Nga Nam Floating Market
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Nga Nam Floating Market

Travel to Soc Trang, visitors often think of Chua Doi, or Tan Long stork garden… But there is another very special place in Soc Trang not to be missed. It is Nga Nam floating market.

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When is the best time to visit Nga Nam Floating Market?

If in other markets, often market at morning and bustle from morning to noon. But Nga Nam floating market is more special because the market meets around the time when the sky is still dim, at 3-4 am. By the time the sun rises, the 7-8 am market is also near. At this time, there were only boats and boats that carried goods to the surrounding areas.

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How Nga Nam floating market is unique?

As a river delta province, like some other provinces, the common feature of this land is floating markets. However, unlike the garden in the upper area, the garden in Soc Trang and Bac Lieu used to be a hollow area of saline alum. So when you want to explore, you must dig a canal. The name Nga Nam appeared when the French dug the canal of Phung Hiep highway. This canal and Xang Canal cross Xeo Chinh canal create five branches, from the crossroads down to Bac Lieu, Hau Giang and Kien Giang provinces.

As soon as Nga Nam was formed, the people here quickly gathered to trade in this area and Nga Nam floating market appeared since then. Sellers and buyers all use canoes and boats to move and carry out transactions on the river. Coming to Nga Nam market at the right time of the market. You will see the panorama of the market as a vivid, colorful picture.

Colors from vegetables, fruits; the color of the grandmother’s clothes fluttering in the wind; big and small boats, five-leaf and three-leaf boats up and down; sound disturbing a river.

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Another interesting feature at Nga Nam floating market is advertising barks. At each boat, there is a tree hanging from the front of the boat. On the tree hanging something is that boat selling the item. This makes it easier for travelers and shoppers to find the item they need in the middle of a vast river. For the people here, these advertising boards may not be necessary. But for new visitors who are the first. This will help in determining the direction. and find what you need.

As a main market for essential food needs of the people, besides, for many years. It has been an attractive place to visit for tourists and Nga Nam market, so it can trade all kinds of goods. From fruits and vegetables, rice, salt, fish meat to clothes, cloth and even coffee and breakfast items are all available. In the past, the traders here were still unfamiliar with tourists, now the small traders in this market are familiar with the visitors who visit the market every day.

So, Mekong delta tour to Nga Nam floating market today, visitors can catch very friendly smiles of sellers. In the lady’s three-piece dress, the hat tilted, the unmistakable smiles of the people of the Mekong delta. Come here you will have chance to enjoy some local specialist that is fresh fruits.

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Although up to now, trading activity has become more and more bustling, tourist visitors have come here more, but Nga Nam floating market still retains its rustic appearance in both the way of trade and the invitation of the seller. line. The attraction of this tourist destination probably comes from those simple things, so if you have the opportunity to come to Soc Trang, Nga Nam floating market is a place that visitors need to experience.

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