Muong Lo Valley
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Muong Lo Valley

Distance Yen Bai city about 80km to the west, the Muong Lo valley fit inside the town of Nghia Lo and Van Chan district, a wing at the same flat, the second largest in the mountainous northwest.

Not only is the largest granary in Yen Bai province, Muong Lo is also a very attractive place for tourists on the journey to discover new destinations.

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How Muong Lo valley is unique?

Muong Lo is a land of wild, pure nature, is in favor of nature, and offers a variety of landscapes. Muong Lo has a history of struggle, patriotism. It is also home to treasure valuable traditional culture of the Thai, Muong, Tay. Coming to Muong Lo valley, visitors will go through many different levels of emotions with different moods.

Muong Lo is the second largest of the four major valleys in the Northwestern region, just behind Muong Thanh (Dien Bien province). But stands on Muong Than (Than Uyen, Lai Chau) and Muong Tac (Phu Yen, Son La). This place is not only the largest food production area in the western region of Yen Bai. Also famous for its rich natural resources, mild climate, fresh and wild nature and beautiful scenery.

Looking down from the height overlooking the Muong Lo valley fields as a giant “pan”, creating a picture “grandeur, paint bar” with majestic mountains of cloud cover, surrounded by forest canopy. blue water, the waterfall spilled from the high to the foot of the mountain. And then wandered through the field, the Golden Chain of thousands of white clouds.

In the spring, the fog becomes more dense, as if we were lost in a place “paradise” but not in the middle of the bowl.

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Muong Lo is constantly changing in the year, when the color of the soil, glistening in the water color when the season is over. Then suddenly put on a blue color of the eyes of the new large, sky transfer. Autumn is also at the Muong Lo valley field, which has a yellow color of the sun, of the blooms of bumper grain. Together with nature and human hands, the Muong Lo valley field becomes a huge “art masterpiece” which constantly transforms, bringing about different nuances and beauty.

Going out of the field, visitors discover other famous natural landscapes in the area. Such as Ho Cave (Son Thinh commune), Muong stream (Dong Khe commune), Thia stream (Nghia Lo)… all still Preserve the original look wild, the great inherent nature gift.

After a long day of sightseeing, visitors are immersed in hot mineral water in Hoc village (Son Thinh commune), Bon village (Son A commune). There are many hot springs in Vietnam. But hot mineral water springs are not available anywhere. Visitors just dip for a few minutes, the skin will become smooth and pinkish.

Many scientific works have proved that hot springs in two Hoc and Bon villages have good health effects: treatment of dermatitis, reduction of inflammation, pain relief, support for treatment of osteoarthritis, seduction… The ancient bath is regarded as a cultural beauty and is still preserved here to this day.

Muong Lo valley history

The compatriots of Tay Yen and Muong Lo in particular are proud of the tradition of patriotism. The struggle spirit in history, with the relics of Cang and Sacred relics, proud of Nghia Lo (October, 1952) opened the Dien Bien Phu Campaign. There is a tomb named 9 martyrs killed in Nghia Lo (March 1945).

The Victory Monument of Nghia Lo proudly and the beer house enrolled more than 800 martyrs solemnly engraved deeper into the glorious history of the nation, while affirming the iron heart of the party of the North West.

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The relics of Cang and relatives of Nghia Lo are not too far away from the memorial of Ho Chi Minh. It’s located in the heart of Muong Lo as the ethnic minority people in Muong Lo are close to him. The memorial was built according to the aspirations and wishes to meet Uncle Ho of the ethnic groups in the Northwest. The population includes: stilt houses, gardens, fish ponds and the artifacts of President Ho Chi Minh’s career.

Muong Lo market is the largest trade center in the western region of Yen Bai province. Formed for a long time, meeting the needs of buying and selling goods, exchanging agricultural products and food of ethnic minority people. During the French colonial period, the market used by our comrades was a meeting place, secret communication to capture the enemy situation, at the same time as the place of military service, the propaganda of patriotism, national liberation, freedom to the people in the West.

The market is a place for business, exchange and purchase of common goods at the same time. It is a place of cultural integration of ethnic groups. friendships, where the girl meets, confides. Enjoy the food in the market, the street. Muong Lo market has a rich and diversified product structure, from modern industrial products to agricultural products, wild products; from commercial items to traditional handicrafts.

Travel To the market, visitors can easily buy products as gifts for relatives, friends. Such as: costumes, ethnic jewelry, traditional handicrafts (blankets, cushions, seat cushions, handbags, belts, knives, hoes…); local specialties (honey forest, rice, bamboo shoots, apple cats…) with low price.

In Muong Lo valley, visitors not only see the mountains, scattered fields and discover a wild land but also visit the beautiful villages, experience the peaceful life of ethnic people. Such as Thai, Muong, Tay… The most prominent is the Black Thai, which is known as the Black Taimale.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience living activities, production with Thai compatriots in village culture – community tourism in Ban Dieu (Nghia An commune), Sa Ren village (Nghia Loi commune), live in the The house on stilts with the symbol of Quail. It is engaged in working in the field, learning weaving cloth, making wicker, going picking forest, fishing near the stream… That will not be easy challenges with many visitors. But it promises interesting things in life.

In the afternoon, along with the owner, visitors are enjoying the new ethnic dishes – unique. But extremely delicious, is moss stone, stream fish, vegetables, dried meat, sticky rice. Such as: crickets, bugs, grasshoppers, deep chit… have reached the “culinary arts” of Thai Muong Lo. And of course, indispensable jars of wine are cooked by the owner made from the ingredients available.

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The village seems to want to stay up all night. Busy in the sentence across the Thai, singing gliders, khang, Pí (flute) skin, making it difficult for visitors to leave this place. Passionate in wine yeast, the villagers with visitors hand in hand with flexible spreads, ecstasy. Flute makes strangers suddenly familiar, subtle flavor of the land, warmth and love of people here. At midnight, surrounded by fire, the elderly in the house told the children about the story of the mosaic.

It is worth a visit Muong Lo valley

The house is on the floor with the symbol “khau qu”. The traditional history of Thai Muong Lo… After a long day living with nature, living with local people. Visitors will have a good sleep to wake up tomorrow morning, sunshine through the door. Surely you will see how beautiful this life is.

If lucky, visitors can attend the grand festival of the Thai people. It’s like runways Term Khuong (January), Assembly “Xen version, Xen Muong” (January, February lunar calendar). Assembly In the morning of the 13th and 14th of lunar month. The traditional wedding will be an enjoyable experience Vietnam tour adventure for tourists.

In their journey, visitors not only visit, experience the Muong Lo valley. But also can combine discovery and challenge with the surrounding land is also very reasonable. Such as: Suoi Giang Commune, Thai culture in Tu Le Commune (Van Chan District); Going further, visitors will burst emotionally on the terraced fields in the Mu Cang Chai. The mountain region during the May-June flood season or September-Oct rice season.

Life is always busy but the last wish of human encapsulation is the word “peace”. Once you shake off all the clothes around, “carry your backpack up and go”. Believe me, you will not have to regret it once a Mu Cang Chai trip to Muong Lo valley to explore, to learn and feel.

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