Ba Don
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Ba Don

Ba Don town is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and it still preserves many unique historical and cultural relics. Furthermore, you can also participate in traditional cultural festivals as well as visit ancient craft villages. Let’s explore this beautiful place with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Tho Don Wicker Village Ba Don

1. Where is Ba Don town?

Ba Don is a town in Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. About 42 km northwest of Dong Hoi city and about 465 km south of Hanoi capital.

2. How is Ba Don unique?

Ba Don has a prime location on the East Sea coast. Where you can enjoy beautiful beaches with fine white sand, clear blue sea water. Especially, there are many delicious and attractive specialties. In addition, Ba Don also preserves many important cultural heritages. Such as: Minh Le communal house, Thuan Bai communal house, Quang Hoa ancient forging village,…

Therefore, traveling to Ba Don land will bring you an unforgettable experience. In particular, this is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the wild and peaceful beauty of Central Vietnam.

3. When is the best time to visit Ba Don town?

Ba Don has a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season lasts from April to September, which is the ideal time to travel to Ba Don. The weather at this time is sunny, with little rain, very favorable for sightseeing and exploration activities.

However, if you want to avoid intense hot days, you can go to Ba Don in October or November. The weather at this time is cooler and more pleasant. The rainy season in Ba Don lasts from October to March of the following year. The weather at this time is rainy, so it can affect sightseeing and exploration activities. If you plan to travel to Ba Don during the rainy season, you should monitor the weather forecast to plan accordingly.

IMG Quang Hoa Ancient Forging Village Ba Don 1

4. How to get to Ba Don town from Dong Hoi city?

Starting from Dong Hoi city center, you move along Ly Thuong Kiet and Ly Thanh Tong streets about 10 km northwest to meet a roundabout intersecting with National Highway 1A. From here, you turn onto National Road 1A and continue moving about 32 km northwest when you come to an intersection. You turn left onto Highway 12A and continue following this road about 2.5 km west to reach Ba Don town center.

5. Sightseeings in Ba Don town

5.1 Ba Don Market preserves many traditional values

IMG Ba Don Market

Ba Don Market located on the North bank of Gianh River, is one of the oldest markets in Quang Binh. Where people preserved much of the cultural beauty of Ba Don. The unique thing about Ba Don market in Quang Binh is the market days, where you can buy local forest and sea products, products of traditional craft villages and enjoy Ba Don specialties.…

Having gone through many ups and downs of history, Ba Don market in Quang Binh now still retains the unique features of the traditional market, while developing the potential of a more modern, bustling central market.

5.2 Visiting Tho Don wicker village when traveling to Ba Don, Quang Binh

IMG Tho Don Wicker Village Ba Don 4

If you once set foot in Ba Don, don’t forget to visit Tho Don wicker village. According to the elders, weaving appeared and became the main “earning” profession of the people of Tho Don village nearly 400 years ago. Despite the ups and downs of time, the craft village is still alive and thriving. develop strongly.

When coming to Tho Don village, you can easily see images of the people of Tho Don village, from young to old, men and women sitting on the porch, using bamboo and cork hands and quickly weaving all kinds of knitting needles. Gradually,…The simple beauty of the culture and people here becomes a very unique attraction, making anyone who visits feel truly passionate.

Therefore, this is the reason why Tho Don village is often mentioned as a destination in Quang Binh tourism maps – the most worth visiting destinations.

5.3 Visiting Minh Le communal house

IMG Minh Le Communal House Ba Don

If you love exploring history and culture, visiting Minh Le communal house will be an interesting suggestion for your trip to Ba Don that you should not miss. Minh Le village communal house belongs to Minh Le village, Quang Minh commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province.

This is a historical relic area, built in 1923, a place to worship the Thanh Hoang and ancestors, and is also a place for ceremonies, meetings, and processions of the village.

In particular, Minh Le village communal house was built from extremely elaborate dragon and phoenix blocks, combined with meticulous carvings that show the beauty of the sculptural art of an ancient time. This is one of the tourist destinations in Quang Binh with many cultural and historical values ​​that attracts many tourists every year.

5.4 Visiting Thuan Bai communal house

Thuan Bai communal house belongs to Thuan Bai village, located about 2km north of Gianh bridge. Built by people in the first half of the 16th century, Thuan Bai communal house has many special historical and cultural meanings.

Over more than 200 years of history, Thuan Bai village communal house was once seriously destroyed, but in 1850, the communal house was rebuilt in the Nguyen Dynasty architectural style with arched gates, yin-yang tile roofing, and a screen. There are two sides embossed with the image of Quy An, Tiger and Evil,…

5.5 Quang Hoa Banh Xeo Village

IMG Quang Hoa Banh Xeo Village Ba Don

When you leave the center of Ba Don town, Quang Binh province, and cross the Gianh river by a bridge, you will arrive at a peaceful countryside, where famous traditional cakes such as banh xeo and banh xeo are kept. mold brown rice. In the main house, the sisters and mothers still dedicatedly breathe life into the cakes. The bakery here, although rustic, still smells of smoke every day.

5.6 Quang Hoa ancient forging village

IMG Quang Hoa Ancient Forging Village Ba Don

Located in Nhan Hoa village, Quang Hoa commune, Ba Don town, Quang Hoa Ancient Forging Village is a “living museum” preserving the traditional forging craft of the people here. Created by the skillful hands of blacksmiths, Quang Hoa Ancient Forging Village is facing many challenges in preserving and developing the craft of blacksmithing.

Although blacksmithing is a difficult job with low income, the blacksmithing households in Quang Hoa still persevere to preserve their traditional craft. It is an integral part of local culture and community spirit.

6. Specialties when traveling to Ba Don town

Not only does it have interesting destinations, Ba Don also possesses an extremely attractive culinary culture. The people here have skillfully created Quang Binh specialties that make many diners fall in love. Below are some suggestions for delicious dishes and restaurants in Ba Dong Quang Binh that you should try when visiting.

6.1 Ba Don soup

If you don’t know what to eat in Ba Don, the first suggestion is Quang Binh porridge. A rustic dish, made from simple ingredients, but with a rich flavor unique to the Central people, the porridge here always knows how to “fascinate” diners.

Quang Binh porridge soup is made from wheat flour or rice flour, soft and chewy. After being kneaded thoroughly, it is cooked with fish cakes, shrimp, snakehead fish, pork bones,… All ingredients are combined. , measure and measure just enough to create an irresistibly sweet and fragrant porridge. When eating, remember to add onions, coriander, mustard greens, and a little spicy chili sauce for the full flavor. If you come to Ba Don, don’t miss this delicious dish!

6.2 Quang Binh Banh Xeo in Ba Don

One of the top dishes on the list of must-try dishes when coming to Ba Don Quang Binh is banh xeo. Unlike many types of banh xeo in other provinces, Quang Binh banh xeo is made from red brown rice flour, has a quite simple appearance but can be memorable for anyone who has tried it once.

After grinding brown rice, mixed with water, then poured into the mold and coated evenly. After the cake is cooked, put it in a banana leaf to preserve the simplicity and rusticity of a hometown cake. Banh xeo in Ba Don, you can eat with salad, raw vegetables, banana fish and spicy chili fish sauce. It’s so simple, but I bet this cake makes many people “love it”.

6.3 Ba Don cast cake

It is not difficult to find a good restaurant in Quang Binh, but finding a restaurant that sells delicious Banh Duc is something that not all tourists know. Ba Don Market is where you can find a delicious stall of Banh Duc. It’s not a fancy restaurant, just a small shop, but the banh duc stalls here always have a strange appeal.

Visit Ba Don market, sit and watch the shops, buyers and sellers, then enjoy the rustic taste of soft, fragrant rice cakes, dipped in a little fish sauce or shrimp paste, that alone is enough to have an experience. Interesting experience when coming here. Try it, you won’t regret it!

6.4 Chat Chat of Gianh river – Ba Don

If you plan to travel to Ba Don, don’t forget to enjoy the river products here. In addition to the Trach rolled in lolot leaves – a Ba Don specialty or Quang Binh seafood dishes, don’t forget to taste the delicious dish most recommended by many people here, which is Gianh River Chat Chat. Giang river Chat chat looks like a mussel but smaller.

Chat Chat is a specialty of Ba Don that attracts many tourists. To make delicious great-grandchildren, you need to go through another elaborate processing step. Sweet and soft meat after being pre-processed will be processed into many extremely attractive dishes. Such as noodle soup, stir-fried rice cake, soup, etc. If you have visited Ba Don but If you don’t try these dishes, it will be a pity.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Ba Don town

When traveling here, you can refer to some of the accommodations below:

7.1 Hotels:

  • Co Huong Hotel. Address: Ba Don Ward, Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.
  • Green Hotel. Address: Quang Trung, Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.
  • Hoang Lan Hotel. Address: Quang Tho, Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.
  • Linh Giang Hotel. Address: Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.

7.2 Guesthouses:

  • Yen Dung Guest House. Address: Quang Trung, Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.
  • Hoa Mo Guesthouse. Address: Quang Phong, Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.
  • An Binh Guesthouse. Address: Quang Thuan, Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.
  • Bao Hung Guesthouse. Address: 213 Quang Trung, Quang Long, Ba Don Town, Quang Binh.

Hopefully the useful information that Origin Vietnam – a professional tour operator, shared in the article above, will be helpful for your upcoming vacation. We also accompany you on your special journey to explore the Quang Binh tour and commit to bringing you the most enjoyable and complete experiences.

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