Vinh Sang Eco-Tourism Area
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Vinh Sang Eco-Tourism Area

Vinh Sang eco-tourism area, Vinh Long. It’s a very popular destination in the South today. So why can it attract a large number of tourists to come to visit. Follow ORIGINVIETNAM.COM’s experience of traveling to Vinh Sang Eco-tourism area right below!

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How to go to Vinh Sang Eco-tourism area?

The specific address of Vinh Sang eco-tourism area is in group 14, An Thuan hamlet, An Binh commune, Long Ho district (An Binh island, along the Co Chien river and opposite Vinh Long city center). To go to Vinh Sang tourist area, you will need to go through An Binh ferry then follow the sea only to go 3km further.

As you have traveled to this resort, if you want to save the most cost, send a car at the ferry, take a ferry across the river and catch a motorbike taxi to go to the resort.

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From Saigon you have two ways to get to An Binh ferry:

  1. Follow NH1 – My Tho – My Thuan Bridge – Vinh Long – An Binh Ferry (This road is fast but along the scenic road is not very good, if you go on holidays, you should take this route to avoid traffic jams)
  2. CT01 – Rach Mieu Bridge – Ben Tre – Ham Luong Bridge – Cho Lach – Pha Dinh Khao – Vinh Long – Pha An Binh (This road is round and must take a ferry across the river but in exchange for a nice view, if going on holiday Tet holiday, you should not go this way because the market bridge and Dinh Khao ferry are blocked.

How interesting of Vinh Sang tourist area?

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  • Crocodile: This is an entertaining game that is quite interesting and also for those who like the strong feeling when fishing the dangerous crocodiles at the bottom.
  • Ostrich Riding: This game is very attractive and extremely loved by tourists, according to the experience of playing in Vinh Sang ecological area , coming here to play without playing this game is really regrettable.
  • Slapping pond catch fish: This game is dirty but extremely funny if you follow a crowd of people and want to try once to experience the feeling of being a farmer
  • Slide the grass: Those who are not afraid to feel strong play this game
  • Water Ball: You will go inside a balloon filled with air and drop into the water, so you can go the farthest. This game is quite tired and can only be played for 10 minutes or the oxygen will run out
  • Going to the orchard: This is probably the most famous Mekong delta tour activity in Vinh Sang tourist area, Vinh Long. Because tourists will be comfortable eating fruits in the gardens of rambutan, strawberry, mango…

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Entrance fees and entertainment services in Vinh Sang 2019 tourist area

Admission to Vinh Sang eco-tourism site

  • Adult: 50k
  • Children: 35k

The above fare includes sightseeing, taking photos around the resort, watching chicken stones for free

Price list for playing games, dining, sightseeing at Vinh Sang Eco-Tourism Area

  1. Crocodile: 5,000 VND / ticket / guest, 1 time sentence
  2. Ostrich Riding: 25,000 VND / ticket / guest, ostrich riding in 1 round
  3. Water ball: 30,000 VND / ticket / guest, playing for 10 minutes
  4. Grass sliding: 30,000 VND / 2 turns / 1 car, 2 passengers per car
  5. Space rotation: 30,000 VND / ticket / guest
  6. Fish feeding bottle: 5,000 VND / bottle
  7. Catching Fish Catch Tour: less than 20 people, the first 5 guests 200,000 VND / person, 1 more + 160,000 VND; groups of 20 people or more have a general price of 160k / person. Book this tour, you will be free entrance ticket, there is a river shuttle, tour guide, lady’s clothes, fish slapping tools, rice paper, vermicelli, dipping sauce, pineapple, souvenir photos, lay hammock, all kinds of copper fish, firewood, fire, glutinous rice and traditional bandanna.
  8. Meals: 35k / serving rice, served buffet food, ordering 24 hours in advance is free entrance ticket
  9. Karaoke votive pool: 70k / h room under 20 people, 100k / h large room for 30-40 people
  10. Streetcar: 20,000 VND / ticket / 1 guest, playing within 5 minutes
  11. Children’s play area: 20k / ticket
  12. Swan ride: 30,000 VND / ticket / 2 guests (10 minutes) / 1 unit
  13. River bathing – water skiing: VND 15,000 / ticket / guest, free life jackets are borrowed
  14. Don Ca Tai Tu: VND 800,000 / Show in 3 hours
  15. Boat basket: VND 30,000 / ticket / 2 pax / 1 pcs, go within 10 minutes
  16. Archery: 10,000 VND / 3 arrows, hit and given a bottle of fresh water
  17. Launching darts: 10,000 VND / 3 darts, giving fresh water if hit green, red
  18. Tour of the group to go to the rambutan garden: 170,000 VND / person (Adult), 120,000 VND / person (Children from 5-11 years old), under 05 years old for free. This tour includes the shuttle train, aboriginal, guided tour, listen to amateurs, crocodile fishing for free and usually held every Saturday when rambutan ripe
  19. Campfire: Under 30 guests cost 550,000 VND / productivity, from 31 guests or more, 750,000 VND / productivity including firewood, oil, light, speakers, amplifiers, microphones
  20. Camping tent: 30k / person, tent can accommodate 8 people
  21. Dinghy paddle: 30,000 VND / ticket / 2 pax / 1 car, go for 10 minutes
  22. Boat racing – Catching ducks: 450,000 VND / show, including 2 basket boats and 1 duck, catching them will be processed into dishes as required.
  23. Examination of duck catching in ponds: 290k / pig, processing as required
  24. Tickets to orchards: 35k / person, eat one belly of fruits of plum, guava and mango depending on the season. Eat rambutan and Strawberry Ha Chau ticket price 55k / person
  25. Visiting An Binh eco-garden: 45,000 VND / 2 first guests, the third guest onwards adds 15k / person, can eat fruits, listen to tai tu singing, drink tea
  26. Throwing cans: 10k / 3 left, hit on request is given spring water or fresh water
  27. Tour to Cai Be floating market from the tourist area: 650,000 VND / train (from 01-09 guests), 750,000 VND / train (from 10-19 guests), 40,000 VND / person (from 20 guests or more), holidays Tet holiday increases 100k / boat.

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Accommodation in Vinh Sang Eco-Tourism Area

If you want to stay overnight in the Vinh Sang resort,. You can book one of the following rooms:

  • Room for 2 people: 280k / night
  • Triple room: 350k / night
  • Room for 4 people: 420k / night

Room rates do not include breakfast and you will be offered a 1 hour karaoke session in Ho Lo. The rooms have TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, drinking water …

Dining in Vinh Sang Eco-tourism area.

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In Vinh Sang Eco-Tourism Area. There is a restaurant specializing in the cooking of rustic dishes of Western people such as grilled fish, fish sauce, grilled duck, duck hot pot hotpot, barley fish, crab hotpot … In addition You can also order rice at a rate of 35k / serving chicken drumstick rice, rice meat stocked eggs, fried rice ribs fried egg…

If you like to be able to bring food and drink. But take a tour of the West without enjoying the regional specialties, it is really regrettable.

That is the experience travelling to Vinh Sang eco-tourism area that Origin Vietnam wants to share with everyone. Hopefully, through the information above. You will answer yourself the question of how is Vinh Sang tourist area, what to do, how to go?… Have a nice outing! See more Vinh Long travel guide to know more interesting places in Vinh Long!

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