Tra On Floating Market


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Tra On Floating Market

Tra On floating market (Vinh Long) is a floating market located on the Hau River – a tributary of the Mekong River before emptying into the East Sea.

Floating Market has long become a focus for cultural activities very characteristic of the people of Southwest and Tra On floating market is not out of his characteristics.

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How Tra On Floating market is unique?

Tra On floating market is located in Tra On district – Vinh Long province. This is one of the features that bring about the typical culture of the Southwest region. From a long time, the floating market of Tra On in people’s minds has become a long-standing floating market and associated with many cultural activities of people in the area.

The Mekong Delta tour region is the area that owns the system of rivers and canals. It created a very special beauty of the river delta. Hau River and Tien River are two rivers connected by the Mang Thit River. And Tra On floating market located at the river junction.

And like many other floating markets in the Mekong Delta region, Tra On floating market is not “static” like the market on the shore. But always “moving” because from the seller to the buyer, they have to go by boat and take by boat. Such as: Floating stores, floating families, floating goods, etc. everything goes float.

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The most traded goods in floating markets are fruits. So much, the fruits lay on their boats like they wanted to fill the river with their vibrant colors. In the floating market, from wild fruits. Such as bananas, guavas, tangerines, oranges… up to luxurious fruits like durian, mangosteen, mango, orange, gourmet orange, grapefruit… can be easily purchased. In particular, all of them are very fresh. It’s more interesting because the sellers only say the right price whether you are local or foreign visitors.

On the occasion of traveling to Vinh Long , visit Tra On floating market in the early morning. Where you will see the busiest scene of the day. At this time, any visitor can easily retain the most vivid moments, from her bright smiles of sales, to a long line of snake dragons and canoeing close by. each other, forming a floating market shape so cute.

At night, Tra On floating market cedes tranquility to the river. But some boats were still anchored at the wharf. Because these people on the canoe are not only attached to the floating market as a place to trade and do business. But also to the floating market like a house. They live and live on boats and anchor themselves on the floating market day after month.

How to go to Tra On Floating Marker?

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Follow the direction to Vinh Long after crossing My Thuan bridge. Keep going until you meet Vinh Long bus station. Then follow the Can Tho direction and you will meet Cai Von bridge. After that you turn left and keep going about 15km further than you will find Tra On floating market.

Along with other floating markets in the Mekong Delta, Tra On floating market has contributed positively to the development and development of the economy in the Southwest region, creating civilized and valuable values. Water industry with a very unique cultural identity.

Currently, Tra On floating market has become an attractive destination in Vinh Long for all visitors. See more Vinh Long travel guide for all things need to know before traveling to Vinh Long!

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