Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda


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Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda

Vung Tau is not only a seaside city with many attractive entertainment areas but also spiritual place famous for its unique and great architectural pagodas.

Linh Son Co Tu is a pagoda chosen by tourists to visit Vung Tau by peaceful scenery and also the ancient temple of the coastal city.

Linh Son Co Tu pagoda gate

How Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda Special?

The oldest temple in Vung Tau is an indispensable point of tourists when coming to the coastal city. The curved roof and statue of Buddha are the first thing that attracts visitors to the temple. Walking around the pure campus behind the temple and explore the unique interior with many paintings, Buddha statues.

Built in 1919, Linh Son Co Tu is the oldest temple in the city. Therefore, although not bulky, the temple is still one of the attractions attract tourists and pilgrims.

Like many other temples in Vietnam, Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda is decorated by two temples. Continue the three steps to the main temple, worship 100 Buddha statue gold card.

Linh Son Co Tu pagoda

Next step into the mainstream is always suspicious smiles incense smoke. Watch the paintings and statues in the theme of the Buddhist scriptures. The Buddha and the Arhat, Bodhisattvas in the temple. The altar of the Buddha always suspected the smoke of the four Buddhists. Although not busy, in the temple there are always sincere Buddhists vow.

Next step to visit the garden behind Linh Son Co Tu, with familiar lotus lake at many temples Vietnam. Set the calm moment in peaceful, quiet space.

IMG 00112998296

Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda is located at Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Vung Tau City. The temple is open every day and does not charge entrance fees. Remember to dress politely when visiting the temple. If visiting Vung Tau, you should go to Linh Son Co Tu to feel the strange quiet of this place. This is due to the landscape as well as the sacred color of this ancient temple.

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