Ta Van Village
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Ta Van Village

Coming to Sapa for the first time, most of the visitors will choose some famous destinations. Such as Cat Cat village, Stone church, Bac waterfall, May bridge or legendary Fansipan peak,…are the first things to do in Sapa.

But if you want to go back to this place again, only the simple rustic villages bearing the cultural identity of the local people can have that attraction. And among those villages is Ta Van village – a beautiful and peaceful Sapa cloud town land.

Ta Van village is loved and desired by many tourists thanks to its peaceful and quiet beauty. Not as noisy and bustling as Cat Cat village, Ta Van attracts tourists with the beauty of endless terraced fields. Especially the immense green forest and mountain space.

1. Where is Ta Van village?

Ta Van village is a small village in Ta Van commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. About 12 km southeast of Sapa town. About 42 km southwest of Lao Cai city and about 310 km northwest of Hanoi capital.

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2. How is Ta Van village unique?

Ta Van village has a terrain leaning against the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range. And the front facing the clear winding Muong Hoa stream.

Surrounded by mountains and forests, Ta Van village possesses a peaceful beauty that makes anyone who comes here never want to leave. This is where the H’Mong, Red Dao and Giay ethnic groups live. Not only is the scenery unique, the village also possesses many unique cultural features that attract tourists everywhere.

Located only about 12 km from Sapa town center, Ta Van village seems completely separate from the bustling atmosphere outside. The village is so quiet that sometimes there are only the sounds of rustling leaves, gurgling streams and blowing wind. Just hearing those sounds will bring a sense of relief to the soul.

Coming to Ta Van, maybe one day is not enough, you have to stay here for a few days. You can slowly immerse yourself in the local people’s life before you can feel all the interesting things that Ta Van brings. There are also many simple and rustic homestays mixed with the local people’s cottages.

If you like bustling, noisy places like town, then Ta Van is probably not for you. Ta Van has rice paddies that are nowhere to be found. The rustic cottages, the tiny roads that were covered by shrubs, etc. This place suddenly has a strange attraction to those who love adventure.

Is it worth visiting Ta Van village

Instead of other tourist destinations, the locals will be in harmony with tourism business activities. However, Ta Van is different, except for the households renting out boarding houses, the rest of life here still goes on normally. They make friends with the fields, and for them, you are like a visitor, coming and going.

If you have the opportunity to stay here for a long time. You will gradually absorb and love the fresh air, the gentle rhythm of the people here. The life of the Ta Van ethnic people is very simple. There are mysterious cultural identities that you may not have heard about.

Wandering on narrow dirt roads adjacent to ripe rice terraces lined with aromatic layers. Seeing ethnic children covered in mud and mud playing and riding buffalo to the fields.

Come to Ta Van Giay village – the oldest village in Ta Van. It’s located within Hoang Lien National Park. You will really be submerged in nature, listening to the sound of the murmuring stream. The sound of wild birds flying in the distance, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind,…And more than exploring the traditional cultural features of Giay ethnic people .

Experiencing life in the thatched cottages of the Ta Van people. Houses nestled on a hillside ridge seem fragile but have existed for nearly a hundred years. Trying drinking with a few cups of wine, chatting with them to better understand the daily life of those lovely people. There are also many simple and rustic homestays mixed with the cottages of the people here.

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3. When is the best time to visit Ta Van village?

To fully see the beauty of Ta Van village, you can come here from September to October every year. This is the ideal time when Ta Van’s climate is cool, sometimes chilly. It also has little rain, so it is very suitable for sightseeing activities.

  • This is also the season when the terraced fields in Ta Van begin to harvest. So the scenery is even more beautiful with the yellow color of the blooming rice flowers.
  • You can also go to Ta Van from December to February every year. This is when the weather in Ta Van is extremely cold, wild peaches begin to bloom to welcome the first spring winds. And sometimes there is a high possibility of snow.
  • In spring, from January to March every year. Peach blossom, plum blossom, and pear blossom forests are in full bloom. This is also the season of spring festivals, you have the opportunity to participate in unique traditional cultural activities and interesting folk games.
  • From April to June is the flood season. Ethnic people bring water into the fields to start a new crop. The space is like giant mirrors reflecting breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes.

Note: The pouring season is also summer and also the rainy season. Weather phenomena such as flash floods and landslides often occur during this season. You need to consider carefully and check the long-term weather forecast here before deciding to depart.

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4. How to get to Ta Van village?

4.1 From Hanoi to Lao Cai city

Located about 310 km from Hanoi. There are many other ways to get to Lao Cai city, such as: train, car, bus or motorbike. The least tiring way to travel is definitely by train. If you want to save money, you should choose a bus. As for tourists who love to explore, they must definitely choose a motorbike.

4.2 From Lao Cai city to Sapa town

Passenger car: If you choose Lao Cai city as the starting point, the most convenient means of transportation is the passenger car. With a distance of about 35 km from Lao Cai city to Sapa town. The transfer time takes about 1 hour.

After going to Lao Cai city, you can continue to catch a bus, bus, shuttle bus or rent a motorbike to get to Sapa town. There are many bus companies that launching times are also extremely diverse. It makes it easy for you to choose and be proactive in your trip in Sapa.

4.3 From Sapa town to Ta Van village

Although Ta Van village is near the town, the road to the village is mountainous terrain that is relatively difficult for those who are not familiar with the road.

In order to move from Sapa town to Ta Van village, you will go through a quite beautiful road, with many famous places to take photos. Such as Sapa ancient stone beach and two bustling streets, Muong Hoa street and Cau May street. From Sapa, you go through Cau May and Muong Hoa streets, then move along Muong Hoa stream to reach the village.

Because the road is quite easy to follow and there are many beautiful sights to see. You can choose one of the following two methods of transportation:

  • Traveling by motorbike: You can be proactive about travel time, can admire the scenery on both sides. As well as stop to check in at any time during the journey. But it’s quite dangerous, because you don’t have much experience moving on mountain passes or roads.
  • Travel by car: You can rent a self-driving car or sign up for a tour to get to the village safely. But you won’t have too many opportunities to stop and take photos when you encounter beautiful scenery.
  • Travel by taxi: If this is your first time coming to Sapa or you are not used to driving here, you can rent a car to be transported. You can contact taxi companies such as Mai Linh Taxi, Sapa Green Taxi, Huu Nghi Taxi, Green Taxi 24,… to conveniently pick up the car.

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5. Activities and experiences at Ta Van village

Ta Van village will bring you the peaceful feeling. This small village leaning against the cliff, eye-catching views of the distant mountains and forests. You can have some special experiences in Ta Van.

5.1 Visiting and taking photos at Cau May bridge

Cau May bridge is a suspension bridge spanning a stream. The bridge possesses a rustic beauty that is very suitable for the natural scenery of Ta Van. The bridge is made from thin wooden bars woven into long strips of forest ropes.

In Ta Van, there are not many simple bridges like Cau May. If you have the opportunity, visit Cau May to have poetic check-in scenes.

You should note that the May Bridge in the rainy season will be a bit slippery, and when passing through it will feel uneven. So when taking photos, you can stand close to the stream’s bank and not on the bridge to ensure your safety.

5.2 Admiring the terraced fields during the ripe rice season

If you come to Ta Van during the ripe rice season, you will have the opportunity to see the winding terraced fields on the hillside. It is like a perfect natural picture that makes many people overwhelmed and fascinated.

If you are a photography enthusiast, this place is your opportunity to take standard photos of the mountains in Northern Vietnam. So don’t forget to prepare your camera, pretty clothes and take beautiful photos with rare terraced rice scenery.

5.3 Enjoying mountain life in unique homestays

Possessing gentle natural beauty, Ta Van has become a tourist destination of interest to many tourists. That is why there are many homestays built with unique local architecture.

Just imagine, there’s nothing better than seeing the mountain scenery through the homestay window, right! Just hearing it makes you feel excited, right?

You can check out homestays. Such as Sapa Eco Bungalows, Po Homestay, Sanh Homestay, Opal House,…

6. Specialties when traveling to Ta Van village

IMG 25158071

Sapa in particular and the mountainous provinces of Northwest Vietnam in general possess extremely unique specialties. Let’s take a look at the list of dishes you cannot miss when coming to Sapa.

6.1 Thang Co

The most famous dish in the Northwest that every tourist definitely wants to “try” when traveling to Sapa is Thang Co. Thang Co is cooked from various types of meat and animal organs in a large pan. It simmered on a charcoal stove for many hours until tender and the spices were absorbed evenly.

6.2 Barbecue Meat

Grilled skewers are a great snack on cold days in Sapa. The choices are also extremely diverse from meat, sausages, chicken feet, vegetables, etc. Most especially, when eating grilled food, it is essential to have a tube of fragrant bamboo rice and a cup of sesame salt somewhere.

6.3 Indigenous Chickens

Native checken is famous for its medicinal and nutritious chicken values. In the cold weather of Sapa, there is nothing better than a bowl of chicken marinated with herbs, or hot grilled chicken with honey.

6.4 Sa Pa Salmon

Salmon is no longer a “rare thing” in temperate lands but is now raised in Sapa. If you are a salmon enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an attractive menu. They include sashimi, salmon hotpot, or grilled salmon.

6.5 Indigenous Pigs

The native pig is a small type of pig that can be carried under the armpit. Or put in a basket for convenient carrying. The native pork is firmer than conventionally raised pigs. So it can be processed into attractive roasted, grilled, and boiled dishes.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Ta Van village

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7.1 Homestay in Ta Van

Coming to Ta Van, perhaps one day is not enough, you have to stay here for a few days. You can slowly immerse yourself in the local people’s lives to feel all the interesting things that Ta Van has to offer. There are also many simple and rustic homestays mixed with the thatched houses of the people here.

Room prices per night here only range from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND/person, depending on different room types and homestays. You should choose homestays in Ta Van Giay village where there are more than 100 roofs of Giay people. From here you can see the Muong Hoa stream, and the local people’s lives are still intact like hundreds of years ago.

7.2 Staying overnight in Sapa town

If you want a more comfortable accommodation. You can stay overnight at the accommodations in Sapa town below.

7.2.1 Hotels:

As for hotels in Sapa, there are many segments for you to choose from. Focusing on design, investing in space and service quality, reasonable costs, suitable for those who travel to Sapa. We must mention names such as Sapa Hills Hotel, Golden Villa Hotel, Sapa Odyssey Hotel will surely make you satisfied.

  • KK Sapa Hotel. Address: 25 Violet, TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.
  • DeLaSol Phat Linh Sapa. Address: 16 Muong Hoa Street, TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.
  • Pao’s Sapa Leisure Hotel. Address: Muong Hoa, TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.

IMG 1848 2

7.2.2 Resorts:

If you want to enjoy the most complete vacation feeling amidst vast mountains and forests with chilly weather. Sapa resort is a choice that is hard to refuse. Choosing some hot addresses such as

  • Sapa Jade Hill Resort And Spa.
  • Topas Ecolodge.
  • Aira Boutique Sapa Hotel & Spa
  • Pao’s Sapa Leisure Hotel
  • Golden Town Hotel
  • Nomad Trails Boutique Hotel
  • Freesia Hotel.

7.2.3 Homestays:

If you both want to see the wild and majestic natural scenery. And you can experience the daily life of ethnic areas here, staying at homestay is the ideal choice. Famous Sapa homestays with the backpacking community. It includes Sapa Capsule Hotel, Phori’s House, Little Sapa, Po Homestay,…

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8. Necessary notes when traveling to Ta Van village

  • Do not give money or candy to children. It means the children will not like to go to school. If you can, please give them some books or pencils.
  • Do not put the camera close to their face to take a photo.
  • Should not visit at weekends to avoid crowds by other local and Chinese tourists.

After days of hard work and stress in the noisy and bustling city. Reward yourself with trips to lands like Ta Van village. To immerse yourself in the peaceful, pure natural space of mountains, forests, trees and flowers.

Origin Vietnam – a professional Vietnam tour operator, is pleased to accompany you on your Sapa tours to discover the travel beauty of Sapa with attractive activities and the most interesting experiences.

Private Sa Pa tour Package

This three days trip offers a chance to explore the most stunning area of Sapa. You will have both homestay at village and hotel accommodation in Sapa. You have around 6 hours for trekking everyday with foot paths up and down hill mountains, through terraced rice paddies, crossing river and water streams by suspension bridges. Here is also the chance to visit local families, witnessing daily life activities.
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