Statue of Christ the King


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Statue of Christ the King

Statue of Christ the King is one of the famous places to visit Vung Tau, indispensable in the journey of tourists when traveling in Vung Tau. Because of the feeling of exciting conquest in this vibrant sea.

Statue of Christ the King

How Statue of Christ the King is special?

Statue of Christ the King is an unforgettable Vung Tau day tours. You can see the statue of Christ the King, one of the important symbols of Vung Tau, from all directions in the city. But the best is still climbing to the top of Little Mountain and admire the statue. Then, climb the observatory in the statue and watch the panorama of the city and the surrounding sea The statue of Christ the King was built in the early 1970 s but not until more than 20 years after its completion.

The arms are 18 m wide, 32 m high, two meters higher than the Redemptories statue in Rio de Janeiro.

The way to Statue of Christ the King

Follow the stairs leading up to Small Mountain, visitors will reach the statue of Christ the King, through the poetic garden. There is no need to worry about health problems, as along the way to the mountain there are quite a lot of rest. Even on the road along the way, the journey to the summit only takes about half an hour. Make sure you have proper shoes and shoes and carry them with you. Should visit early in the morning to avoid hot sun.

After reaching the summit, take time to rest, admire the statue. Remember not to overlook the footprint, with reliefs simulated by the Supper paintings.

If still healthy, continue the journey up the stairs inside the body. After 133 steep steps, visitors will reach the small sightseeing platform located in two palms, look toward the vast East Sea.

Almost Vietnam tours company offering customers to Statue of Christ the King in late afternoon. Be sure to choose polite attire, sleeveless shirts and pants or over-knee skirts. This is a non-fee attraction, however, visitors can donate for restoration and maintenance of the statue.

Inside Statue of Christ the King

How to go to Statue of Christ the King?

  • Motorcycles, cars

These are the two most convenient of self-sufficiency. Where you can go at any time, where to go, where to stop as you want. To go from Saigon to Vung Tau, you have 2 directions to choose: go through Cat Lai ferry to Nhon Trach, go to highway 51. If you ride motorcycles, you should choose cat Lai ferry route. Because of easy way to find It’s safer to drive fewer cars. If you go by car, you should go to Long Thanh – Dong Nai highway.

  • Coach

This is the type of vehicle most passengers choose. You can catch the car at the East bus station, Saigon to Vung Tau bus station. Travel time about 2.5 hours, ticket price about 80,000 – 160,000 VND / ticket depending on each car. There are some reputable car manufacturers in Vung Tau such as Phuong Trang, Thien Phu, Rang Dong, Hoa Mai…

  • Hydrofoil

This is the fastest way. It’s take only about 1.5 hours of travel. But the cost of moving is also the most expensive, the ticket price is about 200,000 VND / ticket. You can buy tickets and travel at Bach Dang wharf, Ho Chi Minh City to Cau Da wharf, Vung Tau city. There are a number of shipping lines that you can choose from such as: Green Lines, Vina Express,…

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