Great Mountain


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Great Mountain

Vung Tau is known as a beautiful beach city in Vietnam. But in addition to the sunny beaches, there are also majestic mountains near the sea for visitors to visit. There are two mountains in the coastal city of Vung Tau. But the Great Mountain (Nui Lon) has the most pristine scenery.

Let follow Origin Vietnam explore the beauty of Great Mountain in Vung Tau through the article below.

How Great mountain is unique?

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The Great Mountain , also known as Dai Son. It is located in the northern part of Vung Tau City. The mountain has a very wide area (about 400ha) with many majestic mountains, the highest peak of which is 254m. The area around the Great Mountain is wild, beautiful and peaceful.

Being one of the most beautiful mountains in the beach city of Vung Tau. Great Mountain attracts many tourists to visit. Visitors to Great Mountain will feel the cool breeze blowing from the sea and panoramic view of Vung Tau City from above. In the area of Great Mountain there are tourist spots in Vung Tau are very famous as Bach Dinh, Ho May resort.

To get to the top of Great Mountain, you will have to follow the winding road along the southern mountain (also known as Vi Ba road). The roadside is very beautiful, early in the morning. There are many tourists and local people walking, exercise here.

How to get to Great Mountain?

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The section of Vi Ba road up to Great Mountain is a very beautiful arcade winding around the hillside. It’s surrounded by green trees covered with shade. The road is fairly wide and airy with beautiful scenery, fresh air so many visitors often to Vi Ba scenic walks.

The most beautiful section on the road Vi Ba is located in the middle of the road to the peak of Mount Nui. In this area less green, instead of the brush grass along the road rising over 1m, revealing a large space overlooking the sea. From here, visitors can zoom in and see beautiful Vung Tau Beach.

Continue half way back, visitors will go to a beautiful tourist site in Vung Tau is Tam Bao Pagoda or Monkey Pagoda. Here, visitors will easily catch the big monkeys standing, sitting, running and begging. Because monkeys are often exposed to humans, they are very gentle. Continue to add one more piece to the hotel’s summit of Great Mountain .

Sightseeing in Great Mountain

  • Take the cable car up the mountain

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The mountain cable car system is built to serve the needs of the mountain peak tourists. Thanks to the presence of this cable car, visiting the Great Mountain is easier.

Go off the cable car, visitors will set foot in one of the most attractive attractions in Vung Tau City is the Ho May tourism. From the cable car, visitors can see many beautiful sights of the coastal city of Vung Tau.

  • Ho May Resort

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Ho May tourist area is located at an altitude of 210m at the top of Great Mountain. It’s beautiful scenery, very fresh air, and cool. From here, visitors can view the many beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau.

Not only that, visitors to Ho May also participate in many sports and recreational games. Such as shooting guns, outdoor picnics, pedal duck on artificial lakes, artificial beach… Especially, party In Ho May tourist area also built ecological tourism area with many species of rare animals.

  • Visiting Bach Dinh (White palace)

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Former residence of King Bao Dai, the last king of Vietnam when he came to Vung Tau. Bach Dinh is built in a French-style architecture with the appearance of a European castle miniature. The French architecture of this place is also highlighted by the color of white paint, in the middle of the blue sky.

White Palace is located on a small hill in the Great Mountain. Between the Front Beach and another tourist site Vung Tau is Bai Dau. Located in a beautiful location and convenient to travel. That is the reason why Bach Dinh attracted a lot of visitors.

In Bach Dinh, tourists will be sightseeing, visit the architecture inside the Palace, was photographed with guns outside the palace… A lot of great things await visitors in Bach Dinh.

To Vung Tau, visitors should not ignore the opportunity to explore the beauty of Great Mountain in Vung Tau, walk on the road Vi Ba, visit Bach Dinh Vung Tau. Wish you a wonderful trip to Vung Tau through the travel sharing of Origin Vietnam.

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