Khmer Museum
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Khmer Museum

Khmer Museum in Soc Trang is a place to display many precious artifacts, reflecting the cultural and spiritual life of Khmer ethnic people through many generations. Such as costumes, architecture houses, pagodas, musical instruments… become a valuable place to visit in Soc Trang.

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Where is Khmer Museum in Soc Trang?

The museum is located opposite Kh’leang Pagoda in Ward 6, Soc Trang City. Which is an architectural work in the style of Khmer pagodas.

How Khmer Museum in Soc Trang is Special?

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Built in 1938, the exhibition hall consists of two areas. The exhibition area is the Xamacum Assembly House and the newly built office area. The museum exhibits many precious artifacts, reflecting the cultural and spiritual life of Khmer people through generations.

With a population of more than one million. Khmer people have officially two cultural museums. One in Tra Vinh and other one in Soc Trang province. With collections of Black masks, musical instruments, costumes, and sets. books of leaf and other treasures of Khmer culture. Visit the Khmer Museum of Soc Trang. You will understand more about the Khmer community. It’s very important part of the population of Soc Trang province.

In the two resistance wars against foreign invaders and after the peace of the country. There are three ethnic Kinh – Hoa – Khmer in Soc Trang province still have a heart to follow the Party, willing to devote their efforts and contribute to the memorial precious family for the State.

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Although the three ethnic groups Kinh – Hoa – Khmer live together for a long time in Soc Trang province. But each ethnic group has its own characteristics of culture, art, customs, religion, beliefs, festivals, etc. One of the characteristics of the Nam Bo Khmer is the habit of living in the city. squirrels on high mounds, interspersed with Kinh and Chinese people for generations. It is the community that helps the cultural exchange and creation of essential tools to serve the increasingly rich family and social community.

So far, Khmer Museum has collected more than 13 thousand valuable artifacts. It’s over 50% of objects of Khmer donors. Every year, The Museum attracts nearly 200,000 visitors to visit. Come here you will have chance to learn about the cultural and historical, patriotic traditions against foreign invaders of the three ethnic Kinh – Hoa – Khmer over the time.

It is worth a visit Khmer Museum

The hand tools are displayed and introduced systematically about the agricultural production of the Khmer from the previous centuries. It’s clearly reflecting the economic life, cultural activities, religions, beliefs, show the skill of the ancient artisans. Model of hash chopped stage, Although the mill is elaborately designed to help visitors visit the theater art of the Khmer people in the South. New collectibles exhibited at Soc Trang Museum are highly appreciated by many tourists.

Visiting the Museum. It’s easy to see that Khmer people have a high aesthetic mind, can simulate real life to create their own cultural beauty, beautify the traditional family items to production tools for life. Although not stylized. But with delicate patterns, it shows the skill level of artisans on each product, preserved artifacts.

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According to survey data of Soc Trang Museum, at present, artifacts are still quite a lot in the population of squirrels and temples. Soc Do pagoda in My Tu district is keeping ancient Buddhist scriptures carved in the palm leaves since ancient times. Over time, the writing also faded away. But it stay still from many generations of monks who studied in the temple.

Come Soc Trang, in addition to attractions. Cuch as Doi Pagoda, Dat Set Pagoda, Coc Kieu Pagoda. If your Vietnam Mekong delta tour you should not miss the opportunity to visit Khmer Museum. Where is a place that contains many cultural and historical values of the three Kinh – Khmer – Hoa ethnic groups living together on the land of Mekong river delta.

It’s great for

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Khmer Museum

Khmer Museum

Khmer Museum in Soc Trang is a place to display many precious artifacts, reflecting the cultural and spiritual life of Khmer ethnic people through many

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