Thoi Son Island
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Thoi Son island

Who loves the scenery of Tien Giang garden, certainly not under one hearing about Thoi Son island. What is the reason that people keep talking about the island every weekend? Are there any things so attractive at Thoi Son island?

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Location of Thoi Son island

Thoi Son island is also known as Con Lan (in the four sacred elements: Long – Lan – Quy – Phung). It’s located in the lower part of Tien River, in Thoi Son commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang province . This is the Tien Giang tourist destination where weekend gardens attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

How to go to Thoi Son island

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To reach Thoi Son Island, visitors can travel in two ways: waterway and road:

Waterway: It depends on where you come from, choose the tourist port of April 30 in My Tho city or the old Rach Mieu ferry in Ben Tre.

This is 2 points to welcome reputable tourists and always have boats available. You just need to come and rent a boat to Thoi Son.

Road: You drive to Rach Mieu Bridge and in the middle. There will be a side road to turn to an island. This road will be used for motorbikes and cars.

For big cars, you have to pay the road fee at the tollgate right at the entrance to Thoi Son island for about 60,000 VND / person!

Sightseeing in Thoi Son Island

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Thoi Son island is a large soil dune floating in the Tien River with an area of more than 50 hectares. There are 6000 households living here. Where they work together to preserve the natural beauty of their homeland. Thoi Son island is partly appealing to tourists. Because of that characteristic. Thoi Son tourist area has been invested more in recent years, with a system of islet 1 to islet 5.

Thoi Son is a land that receives more privileges from nature than other islands. It has a large garden system and abundant fruits. Visit Thoi Son tourists will be free to float on the cool blue water, watching the fruit garden with fruit on both sides of the road.

According to those who have experience in Thoi Son. The fruit tree on the island has fruit all year round. But the best one is in the summer. As a fruit supplier for many wholesale markets in Tien Giang province. All the fruits coming from the island are rich in the first grade. Which is rambutan, longan,… every fruit is freshest.

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Visit the fruit gardens. You can walk along the winding stone roads, while visiting and enjoying live fruits at the garden. There are hut areas that make stops for visitors nn the island. In the fresh air, large space, listening to a song of amateur singers and peaceful life.

Not only that, you also have the opportunity to get experience as a farmer through fishing activities with the islanders. “It’s a very good fish to eat. But it is very difficult to catch” those who once tried this experience will surely have the same thoughts.

Even more interesting. You can also visit Thoi Son island by horse. The horses here are very gentle, friendly, and can transport you around villages.

What to eat at Thoi Son island?

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Walking and gardening must definitely enjoy Tien Giang specialties right? After a day of walking tired. It’s time for enjoying the dishes of Tien Giang hometown. It is the perfect experience.

Among those dishes. Enjoying the fruits of work as a real citizen. You will feel a part of the daily life of Thoi Son people. Your booty fish will be processed by chefs into grilled fish dishes,… delicious to know.

The average cost for all Mekong delta tour services here is only 200,000 VND / person. A price that is too suitable for a weekend trip to “revel” spirit right? Arrange the time to visit Thoi Son island immediately, Origin Vietnam will ensure you will not be disappointed with the experience here!

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Who loves the scenery of Tien Giang garden, certainly not under one hearing about Thoi Son island. What is the reason that people keep talking

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