Vung Tau Marina
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Vung Tau Marina

The Vung Tau Marina is known as the new pearl of Vung Tau, which is located on the romantic Dinh river to the sea. In front of the wharf are Long Son Island and Go Gang cave windy fresh air.

Vung Tau marina

How Vung Tau Marina is unique?

Vung Tau Marina is located in the area of Dong Xuyen industrial zone, Rach Gia ward is the anchor point of many yachts and cruise ships. This is the destination of many domestic and foreign tourists, providing services in and out of anchorage boats and canoes.

With a favorable location, Marina Harbor welcomes a large number of visitors, developing services that contribute to the expansion of the river cruise in Vung Tau.

This beautiful place captivated people, you can take a boat ride on the calm river, cool winds in the sunlight gently slide through each hand. You also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities such as high speed canoeing, surfing and sailing. The sails stretching wind waves surfing on the surface of the water brings a new feeling of extreme pleasure.

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After experiencing the fun activities you can go to the shore restaurant to enjoy the seafood, but a glass of cool vitamins or a cup of coffee to regain consciousness.

From the shore, overlooking the wharf, the white yachts were as swift as the swans landed. There are also colorful sailboats that stand out on the water surface. Ocean cruisers or ships of outstanding size, prominent in the middle of the harbor, still circulate on the wharf.

Vung Tau Marina also offers a variety of services, short tours in Vung Tau to serve you visit. You can take a tour of some of the points:

  • Long Son Island.
  • Oil and gas rig.
  • Cha Cha bridge.

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Renting canoes to Long Son Island you will see the life of villagers, tasting the processed oysters.Oysters in the village of Long Son famous for its large size, white fat meat are very delicious. Ticket price is about 170,000 VND / person.

Take a tour of an oil drilling platform. You will admire many large ships, port ship size, busy fishing ports, the largest storm shelter, Vung Tau. Tickets are about 120,000 VND / person.

You can also hire canoes at the Marina to explore the surrounding area. Each trip lasts for 4 hours, and the ticket price is 280.000 VND / person. If you go overtime you pay extra for the canoe owner. Going on a canoe, visitors feel more excited, but many more visits instead of boat trips.

It is worth a visit Vung Tau Marina

Here you are also entertained by fishing, here are 4 fishing spots including:

  • Song Dinh.
  • Nine Phuoc.
  • Green Island.
  • Strawberry.

Leaving the boat on the water and dropping the fishing rod is also a way to relax the mind, relieve stress. The Dinh river is 600 meters wide and is located near the sea. One day, the water tides up and down twice, you should choose when the water up fishing is more convenient and there are many large fish.

The Marina is also the venue for many couples. The romantic scene as Europeans make the photos more “unique” and strange. During the wedding season Marina welcomes many couples to take pictures, their faces are all radiant, exalted bliss. The person who loves the scenery and people seems to be more special than ever, everything seems to be paradise.

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In addition to providing recreational services, there are also selling boats, canoes directly to the person wanting to own.

In addition, Vung Tau Marina also provides repair services for waterway transportation equipment, supplying accessories for boats. Marina is very suitable for those who love yachts, boats, canoes and conditions to satisfy passion of their hobby.

Marina is increasingly popular with tourists and more known, not only serving guests in the country but also serving foreign guests. This place is gradually taking advantage of the strength to affirm its position as a tourist, entertainment and entertainment.

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How to go to Vung Tau Marina?

You can easily travel here by motorbike, car from Saigon easily and refer to the overnight places here:

A trip to the Vung Tau Marina will not disappoint you, it’s really worth the money. In addition, you will experience many new beauties, many exciting recreational activities and be served by dedicated professional staff. If you are looking for luxury tours of Vietnam so Marina is a great destination to visit. Wish you and your family a happy and meaningful trip.

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