Binh An Ecotourism Area
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Binh An Ecotourism Area

Soc Trang has known for festivals with combined by many different cultures. Come to Binh An Ecotourism Area, visitors not only admire the unique architecture of ancient temples. But also discover a tourist area with many interesting things. It is Binh An ecotourism area. The name Binh An area as its name suggests.

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Location of Binh An Ecotourism area

Binh An tourist area is located on QL1A, 72, ward 2, Soc Trang city, Soc Trang province. It has an area of about a few hectares built according to the model of Dam Sen Cultural Park in Ho Chi Minh City.

When is the best time to travel to Binh An tourist area?

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You can visit Binh An Ecotourism Area at any time of the year. However, if traveling during the festive seasons, visitors will enjoy the bustling atmosphere and traditional cultural beauty of the Khmer. Binh An tourist area is located in the center of Soc Trang city, so visitors to this place will be very convenient. Visitors can take a motorbike taxi or taxi from the center of Soc Trang city to Binh An tourist area.

How Binh An Ecotourism Area is unique?

Binh An tourist area with airy space, along with many diverse architectural works. It will be attractive attractions for tourists. Walking in the garden, immersing in the green space of many plants will give visitors the feeling of living in a fresh atmosphere.

Beside that there are many entertainment games. Such as; The resort floor relaxes with art sculptures, re-adapting folk tales and stories. In addition, your Mekong delta tour with visit Binh An where you can spend time to join the Music Club activity, dancing in the evening.

This is a place with many activities and services: entertainment, dining restaurants, stage performances, accommodation… System of trees, fruits, swimming pools, fish ponds, ferris… arranged in a suitable way. reason, harmony, closeness to nature is both quiet but still lively. Tourist areas can meet the needs and preferences of many ages and objects.

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Through the gate, behind the stage we can see an artificial mountain about three to forty meters high, on top is a quite large statue of Guan Yin Buddha. At the foot of the mountain is a fish pond; trees are grown naturally; the trails crept between small and big rocks, which haggered to simulate the rocky path. Vines that hang on trees and trees. In the heart of the mountain is a mini hotel. Next to the mountain is a two-storey villa, a combination of Russian-Middle Eastern architecture. This place can hold weddings, parties…

Visitors can learn more about Khmer beauty and culture through costumes and traditional dances. After visiting Binh An tourist area. You may interest to visit nearby monuments. Such as temples and pagodas to understand more about the culture and beliefs here.

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