Vung Tau Lighthouse


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Vung Tau Lighthouse

Vung Tau Lighthouse – In the Vung Tau tourist trip, in addition to being delighted to play with the waves, admire the beautiful natural scenery. Where you are also conquered Vung Tau Lighthouse – one of the interesting attractions. It’s chosen by many visitors.

Vung Tau Lighthouse

How Vung Tau lighthouse is unique?

Located on the top of small mountain (also called Tao Phung Mountain), in Ward 2, Vung Tau City. It’s about 170m high, the lighthouse has a circular tower, 18m high, covered with a delicate white paint, prominent on the blue sky. The place is surrounded by beautiful green canopy. Where attracting a lot of tourists to visit.

Vung Tau Lighthouse is considered the oldest among 79 lighthouses in Vietnam. Specially it is the symbol of Vung Tau City. France built this site in 1862 to signal and instruct ships to cross.

How to go to Vung Tau lighthouse?

Departure from Vung Tau city. Firstly you must follow the Ba Nhi street, then go to Pham Hong Thai before turn left onto Le Loi street. At Le Loi fork, turn right on Hoang Dieu street. At the end of the road continue to turn left to park Front Beach.

After turning right from Ha Long road, the section near the dock of the road starts to widen. Visitors can go straight to the lighthouse. But walking along the mountain is still a lot of tourists choose to admire the beautiful sea city from above.

The beautiful sea city from Vug Tau lighthouse

As mentioned above, to get to the lighthouse at the place of sightseeing in Vung Tau. You will have to go along the winding path to Little Mountain (also known as Tao Phung Mountain). This stretch of road is very beautiful, lying graceful winding side of mountain. There are also tropical plants that clade the shade down the path to contribute to the pristine and quiet.

Walking on the small mountain road, breathing fresh air is the pleasure for all when traveling to Vung Tau. Besides, there are many beautiful scenery, romantic for you take pictures, save the beautiful memories.

Vung Tau lighthouse at night

When visiting the tourist site of Vung Tau, to admire the unique architecture of the ancient lighthouse. Come here visitors can ride a motorcycle or car. However, many travelers choose to stroll to experience some challenging adventure, breathe cool air and enjoy the poetic landscape in the most complete.

But perhaps the best feeling is that as you walk through the ten-year-old porcelain garden with fragrant flowers along the path to the lighthouse at this Vietnam day tours destination, all your tired feelings seem to be dispelled. Stepping up to the top of the mountain, you will be fully immersed in the water, admire the towering lighthouse, magnificent white in the midst of the dark blue sky, or look at the Statue of Christ the King not far away.

The view Statue of Christ the King from Vung Tau Lighthouse

The lighthouse at the Vung Tau tourist site is connected to the residential area of the operators, by a solid tunnel, bearing unique architecture. From the spiral staircase in the heart of the lighthouse, with 55 steps leading to the top of the tower, visitors will enjoy the cool breeze blowing from the sea, overlooking the panoramic view of the countryside of Vung Tau city. Continue to explore the beauty of the lighthouse in Vung Tau, we will go through the massive operator, admire the French architecture. Especially, this place has a rain-water storage tank of about 1,000 m3, built to serve people.

In addition, many romantic soul tourists often go to the lighthouse to watch the sunrise and sunset also.

It can be said that the natural landscape is not a beautiful painting romantic dream. But a harmonious combination of nature, architecture and human work diligently. All contributed to make the panorama of Vung Tau Beach City more beautiful and attractive.

At present, the lighthouse tower is the destination of Vung Tau always in the schedule of tours of tourists near and far. It’s one of the most south Vietnam beach holidays will bring you wonderful moments of unforgettable.

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