Ba Be National Park
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Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is an ideal eco-tourism destination for those who love nature and like to explore. Coming here, you will be immersed in the wild natural scenery, admire the diverse flora and fauna ecosystem, or more interestingly, enjoy delicious local dishes.

Let’s walk around the majestic Ba Be National Park with Origin Vietnam and gain useful travel experiences before travel.

IMG Ba Be Lake 8

1. Where is Ba Be National Park?

Ba Be National Park is located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, stretching across 5 communes of Quang Khe, Khang Ninh, Cao Tri, Cao Thuong and Nam Mau, about 77 km from Bac Kan city and the capital. Hanoi is about 240 km north of Vietnam.

2. How is Ba Be National Park unique?

Dubbed the “treasure of Bac Kan mountains and forests”, this place is famous for many beautiful landscapes. Among them, the most prominent is still Ba Be Lake. It’s one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in Vietnam and the world.

Ba Be National is surrounded by two arcs Ngan Son and Bac Son. Especially is one of the 20 largest natural freshwater lakes in the world and the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam.

This is one of the largest and most beautiful tectonic lakes in our country. It’s formed from a limestone area that collapsed due to underground water flowing into the heart of the mountain massif. The value of Ba Be Lake is not only its tourism value. But also its geological and geomorphological value with biodiversity. Because this is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. In 1995, Ba Be Lake was recognized as one of the World’s 20 special freshwater lakes that need to be protected. By the end of 2004, Ba Be National Park was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park.

How large is the lake?

The lake surface is vast with an area of 650 hectares, an average depth of about 20-25m, stretching over 8 km. Local people call BaBe Slam Pé, meaning three lakes. The name comes from the fact that the lake is the convergence of three river branches: Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng. Travelling to Ba Be Lake, visitors will admire the majestic, pristine but no less poetic natural beauty hidden behind beautiful clouds.

Ba Be National Park possesses a diverse ecosystem with more than 1,000 plant species and 80 rare animal species. Besides biological diversity, this National Park also attracts visitors with its dreamy beauty that is rare to find anywhere else. Currently, many types of tourism are developing in Ba Be, promising to bring visitors unforgettable experiences.

3. When is the best time to travel Ba Be National Park?

Ba Be National Park is surrounded by primeval forests and rocky mountains, cool all year round. Therefore, each season has its own beauty. According to the experience of long-time travelers, the ideal time for you to travel to Ba Be National Park is from September to April of the following year.

  • If you go in the summer months, this place is an ideal vacation spot with always fresh, cool air, a place away from the stuffiness, heat and noise of the city.
  • If you want to enjoy the bustling festival atmosphere and participate in folk games, you can go in January – spring, around the 9th – 10th day of Tet, this is the time when the scenery seems to take on a new coat. new with blooming flowers and trees sprouting green buds.
IMG Ba Be National Park

4. How to get to Ba Be National Park?

Ba Be Garden is about 240 km from Hanoi, visitors can visit this location by one of the following means of transportation:

4.1. Traveling by passenger cars

From Hanoi, you can catch a bus to Bac Kan at My Dinh or Yen Nghia bus station. Besides, visitors can also choose direct bus services to Ba Be, each bus carries about 15 passengers.

4.2. Traveling by personal car or motorbike

If traveling by motorbike or car, follow the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway, turn onto National Highway 3. At the intersection with TL 268, turn left to go to Dinh Hoa (Chu Market). Coming here, you continue to run along TL 254 to Bang Lung (Cho Don), go another 40 km and you will reach Ba Be National Park.

4.3. Traveling by plane

Tourists in remote provinces who want to go to Ba Be garden need to take a flight to Hanoi first, then take a bus or rent a motorbike to continue.

Flights to Hanoi will land at Noi Bai airport, the distance between the airport and the city center is about 30 km.

5. Top sightseeing in Ba Be National Park

A world-famous landscape, Ba Be national park is both a large biosphere reserve and a flooded Ramsar site on limestone mountains. Coming here, visitors will admire the magnificent cave system, diverse and rare flora and fauna. If you have the opportunity to visit this National Park, do not forget the list of locations below.

5.1. Ba Be Lake

IMG Ba Be Lake 2

Ba Be Lake is located in the central area of the National Park, is a beautiful green pearl that nature has bestowed. The geological and hydrological tectonics of Ba Be Lake are very special, the calm water is like a giant mirror reflecting the reflections of rocky mountains and clouds. Traveling to Bac Kan, visitors must once visit Ba Be Lake to enjoy the majestic and pristine beauty of nature.

5.2. Puong Cave

IMG Puong Cave 3

Puong Cave is a natural masterpiece located in the north of Ba Be National Park, belonging to the Lung Nham limestone mountain range. It’s a length of about 300 m, is a cave with two ends, inside there are vertical cliffs and stalactites of various shapes. This is the home of more than 20 species of bats with numbers reaching up to tens of thousands. The temperature in the cave is always at 18 – 20 degrees Celsius, cool and extremely comfortable.

5.3. Ba Goa Island

IMG Ba Goa Island 1

Ba Goa Island is a small island located right in the middle of Ba Be Lake, formed from large and small stones stacked on top of each other. The island is covered with lush green grass and trees, looking from afar like a sparkling emerald. If you want to explore Ba Goa Island, you can choose to visit Ba Be Lake by motorboat. The boat will stop for you to visit the island, sightsee or swim.

5.4. Dau Dang Waterfall

IMG Dau Dang Waterfall 2

Dau Dang Waterfall is about 4 km from Puong Cave, located along the Nang River, and is a coordinate not to be missed when traveling to Ba Be National Park. The waterfall is located between two majestic limestone mountains, surrounded by vast primeval forests, creating extremely impressive scenery. The waterfall has a steep slope, water flows from above, creating 3 sections: a precarious, winding section, a peaceful, dreamy section.

5.5. Ao Tien (Fairy Pond)

IMG Ao Tien 2

Ao Tien is a pond connected to Ba Be Lake by underground water. Because there is no source of flow in or out, the water in the pond is extremely clear and is home to many species of aquatic plants and animals. In particular, local people consider Ao Tien a very sacred place, so tourists coming here can only admire the scenery, not throw trash, bathe or play in the water.

5.6. Hua Ma Cave

IMG Hua Ma Cave 6

Hua Ma Cave or Leo Pen Cave is located south of Ba Be Lake, halfway up Co Don Mountain, which is green all year round. The cave is located at an altitude of 350 m above sea level, with a length of up to 700 m. To get to the cave entrance, visitors must follow the steps along the mountainside. Inside the cave is a large space with stalactites in diverse shapes, from images of Tang Monk and his disciples, Guan Yin Buddha statue to terraced fields, stone gates, and stone curtains.

5.7. Tham Phay Cave

IMG Tham Phay Cave 5

Not far from the foot of Co Don Mountain is Tham Phay Cave – a unique water cave often referred to as Son Doong of the North. This is a very pristine cave with a system of stalagmites and stalactites stretching out in all shapes and colors. The road to the cave is relatively dangerous, visitors have to walk, climb mountains and cross streams for quite a distance, but the results are completely worth it.

6. Specialties in Ba Be National Park

Ba Be cuisine is famous for the traditional dishes of the mountainous ethnic groups in the Northeast of Vietnam such as H’Mong, Tay, Dao… Not fussy but always creating its own mark, which is what attracts tourists. excited to enjoy the cuisine here.

6.1. Grilled fish

Grilled fish is a typical dish in Ba Be region. Fresh fish is caught right at the lake, gutted, marinated with spices and then dried. The fish is fixed to bamboo braces, dried for 3-4 days in the sun, then grilled directly on charcoal. When eaten, grilled fish has a naturally sweet taste, each grain of meat is white and very firm.

6.2. Wormwood leaf cake

Wormwood leaf cake, also known as wormwood cake, has a shape and method of making quite similar to the cake in the lowlands. Making banh wormwood is not difficult, but the process of choosing ingredients is the most difficult. The dark green color of the cake seems to encapsulate the flavors of Ba Be’s rivers, mountains and forests. According to my experience traveling to Ba Be National Park, wormwood cake is an easy-to-eat, cool and non-sticky cake. If you have enjoyed it once, you will definitely never forget it.

6.3. Dam Deng Sticky Rice

Dam Deng sticky rice is a colorful sticky rice dish that brings luck and goodness according to local people’s beliefs. The eye-catching color of Dam Dang sticky rice originates from the leaves of the camphor tree and various other types of leaves, infusing upland sticky rice with an exceptionally fragrant aroma. When eating, you can dip it with sesame salt or shrimp paste to add flavor.

6.4. Smoked pork

Initially, hanging smoked meat in the kitchen was a traditional method of the Tay ethnic people to preserve meat for a long time and be able to use it all year round due to difficult living conditions in the past. Hanging meat in the kitchen not only helps preserve it for a long time, but the flavor of the meat is also rich and delicious.

Nowadays, although they do not have to store meat hanging in the kitchen as food to save like before, the Tay people around the lake still keep some meat in the kitchen to use on occasions of welcoming guests, holidays or important days. other. To make this dish, people cut the rib meat into small pieces, rub it with salt, squeeze wine, squeeze juice from a type of forest leaf, ferment it for a few days, then wash it with boiled water and hang it up in the kitchen. . The smoke from the wood stove every day turns the meat yellow-black. Meat hung like that can last a whole year without spoiling.

6.5. Bamboo shoots stuffed with meat

This is a dish with bold flavors of the mountains and forests. The bamboo shoots used to prepare this dish are bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots or bamboo shoots. After boiling, the bamboo shoots are cut open and slit on the inside.

The filling includes minced meat mixed with eggs and other herbs and spices. Put the filling in the middle of the bamboo shoot and roll it up, then put it in a saucepan, pour in enough water and bring to a boil and simmer until the water is almost gone. This delicious BaBe dish will make the meal more special.

6.6. Sour shrimp paste

Ba Be specialty – sour shrimp dish made from fresh shrimp. And upland rice prepared according to its own secret to have a unique delicious flavor that is not available anywhere else. The process of making sour shrimp is very simple. But to get a delicious dish, the shrimp must be fresh and the rice must be upland rice with a characteristic aroma. Fresh shrimp caught in the lake still crackling, after being washed, dried in the sun and sprinkled with salt. Cook upland rice, then cool and mix well with leaf yeast.

If you want the sour shrimp to be even more delicious, you must add other spices. Such as garlic, chili, galangal, chopped lean tenderloin meat, and boiled in boiling water. Tay people in Ba Be often eat sour shrimp with pork leg meat or boiled pork belly with herbs. Like Polyscias fruticosa leaves, green bananas, sour star fruit… After a trip to Ba Be Lake, you can buy a few jars of sour shrimp to bring. as a gift for relatives.

7. Accommodations in Ba Be National Park?

For convenience in sightseeing and traveling while in Ba Be National Park, you should choose hotels in Bac Kan city center. If you want to have more interesting experiences, closer to nature, you can consider hotels in Ba Be district. The most popular type of accommodation near Ba Be National Park is a homestay with typical highland architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes.

7.1 Mr. Linh’s Lakeside Lode

Mr. Linh’s Lakeside Lodge, also known as BaBe Lakeside Villa, embodies a boutique resort crafted in a rustic “homestay” style. Nestled deep within the pristine mountain forest area of Ba Be National Park, it establishes a connection to Coc village. The tribe passed through Ba Be lake. Highlights of the resort include cultural connections with 5 different ethnic minority villages. Especially enjoying unique local cuisine prepared by the Tay ethnic people with traditional dishes typical of the Ba Lake region.

Located on the southwest bank of Ba Be Lake, passing through a small road winding between wet rice fields with herds of buffaloes bathing in mud. Mr. Linh’s Lakeside Lodge is the most famous in Bac Kan with its unique stilt house architecture of the Tay people. And at the same time this place is also very close to the tourist attractions of Ba Be.

Homestay is suitable for tourists who love the traditional beauty of ethnic minorities. And like to immerse themselves in wild nature, but still want to stay in a private, luxurious space. When visitors come here, they can gain a deeper understanding of the life of the Tay ethnic people and appreciate the beauty of their cultural identity. This experience seamlessly combines and integrates modern conveniences with skillful precision.

7.2. Hai Dang Lodge

Hai Dang Lodge is located in Bo Lu village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district. Bo Lu is one of the villages located close to Ba Be Lake and is also a favorite destination for tourists when coming to Ba Be.

Here, visitors can enjoy the most complete services with self-contained rooms, especially the extremely friendly and hospitable host. The house is a combination of Vietnamese architecture and the unique stilt house architecture of the Tay people with an extremely spacious balcony. So visitors can comfortably enjoy the cool air and enjoy the view along Ba Be Lake.

7.3. Ba Be Jungle Houses

If you are looking for a private luxury villa with free parking and lake views, look no further. Conveniently located in the Ba Be area, this 5-zone resort is located right on the shores of Ba Be Lake close to exciting attractions and dining options. An exquisitely designed resort with high-class full indoor amenities and an infinity swimming pool on Ba Be Lake awaits you. Additionally, the room price includes complimentary services such as:

  • Private boat dock for pick up and drop off
  • Kayak, bicycle, swimming pool, garden, outdoor grill, relaxation lounge.

In addition, you can also refer to a series of other quality homestays as follows:

  • Ba Be Lakeside Bungalow. Address: Coc Toc, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan.
  • Minh Quang Homestay. Address: Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan.
  • Huyen Hao Homestay. Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be, Bac Kan.
  • Tran Xuan Homestay. Address: Pac Ngoi, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan.
  • Ba Be Lake View Homestay. Address: Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan.
  • Thai An Homestay. Address: Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan.
  • Hoang Nguyen Homestay. Address: Pac Ngoi, Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan.
  • Quynh Chi Homestay. Address: Pac Ngoi village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be, Bac Kan.

It’s worth a visit Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is an ideal tourist destination for those who love to explore and experience breathtakingly beautiful wild nature. Many interesting activities are waiting for you here. Especially eco tours, where you also have the opportunity to enjoy specialties with typical mountain and forest flavors that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you are planning your trip to Ba Be National Park, please contact Origin Vietnam – a reputable tour organizer Jungle trekking Vietnam and operator. With a team of professional and dedicated tour consultants and tour guides, we will take you on a journey to explore Ba Be National Park with exciting activities and unforgettable experiences.

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