Overnight Sapa Tour
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Overnight Sapa Tour

Overnight Sapa tour certainly will give you joyful experiences in Vietnam travel. This is a chance to discovery not only the attractiveness of nature but also the culture. Let’s go and pick up your backpack in order to explore the beauty of Sapa.


Overnight Sapa tour is externally exciting to anyone who want to have a joyful Vietnam travel. Going to Sapa in the evening you have to try the nightly food at this land. Otherwise your trip will be extremely wasteful. In recent years,the the local tourism industry has been vastly developped. Therefore the night trading activities in the town have also been more bustling.

In the past, visitors encountered many difficulties in finding snacks at night. Or even going out for some sightseeing was not easy. However, now there are numerous food areas at night. You can enjoy many interesting specialties of this highland town.

There are some very popular dishes such as Thang Co or Banh Ngo. Let’s find out together what you can do in Sapa when the night comes.

Overnight Sapa tour to enjoy the landscape of Sapa at night

Child in Sapa

What you can find out from overnight Sapa tour is the beauty of this town. Sapa is a town without the bustle and crowdedness like the big cities of Vietnam. Sapa bring peace and quiet in every night. However, this is not a boring quietness. But rather a peaceful one that many visitors want to enjoy. It’s a fresh difference fromt the noise and energy of the big modern cities.

At night, visitors can walk freely on the road. There is no traffic, almost no passing cars. And the atmosphere is very fresh, cool and no less quiet. During the holiday season, many visitors come here. So it might make Sapa more busy.

But in the low season you can truly see its peacefullness. In addition to the night dining area, one of the most visited places is the Stone Church. In the evening, the whole area of the square and the church became more vibrant, shimmering with the lights. This is also where indigenous people trade with visitors in the evening.

Visit the night market on the overnight Sapa tour

Night market in Sapa

In the evening, a lot of indigenous people carry their goods to sell. There are everything to cater to your shopping needs. You can buy some unique gifts for friends, or relatives. The products are also very various. They include clothes, handmade. There are also other products of the forest such as mushrooms, cat apple, Sapa plum … They are all extremely delicious and nutritious. .

Note when having overnight Sapa tour

Hoang Lien Son mountain

Sapa’s climate is quite different from other parts of the country. So you should be aware for your health. Before you go you have to prepare all the necessary equipment such as heat clothes, gloves, shoes, cold medicine. Otherwise you might be at risk of fever or abdominal pain.

Especially, at night, the temperature of Sapa is quite low. So you need warm clothes before going out. Note that you should wear a hat if you have existing health problems. Sapa night has many dew, so if your immune system is weak you are susceptible to cold

During the winter especially from December to February every year Sapa weather is extremely cold. There is maybe even snow. This is a good time to watch the snow. Because it makes Sapa even more poetic and beautiful. But also you need to be careful. Because there might be ice. And it can be quite dangerous.

We have just found out the exciting elements of overnight Sapa tour. It is no doubt that you will have a wonderful experience in this town. Sapa is one of the best choices for your holiday. Espescially, at night, it will be like coming to another world.

For more advice about overnight Sapa tour, contact Origin Travel. We also provide information about other types of tour such as Sapa tour by bus or Trekking in Sapa. And we offer fast and convenient Vietnam tour booking service. Don’t hesitate to come to us if you need help for your Vietnam vacation. You may interested in All things need to know before travel to Sapa Vietnam here.

Wishing you have a great trip!

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Private Sa Pa tour Package

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