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An Khe

An Khe town is one of the great choices for those who love to explore the natural beauty and unique culture of Gia Lai. Let’s explore the unique features of An Khe with Origin Vietnam.

IMG Kon Ha Nung Humid Tropical Forest

1. Where is An Khe town?

An Khe is a town located in the East of Gia Lai province. Located on Highway 19, 90 km from Pleiku, 79 km from Quy Nhon, between the two passes An Khe (bordering Tay Son district, Binh Dinh) and Mang Yang (bordering Mang Yang district, Gia Lai).

  • The North borders to: KBang district and Binh Dinh province.
  • The South borders to: Dak Po district.
  • The East borders tot: Tay Son district – Binh Dinh.
  • The West borders tot: Dak Po district.

2. How is An Khe town unique?

An Khe is located at the eastern gateway of Gia Lai province, with National Highway 19 running through, connecting two dynamic and bustling cities, Pleiku and Quy Nhon. An Khe town has rolling mountains, the romantic Ba river and many eco-tourism destinations such as pine forests, myrtle hills at the beginning of An Khe pass, Hon Co lake, Ben Tuyet dam,… This land is also an Early settlement of Vietnamese people in the Central Highlands. Thanks to that, this place has many religious institutions such as communal houses, temples, pagodas, and ancient houses with unique architecture, up to hundreds of years old.

In particular, An Khe is also a land marked by the Tay Son brothers at the end of the 18th century. With 3 relic clusters belonging to Tay Son Thuong Dao Special National Monument, including: Hon Binh relic cluster, Hon Nhac relic cluster , Hon Tao, Go Kho-Xom Ke. The relic cluster of Mieu Xa, the flag-waving Ke tree, and the Drum Civet tree. Go Cho relic cluster, An Khe citadel, An Khe truong, An Luy communal house (An Khe communal house) and many other valuable relics associated with the uprising.

Although it is a newly established town, An Khe is an urban area formed from a long historical process. The formation and development of An Khe is relating with many important historical periods of Vietnam. An Khe is a destination that should not be missed when traveling to Gia Lai.

IMG Kon Ha Nung Humid Tropical Forest 4

3. When is the best time to visit An Khe Town?

An Khe Town has a tropical monsoon highland climate, the weather is divided into two distinct seasons.

  • The dry season starts in December and lasts until May of the following year: this is the right time to visit An Khe thanks to the dry weather, which is convenient for traveling and exploring tourist attractions here.
  • The rainy season in June lasts until November: during this period, An Khe often experiences long-term rains. You should not travel during this period. If you want, you should check the weather forecast before departing.

How to get to An Khe Town?

4.1 Moving to Gia Lai

4.1.1 Traveling by plane

Gia Lai has Pleiku airport located only about 4 km from the city center. From Hanoi and the City. Ho Chi Minh has flights to Pleiku, you can book airline tickets from airlines such as Vietjet, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Bamboo Airways,… To save time on the plane is the most optimal choice.

4.1.2 Traveling by bus

You can choose a bus as a means of transportation from the city you live in to Gia Lai, which will help you save costs. Passenger car prices depend on departure point, bus company and time.

4.1.3 By motorcycles

Motorbikes are a means of transport for those who like to travel. If you want to conquer challenges and explore beautiful scenery during the journey to Gia Lai, you can choose this means of transport.

However, traveling by motorbike is only for those who are in good health, have a steady handlebar, and have a long travel time budget. Before going, plan to prepare all your belongings, check your motorbike and don’t forget to check the weather forecast!

4.2 Moving to An Khe Town

From Gia Lai, you can use taxis, cars or motorbikes to move to An Khe easily.

Starting from the center of Pleiku city, you move along Highway 19 west about 83 km to reach the center of An Khe town.

5. Sightseeings at An Khe town

5.1 An Khe heaven hole

An Khe Heaven Hole is hidden behind the mountains and green forests of Xuan An commune, An Khe town, Gia Lai province. This location is only about 15 minutes from the town center by taxi. Ho Troi with 14 rapids and waterfalls located between two canyons, surrounded by a large old forest, creating a majestic and impressive landscape.

Because the rapids are vertical, looking up from the foot of the waterfall or looking down from the top brings the feeling of being drawn into the deep abyss as if you can’t see the bottom. For this reason, local people have given this place the name Ho Troi (Heaven Hole). The origin of Ho Troi originates from two Bon Nuoc streams flowing down to Vinh Thanh and Binh Dinh provinces.

5.2 Ngoc Trung Vihara

IMG Ngoc Trung Vihara 4

Ngoc Trung Vihara was built in the spirit of peaceful practice, demonstrating the people’s constant life of practice and renunciation. This place is headed by Senior Nun Thich Nu Hiep Lien, attracting more than 50 Venerable Nuns mainly from the ashrams of Gia Lai and Dak Lak provinces to settle here.

The guesthouses in Ngoc Trung Vihara are simple and harmonious, combining traditional and modern features, to bring a comfortable and unique experience to visitors. To see all the beauty of Tinh Xa Ngoc Trung, you should visit during the summer retreat season. This is the time when the monastery becomes more sacred than ever.

5.3 Kon Ha Nung Humid Tropical Forest

IMG Kon Ha Nung Humid Tropical Forest 1

Kon Ha Nung is a nature reserve consisting of two natural reserve areas: Konchran and KonKaKinh. With a total area of ​​about 160,000 hectares, both protected areas of Kon Ha Nung tropical forest are considered symbols of nature reserves in the east of Truong Son. This place is famous for its typical subtropical forest ecosystem.

Kon Ha Nung is a preserved forest with many types of precious wood such as ironwood, bamboo, etc. Exploring Kon Ha Nung, visitors will see ancient trees larger than 1 meter in diameter. In addition to the rich flora and fauna system, this forest also captivates visitors with its poetic natural scenery.

With views of mountains, rivers and rapids, Kon Ha Nung offers fresh green space, creating a beautiful picture full of nature.

5.4 Quan Am Pagoda

IMG Quan Am Pagoda

Quan Am Pagoda is famous as a sacred spiritual destination, attracting many tourists from all over. The architecture of the pagoda has a classic Vietnamese pagoda style, harmonious between traditional and modern features. The temple was built on a spacious area, surrounded by a green campus creating a peaceful space.

The pagoda has 2 massive statues:

The giant reclining Buddha statue is uniquely designed with 2 floors: The first floor is the living room and lecture hall, from here there are stairs to the 2nd floor – Buddha’s belly, which can accommodate more than 100 people, and is a place of retreat for Buddhists. 

The jade green statue of Guan Them is 22m high.

5.5 Tay Son Thuong Dao Historical Relic Area

IMG Tay Son Thuong Dao Historical Relic Area 2

Tay Son Thuong Dao relic area is a place that tourists who love history will absolutely love. Associated with the uprising of the Tay Son insurgent army, this relic today still preserves many remaining artifacts of a period of heroic and resilient fighting. When coming here, you will have the opportunity to review the country’s history, admire the remaining traces of the war as well as relive the heroic moments of the nation.

The scenery here is ancient and sacred, with a large area, many beautiful scenes, from lotus ponds, reliefs, temples to two rows of stone horses and pure white elephant statues,… This place brings you a feeling of comfort, relaxation and national pride.

6. Specialties when traveling to An Khe Town

After fully exploring An Khe, you have the opportunity to enjoy An Khe’s specialties as follows:

6.1 Tube-grilled rice

This is a popular dish in the meals of many families in An Khe town. How to make this dish is very simple, you just need to prepare a bamboo tube, seal one end, and put upland rice on the other end.

Then add water and dong leaves and grill until fully cooked. Eating when hot will be much more delicious. Visitors will admire and enjoy dishes with crushed peanuts, grilled meat and a bowl of dipping sauce according to each person’s taste.

6.2 Dry pho

Dry pho has very small noodles, firm and slightly chewy. After that, they will be blanched in boiling water but still retain their toughness. You will eat dry pho with brown soy sauce and chili sauce to suit your taste. When traveling to An Khe Gia Lai, missing this dish will be a huge mistake.

6.3 Crab noodle soup

Crab fish noodle soup has the light salty taste of fish sauce combined with a little spicy chili. When eating, you will hear the crunchy sound of pork skin… When you finish enjoying this dish, you will want to eat another bowl because of the smell. The unique taste of the dish can only be found in this land of An Khe Gia Lai.

6.4 Yellow Ant salt

Yellow Ant salt is made from weaver ants living in the forest and has an extremely delicious flavor right from the first taste. Tourists coming here often buy this type of salt as gifts for family and friends.

6.5 Forest sour bamboo shoots

This is a dish very close to the people living here. When eating wild sour bamboo shoots, the fresh bamboo shoots will be pounded with chili, then incubated for about 2 weeks to get the natural sour taste. People often cook sour bamboo shoots with catfish and chicken to add flavor to the dish to meet human nutritional needs.

6.6 Wild leaf hot pot

Wild vegetable leaf hotpot is a special gift from nature to humans. With a rustic, authentic flavor, this is not only a delicious Gia Lai specialty, but also a culinary experience that you should not miss. Wild leaf hot pot is a delicate, traditional combination of indigenous ethnic people.

These leaves not only bring a unique flavor but also contain valuable nutrients that are good for health. Combined with meat sauce and spring rolls, the spicy taste of the leaves, the strong taste of meat sauce, and the dry taste of spring rolls create a unique culinary experience.

7. Accommodation when traveling to An Khe Town

Below are some hotel suggestions in An Khe Town for your reference:

  • Hotel 555 An Khe Gia Lai. Address: No. 552 Quang Trung, An Khe Town, Gia Lai.
  • La Maison du Dinh. Address: No. 1118 Quang Trung, An Khe Town, Gia Lai.
  • Huong Binh Hotel. Address: No. 558 Quang Trung, An Khe Town, Gia Lai.
  • Ban Mai Guesthouse. Address: No. 20 A Dao Duy Tu, An Khe Town, Gia Lai.
  • Thanh Luan Hotel. Address: No. 260 Ngo May, An Khe Town, Gia Lai.
  • Hoang Loc 2 Hotel. Address: 225 Bui Thi Xuan, An Phu, An Khe, Gia Lai.
  • Tan Quoc Vuong Hotel. Address: 260 Ngo May, An Tan, An Khe, Gia Lai.
  • Dai Loi Hotel. Address: 642 Quang Trung, An Binh Ward, An Khe, Gia Lai.
  • Huong Binh Hotel. Address: 558 Quang Trung, Phu Phong, An Khe, Gia Lai.
  • An Khe Hotel. Address: 572 Quang Trung, Tay Son, An Khe, Gia Lai.

An Khe Town is a great destination for those who love to explore and experience the unique culture of the Central Highlands. Are you looking for Vietnam tour adventure? Come to An Khe with Origin Vietnam and explore this rich and majestic land, to enjoy wonderful moments and keep the most memorable memories.

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