Cai Be Garden
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Cai Be Garden

Cai Be garden is the largest fruit basket of the Mekong Delta. So if you have the opportunity to come here, enjoy the delicious Southern fruit. This is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Tien Giang.

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How Cai Be garden is Special?

It’s not only one of the largest fruit stalls in the country. But also considered one of the most attractive eco-tourism areas. Visiting Cai Be garden is an opportunity to stop to visit fresh fruit trees.

Cai Be garden is surrounded by rivers, lush green canals rich in silt. It’s always green and fertile with so many green and fruit trees. (The area of gardens and gardens accounts for one third of the fruit trees area of Tien Giang).

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According to statistics, the whole area of Cai Be garden now has about 15,000 ha of fruit trees. Book a Mekong Delta tour to Cai Be garden in Cai Be, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy at the garden many fruits bearing the imprint of Cai Be. Such as durian Sanh orange, honey orange, Nam Roi pomelo in the garden, sandy mango Hoa Loc, fragrant mango… Tourists should not be surprised to enjoy a variety of mango with pomelos with grapefruit or durian. Because these varieties have been grafted and bred together.

Located in the top of a rich variety of fruit gardens, walking to Cai Be garden. You always enjoy the taste of many different fruits from sweet jackfruit to passionate guava, ripe tangerine flavor. faintly passionate or the sweetness of jackfruit… The whole garden is immersed in colorful fruits.

The hundreds of years old ancient ornamental plants, orchid rigs with many varieties and colors are very beautiful, the dining area for visitors, family guests, fishing lakes, hammocks for visitors to rest… All are harmoniously arranged by their owners. Almost all of them used wood, rattan, bamboo and leaves… to create a picture bearing the characteristics of the countryside garden.

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Not only have the opportunity to stray and visit, enjoy the lush fruit gardens. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh airy atmosphere under the sky of the fruit trees, lying swinging, following the hammocks or simply sitting under an original label, fishing with fishponds next to each other…

Great day in Cai Be Garden

Immerse yourself in the daily life of ordinary villagers, contemplating Cai Be garden is an opportunity to travel Guests relive a simple, rustic life, erasing the anxious worries of a busy life.

In addition to enjoying elegant fruits and pleasures, about Cai Be garden. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy very Southern dishes here such as boneless fish, fried fish ears… Bring different unforgettable taste.

When visiting the Cai Be garden houses, being immersed in the lifestyle of the people here. You will be relaxed, mingled with nature to feel the personality and psychology of Southern people. There will be unforgettable emotions and impressions once you are here.

It’s great for

  • Group friend tours, family with children

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