Sa Lon Pagoda


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Sa Lon Pagoda

Sa Lon Pagoda, also known as Kieu Pagoda, is located on National Highway 1A. It’s about 12km from the center of Soc Trang city, now belongs to Dai Tam commune, My Xuyen district. An ancient temple belonging to the Buddhist system of the Khmer.

How Sa Lon Pagoda is unique?

Referring to Soc Trang, everyone immediately thought of the temples with unique architectural features. Soc Trang is home to many Buddhist beliefs. So the temples gather quite a lot here. It is famous for this place is the Chua Kieu Pagoda, also known as Sa Lon pagoda.

Sa Lon Pagoda has a very unique architecture. The design and construction of the temple stands out. Because the decorations inside the temple are made up of fragments of the cup. Make an attractive and lively picture. With a rich architecture, the combination of three ethnic groups of Kinh, Hoa and Khmer. The temple includes many unique features of different ethnic minority groups.

Sa Lon Pagoda architecture

In addition to the walls of the temple, when viewed from afar, on the roof of the temple. We see clearly the colors of the Temple of Coc Kieu. When the sun shines on, it glorifies the beauty of the temple.

In the past, when building a temple. Due to insufficient funding, the monks in the temple came up with an initiative to ask people to donate broken cups and plates to the wall. Today, it is because of this initiative that a temple has a unique construction and architecture style in Soc Trang Province.

The pagoda built just like other temples with positions of the main hall, sala, etc. In front of the pagoda gate are displayed two large lions facing the road such as preventing bad things, protecting the temple. On the gate there are Khmer words and the national script: “Sa Lon Pagoda (Cup Style)”.

Above it are 3 towers, the middle tower is higher than the two towers on both sides, carved and embossed with symbolic symbols of Khmer traditional culture. In the center of the tower there is a buddha statue protected by a glass plate. Around the temple is a fence decorated with a statue of a female Apsara fairy dancing. Along the entrance to the pagoda are 2 rows of statue of Godno. The temple grounds have many trees. Surrounded by many different gods.

Your Mekong delta tour to Soc Trang will be more interesting with visit Sa Lon pagoda. But if you haven’t come here yet, please visit this temple, because of the architectural style. Definitely an ideal place to visit for tourists.

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