Chieng Khoa Waterfall
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Chieng Khoa Waterfall

The summer is coming, have you planned your summer vacation yet? If you still do not know where to go. Ban Gioc waterfall is too far. Let’s try exploring Chieng Khoa waterfall.

It’s a very hot place named “Great Cup” Moc Chau. Join ORIGINVIETNAM.COM to discover this beautiful place.

Chieng Khoa waterfall

Where is Chieng Khoa Waterfall & How to get there?

Chieng Khoa waterfall is located in Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho district. It’s about 12km from Moc Chau center. To get to Chieng Khoa waterfall, you just need to go along Highway 6 to Moc Chau district. Then ask the local people or use the positioning map.

Along the way, you will catch the Ben Pha 36km sign, To Mua 14km, you turn to To Mua road, keep going about 4km to Chieng Khoa waterfall.

How Chieng Khoa waterfall is unique?

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Chieng Khoa waterfall is also known as May waterfall, associated with the legend of Hoa Ban Xen Ban – Xen Muong of the people here. Waterfalls have not been exploited by tourism. So it is still quite wild and natural. You will be able to see the beauty of the waterfall like a strip of white clouds playing around in the deep, white foaming to create a light mist full of seductive blur.

There are 7 floors in the waterfall, each floor is about 7 to 10 meters high. At the foot of each waterfall floor. There is a large space forming a reservoir where you can swim. The contrast to the pure white color of the waterfall is the beautiful green color of the lake water at the foot of the waterfall.

Along with the unspoiled landscape without many footprints of discoverers. This is the reason why Chieng Khoa is called Tuyet Tinh Coc (Great cup) in Moc Chau. Thanks to being surrounded by vegetation and dense forest. Also a relatively new place, the lake of Chieng Khoa still retains its original appearance and the clear blue jade water is extremely impressive.

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Far away from the hot sun, suffocating in the city. Come here you will have a chance to see the pure beauty, being soaked in cool water, breathing the fresh air of the mountain region or standing under the waterfall… or simply to relax after a long and boring journey.

In addition at Chieng Khoa Moc Chau Waterfall. You also have a chance to enjoy Thai specialist cuisine. Such as forest chicken, five-colored sticky rice, bitter bamboo, buffalo meat, etc.

Important things to know when exploring Chieng Khoa waterfall

  • Your safety must always be put first. Especially swimming in the waterfall. Because it is completely different from the pool. Reefs, whirlpools or currents are things you can’t measure. There is no rescue here.
  • After coming to the waterfall, relax a little for your muscles to relax, dry up sweat instead of jumping right into the water when you just arrived
  • Maintain general hygiene to protect the natural beauty of the landscape here.
  • You can set up a camp or have a BBQ party in the open spaces around the waterfall. However, if you want to stay overnight here. It is not a good idea. You should go to the surrounding villages to ask for sleep and exchange food and cultural culture with the people.

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If you are planning tour to Moc Chau, this wild and pure natural Chieng Khoa waterfall is the ideal place for you to ignore. Don’t forget to book on ORIGINVIETNAM.COM site for the best price. Happy Travel!

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