Ben En National Park
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Ben En National Park

Ben En National Park consideration as “Ha Long Bay on land of Thanh Hoa”. Favored by nature, the beauty is pure, pristine. It attracts millions of visitors every year. Beside Pu Luong Nature reserve center. It’s also a great pride of Thanh Hoa people.

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How Ben En National Park is unique?

Located 46km from Thanh Hoa City to the southwest. Ben En National Park is an extremely attractive destination for anyone who loves the wildness of nature. If you have visited Ba Be, Tam Dao, Cuc Phuong … then surely you will not be disappointed when coming to Ben En. Let follow ORIGINVIETNAM.COM experience Ben En National Park travel to be confident for the upcoming trip.

Ben En National Park covers an area of ​​nearly 15,000 ha, of which mainly primeval forest with an extremely rich flora and fauna. It is also prominent with Song Muc Lake of about 4,000ha. The deep blue lake surface creates a charming marine landscape.

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The diversity of Ben En National Park is shown here with up to 462 species of plants and 125 families of prominent plants with the famous green teak tree in Vietnam. In addition, there are other rare and precious plants. Such as: mollusks, incense sticks, honey, flower, mussel… Especially, Ben En forest has over 300 species of medicinal plants.

Ben En National Park has 50 sets, 177 families, 216 varieties and more than 1,000 animals. Including 91 species of mammals, 261 species of birds, 54 species of reptiles, 31 species of amphibians, 68 species of fish, 499 species of insects.

In addition to lakes, islands and forests. The National Park also possesses beautiful caves like Hang Ngoc with a length of about 80m, a width of 8m and a height of 2.5m which is an attractive place in Ben En .

How to go to Ben En National Park?

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+ Publish bus: You can choose the route cars to Thanh Hoa like Tien Phuong garage (this bus to Nhu Xuan district from Ha Noi. Then from here you catch a taxi or motorbike to reach the national park)

+ Private transport: This is the best for you to explore Ben En National Park. However, the journey from Hanoi to Ben En is quite remote so you need to be careful and carefully prepare everything for yourself. With specific path:

You move towards free way Hanoi – Thanh Hoa then turns to National highway 45 to reach eco-tourism area of ​​Ben En National Park.

Note: In addition to the above vehicles, you can also rent a car to travel Ben En National Park if you follow the union to be served enthusiastically as well as ensure safety and cost savings.

Activities in Ben En National Park

1. Canoeing on the Muc River

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Ben En is a special ecological area when full of natural beauty: trees, animals, rivers, mountains, caves … Among them, the most prominent is the peaceful river surrounding. Ben En ecological area , named Muc River.

The river water here is very green and soothing. In recent years, Ben En Thanh Hoa management center has organized many river tours with more interesting canoes, attracting tourists. When buying tickets for canoes and ships with prices ranging from 60-120k / ticket depending on the children or adults. Vietnam tours from Hanoi private that you have chance to enjoy the pleasant fresh air, sunbathe, relax and visit the natural scenery beautiful side.

Besides, there are many exciting activities on the river. Many young people love to explore and experience the option of using swimming and diving. The water here is completely clean, smooth with light ripples, ensuring safety so this activity is really interesting and enthusiastically supported by tourists.

2. Visit Ngoc cave

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The nearly 15,000-hectare Ben En eco-tourism site contains many mysteries that challenge tourists to explore. One of the beauty that attracts many visitor is Ngoc cave. The reason for this cave is the name of Ngoc. Because in the middle of the cave there is a stone block with sparkling material from ancient times.

According to the legends, when bathing in a stream of water flowing along Ngoc Cave, people will be washed away from sin and bare dust. This has never been verified. But the local people always worship and transmit each other such beautiful folk beliefs. Tourists actively visit this place because they also want to experience the feeling of purity once. Especially to please themselves in the clear stream flowing gently through Ngoc cave.

To come to Ngoc cave, you can rent a boat. Then take the tour along Ben En National Park. When you encounter an ancient tree that has been over thousands of years. You will realize that it is the entrance gate. Tourists come here often to sit on the cliffs in the cave and pose with sparkling emulsions to keep a memorable moment for their youth.

3. Visit the village

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In order to have the most practical experience of Ben En National Park.You should participate in activities to understand the area like direct talking and cooking with local people.

In Ben En ecotourism area, people here have the culture of drinking with the nose, catching fish on the Muc river and other festivals… With the spirit of hospitality and kindness, the locals are very welcoming visitor come to participate in cooking their homeland specialties. Such as: sour soup cooked from sesame, bitter soup cooked from pig liver and special kind of Ben En bitter leaves, grilled fish directly on the side River bank..

4. Ben En Museum

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Located right next to the welcome gate in Ben En tourist area. The museum stores antiques and historical relics that have been left for a long time. The museum is built very spacious and modern, with a cool four-door window system surrounded by peaches trees. Special view direct view of the lake.

If you go on a tour, the tour guide will introduce to you the highlights and historical facts related to the exhibited items. However, it should be noted that cameras is not allowed or any kind of physical copying material.

Above are the famous and interesting places that every visitor should experience when arriving in Ben En National Park in Thanh Hoa. We hope you always have fun and memorable experiences here.

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