Con Dao Island
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Con Dao Island

A little travel experience Con Dao island so you can leave without having to wrap anything during the time here. Here is a collection of all the most frequently asked questions and concerns for a Con Dao tour.

The Sunrise at Con Dao island

How Con Dao island is unique?

In the decades of the last century. Con Dao has often been referred to as an island for the detention and torture of political prisoners. Con Dao island has become an ideal tourist destination with beautiful beaches, spectacular landscapes and fascinating spiritual tours in Vung Tau.

From hell on earth

Con Dao Prison on Con Son Island

Con Dao was an archipelago with more political prisoners than the population. There are 11 prisons, of which Phu Hai is the largest prison. For over 100 years, about 20,000 Vietnamese have been imprisoned and sacrificed in what is known as the “hell of the world”.

According to records, at the peak of each cell in the prison, there were hundreds of prisoners imprisoned. The guards often use various forms of torture both physically and mentally for the prisoner.

“Tiger cage” at Phu Tuong prison is the name of the cages used to trap the most stubborn prisoners. These are harsh and terrible cellars, prisoners are often beaten with sticks and covered with lime and then exposed to the sun until the skin burns.

To the tourist paradise

Con Dao island

After the peace is repeated, visitors often come to Con Dao island to find out the historical values of a heroic time of the nation. Some prisons become tourist attractions. The dummy began to fill up the rooms to simulate the manner in which detainees and prisoners of colonialism were imprisoned.

In addition to historical value, Con Dao also attracts visitors by the beautiful beaches and populations of rich marine life. Especially coral reefs. It is also an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful life for those who are feeling the stifling pace of urban life.

Travel to Con Son is an ideal choice for those who like to explore and enjoy the local life. The landscape in this small town is very special, one side is blue sea and the other side is the architecture from the French colonial era bearing the Western mark. There are very little traffic in this town, so visitors can walk to experience a peaceful place.

The beaches here are considered as tourist paradise. Dam Trau is one of the most popular beaches on Con Dao by peaceful, beautiful and untouched nature. After seeing the beauty of the beach and immersing yourself in the clear blue water, you can enjoy seafood at nearby eateries. Seafood in Con Dao is very fresh, especially sea crabs.

Con Dao is considered as the most beautiful coral reef in Vietnam. In addition to the coral, you can also enjoy a variety of marine life including sea turtles, salmon, parrotfish… The best time to dive into coral reefs is from January to June. With the special value of history and scenery so many domestic tourist choose South Vietnam holidays always go to Con Dao island.

How to go to Con Dao Island?

It is possible to go to Con Dao by plane or by train:

  • Con Dao Travel by Air:

ATR aircraft of Vietnam Airlines can accommodate 65 passengers, from Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho to Con Dao, the only two routes to Con Dao. Time is 50 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City and 35 minutes from Can Tho. Airfare to Con Dao from Ho Chi Minh City: 1,450,000 VND / way, from Can Tho: 1,150,000 VND / way

  • Con Dao Travel by Train:

Con Dao 9 and Con Dao 10 can accommodate 200 passengers / boat. It will take you to Con Dao by sea, depart for Con Dao from Cat Lo port Vung Tau at 17H and arrive at Con Dao at 5H: 00. tomorrow morning. Due to offshore conditions and weather conditions, the schedule is often unstable. Con Dao 9 and Con Dao 10 operate only in good weather. Con Dao 9 tickets: 150,000 VND / time, Con Dao 10: 200,000 VND / time.

When is the best time to go to Con Dao?

The time from Tet to the end of summer, from March to the end of September is the best time to travel Con Dao. However, from October to February, although the Con Dao sea area is often large waves, because this time of the dry season should always be sunny and also time to travel to Con Dao.

  • March to the end of September is the quiet time, although the rainy season, but the rain in Con Dao mainly rain show no longer than 1H clock, the other days are still sunny. This time is suitable for sea tours, snorkeling and coral reef exploration. This is also the season from around to Con Dao lay eggs.
  • October to the end of February, due to the North East wind, the sea of Con Son Bay usually has large waves, but in the West and Southwest, the sea surface is still soft and less affected by wind waves. Guests can go to Dam Trau Beach, New Light Beach and enjoy swimming here. If possible, tourists can rent a boat to explore Big Tre, small island Tre. These are two islands that preserve unspoiled beauty and are home to a great many coral reefs and colorful reef fish.

What to eat in Con Dao?

IMG 000964862

Besides the fresh seafood such as lobster, red grouper, hand snail… which is the trademark of Con Dao, typical dishes in Con Dao can be mentioned as her baked or steamed monkeys, worms fried sea bass, oyster sauce, jelly beans. Some other specialties such as luscious shark salad are mentioned. But it’s very difficult to find in the menu of the restaurant.

Sightseeing in Con Dao island?

  • Lord Island:Formerly the residence and work of the island princesses. Also where you have chance to learn the history of Con Dao through the artifacts, antiques, images and materials saved from the French up to now.
  • Tiger Cage System: Discover the system of solitary confinement of political prisoners. It’s built solidly between the inner maze of gates, exterior gates to disorientate prisoners and distract the viewer. The most brutal forms of torture have taken place here.
  • Phi Yen Temple: Also known as An Son Mieu. While worshiping her Phi Yen, the lord of Nguyen Anh. In Con Dao, local people worshiped two women as sacred women. One is Phi Yen and other one is hero Vo Thi Sau.
  • Bai Nhat: After a day exploring Con Dao, you can drop yourself with nature at the beach, watching the beautiful sunset from diving through the Love Peak. Bai Nhat only appears a few hours a day. Other times this beach is submerged in water and is less known

Fresh fish piled up in bamboo baskets at Con Dao island

  • Ben Dam Port: Located in Ben Dam Bay and surrounding and shielded by mountains and islets. From the pier, visitors can experience the daily life of local fishermen here.
  • Hon Ba: Hon Ba is the third largest island of 16 different islands in the Con Dao Islands. Here you can easily find beautiful beaches, forest ecosystems and mangrove forests. Especially with a variety of rare species of plants and animals. The summit of Love and the coral resources around Hon Ba is a landmark attraction for those who love the beauty of nature.

Nui Mot pagoda

  • Nui Mot Pagoda: It’s also known as Van Son Tu, a monument associated with Con Dao, which is the spiritual home of the local people. Nui Mot Pagoda is a magnificent architecture located on the top of the mountain. It’s a beautiful scene that can not be missed when coming to Con Dao. From here you can enjoy An Hai Lake, Con Dao and Con Son Bay.
  • Pearl Culture: Explore the process of cultivating and admiring the beautiful pearls from Con Dao. You can buy the beautiful jade bottle here to make jewelry or make a valuable gift for relatives.

Dam Trau beach on Con Dao island

  • Dam Trau Beach: Con Dao has many beautiful beaches but can not fail to mention Dam Trau, a beach associated with the story of Cau and her Trau. Coming to Dam Trau, visitors can enjoy swimming and enjoy the cool waters of many people mentioned this.
  • Hot Spring Beach: From Dam Trau Beach, visitors can cross a short jungle road to reach Suoi Nong beach, a beach still kept wild and little known. This is a beautiful beach with a lively picture of the tropical sea with white sandy beach. Besides a rare mangrove ecosystem on the other islands.
  • Hon Bay Canh is the second largest island among 16 islands in the Con Dao archipelago with the highest number of sea turtles in Vietnam. Each year there are hundreds of mother tortoises on the spawning grounds. The whole island is covered by primitive tropical forest, with rich composition and forest vegetation. Come to Hon Bay Canh, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the mangrove ecosystem and snorkeling to view the coral. The coral reefs here are very diverse with species of plate coral, table type, branches, blocks are in the red book of Vietnam.
  • Tai Tai: A colorful picture of coral reefs with the sea creatures hidden in the clear blue water. Coming to Hon Tai, visitors will admire the mysterious shimmering beauty of the aquarium with many kinds of coral brilliant, strange. That can hardly be encountered anywhere else. At Hon Tai, you can see ebony squirrels endemic to Con Dao, lizard, gecko,…

Activities in Con Dao

IMG 0001209112

  • Coral Reef: You can find many coral types as well as very impressive fishes. Coral reef systems in Con Dao can be said to be the most abundant in Vietnam.
  • Fishing in Con Dao Island: It’s one of the most famous activities in Con Dao. You can do a half day, full day or longer fishing tour. Whether fishing or fishing, this activity is especially attractive to players from all over the World.
  • Exploring the island: Con Son Bay consists of 14 small islands with different names. Such as Tai, Trac, Hon Chuot, Hon Cau, Hon Tre… All of the islands that make up the poetic beauty of Con Son Bay. It’s specially the marine ecological preserve with few coral reefs. in terms of density and species.

Amazing Snorkeling
in Con Dao Island

It is hard to find a place in the World that still has the pristine and peaceful features of nature as here. Coming to Bay Canh Island, you will have the opportunity to scuba dive and see corals, fish and other marine creatures living on the coral reefs. One feature of Hon Bay Canh is the mangrove ecosystem. Con Dao mangrove is distributed mainly on the ground of dead coral, sand, soft clay. This is also the difference of Con Dao mangrove. When the tide recedes, you can still walk easily in the forest, not muddy like other places.
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