, rose, jade, nasturtium, azalea, chrysanthemum…

  • Petunia is a beautiful small flower, shaped like flying butterfly wings, with many colors. Such as white, pink, purple,…
  • Lavender has a light purple color and is used to make perfumes and essential oils. It is a flower with a gentle scent and is grown in temperate climates…

When coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fresh air of the H’mong village with its endless green corn and rice fields. The quiet space of the village will help visitors have time to relax and rest more comfortably.

IMG Bac Ha Flower Valley Lao Cai 1

3. When is the best time to visit Bac Ha Flower Valley?

You can go to Bac Ha flower valley at any time of the year. Most tourists choose to visit Bac Ha on Saturday and Sunday weekends to participate in traditional cultural activities and famous markets here.

If you are someone who likes to explore traditional cultural spaces, participate in traditional festival activities such as: Bac Ha horse racing festival (around May and June), Water procession festival, Land procession festival; Gau Tao festival on the first day of the new year,…

4. How to get to Bac Ha flower valley?

  • Traveling by private car: From Hanoi, tourists travel along the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway, the same road as traveling to Sapa. But to Xuan Giao intersection, follow National Highway 4E, to Bac Ngam along Highway 153 to reach Bac Ha flower valley.
  • Traveling by motorbike: You depart from Hanoi along Highway 70 to Bac Ngam, then turn onto Road 153 to Bac Ha to arrive. Most tourists choose to ride a motorbike in combination with the Hanoi – Bac Ha – Sapa – Mu Cang Chai – Hanoi road trip. Or Hanoi – Bac Ha – Sapa – Sin Ho – Moc Chau – Mai Chau – Hanoi,…
  • Travel by bus: Most tourists going to Bac Ha flower valley choose to travel by sleeper bus to save physical strength and time. Friday night, you depart from Hanoi from My Dinh and Giap Bat bus stations to go to Bac Ha. At about 4:00 a.m. the next morning, you will be here. Saturday and Sunday are the times when many interesting activities take place such as Can Cau market (the largest buffalo market in the North, held on Saturday mornings), Bac Ha market (held on Sunday mornings),…

5. Specialties when traveling to Bac Ha Flower Valley

When traveling to Bac Ha flower valley, visitors will not only admire a vast, fresh and cool space with countless fragrant flowers blooming, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy specialty dishes. famous here.

IMG Thang Co Ha Giang

5.1. Sour Pho

Bac Ha traditional pho includes sour pho, mixed pho and mixed pho with many shared ingredients, of which, sour pho is the most famous and almost unmatched anywhere. Pho has created a huge, unmistakable difference between Bac Ha and other localities. The pho here is not white as usual but slightly brown, because it is coated with special local red rice, grown in Lung Phinh commune.

A bowl of sour pho includes warm, freshly coated pho noodles, char siu pork, chopped raw vegetables, peanuts and finally a little sour water. Before eating, you should add a little salt because sour pho will be a bit bland compared to everyone’s general taste. Sour pho must be eaten cold to be delicious, so it is suitable for eating in the summer.

5.2. Thang Co Bac Ha

Thang co is a typical traditional dish of the H’mong people, later introduced to the Kinh, Dao, and Tay ethnic groups. The meat cooked in Thang Co traditionally is usually horse meat, later beef, buffalo meat, and pork were added.

Thang co horse dish was born nearly 200 years ago when the H’Mong, Tay, and Nung people came to Bac Ha to reside. However, only since Bac Ha tourism has developed has it become known to many tourists.

When eating Thang Co, the pan of meat is still placed on the stove. Once eaten, scoop it into a bowl. You can add Bac Ha fried chili to add more spiciness. Sipping a cup of spicy Ban Pho corn wine, picking up a piece of stewed horse meat and putting it in your mouth.

The soft sweetness of horse meat combined with the spiciness of Bac Ha chili, the aromatic aroma of Thang Co spices will create a unique smell. A very unique taste that no other dish has.

5.3. Khau Nhuc

This is a rather sophisticated and complicated dish that in the past was only cooked during holidays and New Year. The meat used to cook Khau Nhuc dishes must be fresh, black pork, not meat that has been kept in the refrigerator to cook.

Spices include pickles, five spice, fish sauce, salt and some forest leaves that are passed down from generation to generation. Khau Nhuc is a traditional dish of the Tay people in Bac Ha, so this dish also follows a Tay tradition. With the hope of a prosperous and fulfilling life, the number of pieces of meat cut out must be an even number.

5.4. Black banh chung (black sticky rice cake)

This is a traditional dish of the Tay and Nung people in Bac Ha. On the outside, black banh chung is also wrapped in green dong leaves but is not square like green banh chung but has a round, long shape, almost similar to hunchback banh chung.

Black banh chung is made with traditional glutinous rice with large round grains that are both fragrant and flexible. The black color of the cake is made from the ash of the Nac Nac tree. The plant is dried, burned to ash and ground finely then mixed with rice before making cakes.

5.5. Seven-color sticky rice

As a dish only available during holidays, seven-color sticky rice of the Nung Din people, in addition to its culinary value, also has profound spiritual value. Banana leaf green is the color of spring, dark red symbolizes the blood of those who heroically sacrificed their lives to protect the village, yellow symbolizes the pain of separation, bright red symbolizes victory.

6. Accommodation when traveling to Bac Ha flower valley

When traveling to Bac Ha, visitors can choose accommodation facilities in the town center for convenience in moving between tourist destinations. However, most tourists coming here choose a homestay form of accommodation, this is an opportunity for you to experience the daily life of ethnic minorities as well as immerse yourself in the poetic and poetic nature.

6.3. Hotels:

  • Thanh Nhu Hotel. Address: 133 Ngoc Uyen, Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Bac Ha Hotel. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Cozy Hotel. Address: 29 Vu Van Mat, Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Sunday Hotel. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Cong Fu Hotel. Address: 152 Ngoc Uyen, Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Minh Quan Hotel. Address: 31 Vu Van Mat, Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Sao Mai Hotel. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.

6.4. Guesthouses:

  • Dang Khoa Guesthouse. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Cong Phu Guesthouse. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Toan Thang Guesthouse. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Ngan Nga Guesthouse. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Thanh Nien Guesthouse. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.

6.5. Homestays:

  • Cho Family Homestay. Address: Na Hoi, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Bac Ha Boutique. Address: Na Co, TT. Bac Ha, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Flower Hmong Homestay. Address: Na Hoi, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Anh Dao Homestay. Address: Street 135, Ta Ho, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Huy Trung Homestay. Address: Bac Ha Town, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Bac Ha Eco Homestay. Address: TT. Bac Ha, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.
  • Sa House. Address: Na Hoi, Bac Ha, Lao Cai.

7. Some famous tourist attractions near Bac Ha flower valley

7.1. Hoang A Tuong’s Mansion

Hoang A Tuong Palace, also known as “Meo King’s Palace”, was started in 1914, but was not completed until 1921. The project is an intersection between Western architecture and Eastern architecture. This is a tourist destination not to be missed for tourists whenever visiting the Bac Ha plateau.

7.2. Bac Ha market

DSC 5335

Bac Ha market is a special market that few other markets have. Every Sunday the market takes place. Because the market only takes place one day a week, people flock to Bac Ha town to hold a market with countless different items.

The market is mainly for buying, selling and exchanging by ethnic minorities and tourists. At the Bac Ha market, you can find unique ethnic items and special dishes of the people here.

In particular, the market is also a space for cultural exchange and meetings between ethnic minorities in the surrounding areas.

7.3. Bac Ha buckwheat flowers

IMG Buckwheat Flower Garden iMu Cang Chai 3

Coming to Bac Ha, you can admire buckwheat flowers at places such as La Di Thang (Ta Van Chu commune), San Bay 2 (Thai Giang Pho commune) and Po Cho 2 (Lau Thi Ngai commune).

Please note, buckwheat flowers in Bac Ha are often planted to bloom on long holidays such as national reunification on April 30, National Day on September 2 and Bac Ha horse racing festival in early June. .

7.4. Ban Pho village

Ban Pho village is the birthplace of famous Ngo wine throughout the northern mountains of Vietnam, a specialty that everyone who mentions Bac Ha knows. It’s a living area of the H’Mong people located about 5 km from Bac Ha.

If you travel to Bac Ha, take the time to visit the H’Mong ethnic area in Ban Pho. Here, you will not only understand the cultural customs of the Mong people but also admire the beautiful scenery from the plum and peach forests. Especially enjoying Ban Pho’s specialty corn wine.

7.5 Bac Ha Temple

Bac Ha Temple is a place to worship brothers Vu Van Uyen and Vu Van Mat, originally from Gia Loc – Hai Duong. The temple was built in the late 19th century to commemorate the hero who contributed to this land.

The people here worked together to build this temple to annually commemorate the hero who contributed to the country, once stabilizing the northwestern border region of Vietnam.

Bac Ha Temple has a profound historical significance and influence on the political, cultural and social life of the ethnic people of Lao Cai province in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

IMG Bac Ha Flower Valley Lao Cai 2

8. Some important notes when traveling to Bac Ha Flower Valley

To ensure the most complete trip, visitors should refer to the preparations before departing to visit Bac Ha flower valley.

  • Clothing: Before your trip to Bac Ha, you need to refer to the weather to choose appropriate clothes. However, Bac Ha is mountainous, the temperature at night often drops, you should bring a windbreaker to keep your body warm.
  • Shoes and sandals: Most activities in Bac Ha are walking, so soft-soled, well-fitting shoes are the ideal choice.
  • First aid box: you should prepare some medicine for common colds, stomachaches, headaches… in case you can’t adapt to the weather changes here.
  • Money in cash and documents: Bac Ha district is not as developed as Sapa, you should prepare cash for services. Need to bring documents such as ID card, passport, ID card, driver’s license, etc.

If you are planning your Sapa tour to Bac Ha flower valley, immediately contact our team. A professionaltour operator, consultants, and tour guides who are experienced, dedicated and thoroughly knowledgeable about this area. We will take you on a tour Vietnam to explore Bac Ha flower valley with many interesting experiences and memorable memories.

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