Sa Pa Stone Church


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Sa Pa Stone Church

If the South of Vietnam has Da Lat, the North of Vietnam has Sapa. A small city favored by nature with a cool climate all year round. Not only that, this land also possesses countless famous landscapes, especially Sapa stone church with beautiful view. The front is a large and fairly flat land, behind is shielded by Ham Rong Mountain. Let’s explore in detail the special attractions of this place with Origin Vietnam.

1. Where is Sapa Stone Church?

Located right in the center of Sapa town, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. Sapa Stone Church was built and completed in 1935, and is considered the most complete ancient architectural mark of the French left. The church has been embellished and preserved, becoming a symbolic image, indispensable when referring to the foggy town of Sapa.

image of Stone Church

2. How is Sapa stone church unique?

Choosing the right place and direction of the church always has a spiritual significance that is so important to Catholics. The ancient Sa Pa stone church was built with its head facing the sunrise – east because they came here to welcome the light of God. At the end of the church is the bell tower towards the west – the birthplace of Christ.

This great work is the only French architecture that exists in this foggy land. Over a period of nearly 100 years, Sapa stone church has also been affected by weather, history, and war. That’s why it was restored many times. This is said to be quite a big challenge, how to renovate while still ensuring the intact values of the monument.

Located in front of Ham Rong Mountain, it is relatively easy to move to other scenic locations in Sapa. Sapa stone church has a total area of 6000m2 including 7 compartments and a bell tower up to 20m high. Inside, there is a bell with a weight of up to half a ton.

The most attractive point of this church is the ancient knowledge of Roman Gothic and was implemented by the French. The entire construction uses carved stone materials along with a mixture of stone, lime and molasses,… Overall, the Sapa stone church appears relatively elegant and serene. The front yard is quite large and is often a place for indigenous people to gather, exchange, buy and sell goods, perform arts and make love.

Currently, this is the main religious place for local people. If you travel here every Saturday, you have the opportunity to participate in the love market, where the singing of hymns by H’mong children and the unique culture of this place can be heard.

3. When is the best time to visit Sapa stone church?

Sapa Stone Church possesses mysterious beauty, attracting countless tourists to visit and admire when coming to Sapa. However, many tourists wonder what time to come here to enjoy its beauty the most.

Traveling period from January to April

Around the first spring of the year from January to April when everything sprouts, Sapa is covered with the songs of wild birds, gradually removing the white winter coat. Especially since this is the time after the Tet holiday, many people choose to visit Sapa stone church for spring travel. This is also the peak tourist period in Sapa. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere with many bustling mountain markets.

Traveling period is from May to July

Summer is probably the most free time for many families when their children are out of school. Sapa at this time is the ideal place to avoid the heat. The summer rays of sunlight alternately shine on the ancient stone church, reflecting its delicate and peaceful beauty.

Traveling period is from August to October

If tourists visit Sapa around August – October, they will be able to see the golden color of ripe rice covering the terraced fields in Northwest Vietnam. This is also the time when you can see the Northwest scenery most clearly with many exciting activities.

Traveling period is from November to January next year

The coldest time of Sapa is also covered with white snowflakes. In winter, Sapa stone church is covered with a white shirt clinging to the pointed roof. The entire atmosphere is mysterious, bringing a coldness just like the European sky.

Although it is cold outside, inside the villages and stone churches are extremely warm and peaceful.

image of Black Hmong in-font of Stone Church

4. How to get to Sapa stone church?

From Hanoi, visitors have many choices of transportation when traveling to Sapa such as: motorbike, passenger car, rental car or train.

Going by motorbike:

There are many young tourists who are passionate about exploring this transportation option. Because, you will be proactive in your travel schedule, free to rest and have many opportunities to admire beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. However, traveling by motorbike for a long distance, nearly 400 km (You are not allowed to go on the Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway), has many potential dangers and risks, especially, traveling from Ho Chi Minh City. The road from Lao Cai to Sapa is winding, with many steep slopes and many hills. You must be in good health and have a lot of time to choose a photo

By train

The train going to Lao Cai city has many operators and has many different classes such as: hard seats, soft seats and air-conditioned beds. Trains usually depart from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Tran Quy Cap station – Hanoi and will arrive in Lao Cai city the next morning. Trains with odd numbers will depart from Hanoi to Lao Cai and vice versa, trains with even numbers will depart from Lao Cai city to Hanoi. The disadvantage of this means of transportation is that when you arrive in Lao Cai city, you still have to take another bus to get to Sapa town. Furthermore, with this means of transport, the travel time will be longer and the cost will be higher than by passenger car.

Renting a tourist car

If you travel in a group or family, you can rent a self-driving tourist car, with vehicles ranging from 4 seats – 7 seats or 16 seats. Among them, renting a limousine is the best because the seats are much more spacious than regular cars and the driver also knows this mountainous road well.

Traveling by bus

Traveling by bus from Hanoi to Sapa is the most optimal choice and is chosen by most tourists. With the Hanoi – Lao Cai expressway coming into operation, the journey from Hanoi to Sapa becomes much safer, more convenient and faster.

Image of woman feeding for child near stone church of Sapa

5. Activities and experiences in Sapa stone church

5.1 Exploring the famous love market

In the heart of Sapa town, you can explore Love markets characterized by highland ethnic people with unique souvenirs. The market usually takes place every Saturday night, remember to arrange your schedule to have the most interesting trip in Sapa.

5.2 Watching special performances

The activity taking place in parallel with the love market is a special cultural program. In addition to local people, neighboring ethnic people also come here to perform dances and play traditional musical instruments, contributing to the bustling atmosphere.

5.3 Taking beautiful photos in the grounds surrounding the church

The panoramic photo angle from the church entrance is very popular with tourists. Accordingly, you will get the full scene of the church and the people, while minimizing the number of people appearing around, ensuring a satisfactory frame.

A small tip for you is to focus closely on the feet of the person in the photo to get the whole scene. The easiest way is to tilt your phone back so the person holding the camera sits down to take the photo.

6. Specialties when traveling to Sa Pa stone church

After visiting Sapa Stone Church, don’t forget to enjoy the extremely attractive Sapa specialties. Among them, we must mention: fresh salmon hot pot, local pork, fried stream fish, thang co,…Sitting at small roadside shops, enjoying snacks in the cold mountain weather is enough. makes you feel interesting. In addition, you can also buy smoked buffalo meat or other ethnic specialties as gifts for relatives.

Furthermore, you can refer to some restaurants very close to Sapa stone church below:

O Quy Ho Restaurant

When visiting Sapa stone church, you must definitely try the cuisine of O Quy Ho restaurant. It only takes a little time to travel and visitors can enjoy the space imbued with Northwest culture.

Delicious traditional dishes include pumpkin chicken, pork, salmon, carp,… The meat flavor is both soft and fragrant, all blending together to create an unforgettable impression. .

A Phu Restaurant

Located right in the central area of Sapa, visitors can easily move around without spending too much time. The restaurant is famous for dishes such as salmon hot pot, underarm pig, stewed black chicken, etc. Enjoying the cuisine here will help you enjoy the special culinary culture of this place.

Mainly designed with wood and bamboo styles, diners will enjoy a traditional and familiar space.

Sapa New Market Food Court

If you want to choose places to eat with a street style, the new market food court is definitely the best choice for visitors. Here, the food stalls are adjacent to each other with fragrant grilled dishes. Mixing with the vibrant atmosphere will definitely make visitors satisfied.

7. Accommodation when traveling to Sapa stone church

Most visitors to Sapa will go for a few days to enjoy the cuisine and landscapes here. That’s why choosing a comfortable, quality hotel is definitely extremely important. Below are some hotels in Sapa for visitors to choose from.

Freesia Hotel Sapa

Freesia Hotel Sapa is one of the hotels located right in the center of Sapa city, Freesia Hotel owns a space with a cool green tone as the main theme. As a 4-star hotel, from here you can easily move to locations such as Sapa market, Sapa stone church, Fansipan cable car station,… Possessing a quiet and peaceful space, the hotel will certainly bring players the most relaxing and comfortable moments.

Address: 6A Hanging Garden, Sapa town, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Bamboo Hotel Sapa

Bamboo Hotel Sapa is one of the 4-star hotels loved by many customers and highly appreciated for its service quality. Located right in the vibrant Muong Hoa street area and embracing the beauty of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Muong Hoa valley. Bamboo hotel, with its 8 floors and modern luxurious design, offers a warm, luxurious space that will surely satisfy all visitors.

Address: 18 Muong Hoa, Sapa town, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Ville De Mont Mountain Resort Sapa

Ville De Mont Mountain Resort is a high-end resort designed in the style of an ancient French villa. Located right next to the pine forest valley, visitors can enjoy a comfortable, airy resting space with majestic mountains and forests.

The resort also provides high-end services such as a bar, spa treatment, etc. to help customers enjoy the most comfortable vacation moments.

Address: Group 7, Sapa ward, Sapa town, Lao Cai, Vietnam

8. Some important notes when traveling to Sapa stone church

For tourists who want to visit Sapa stone church, you can refer to some notes to enjoy a comfortable space and have the most beautiful memories here:

  • Cash: Do not bring too much cash, restaurants and services around Sapa stone church almost all have bank transfer and online payments.
  • Shoes: Tourists should bring themselves an additional pair of comfortable sports shoes in addition to soft, low-soled sandals for days when they have to move a lot.
  • Clothing: Tourists need to bring warm clothes because most of the time in Sapa is quite cold, especially at night.
  • Identification documents: Visitors should bring all identification documents. Such as driver’s license and identification card. They will be very useful for tourists to rent hotels or motorbikes.
  • Snacks: Tourists should bring additional snacks, instant noodles, and soft drinks depending on their preferences. Because in Sapa, the cost of buying things at supermarkets is relatively high.

It’s good for

  • Photographer hunter
  • See Hmong love market at night
  • Listening the Hmong traditional music

Hopefully, with the above sharing about Sa Pa stone church. You also can decide to choose the most appropriate time to visit this place. If you are planning your tour to Sa Pa, please immediately contact Origin Vietnam team. With a team of consultants, tour operators and experienced and dedicated local guides, we will provide visitors with the best services. Such as booking Sapa night train tickets, hotel rooms and other services. Wishing you enjoy your vacation time with family and loved ones to Sapa with unforgettable memories.

Private Sa Pa tour Package

This three days trip offers a chance to explore the most stunning area of Sapa. You will have both homestay at village and hotel accommodation in Sapa. You have around 6 hours for trekking everyday with foot paths up and down hill mountains, through terraced rice paddies, crossing river and water streams by suspension bridges. Here is also the chance to visit local families, witnessing daily life activities.
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